15 Pics That Managed To Capture Some Weirdly Wonderful Wedding Moments

Wedding planning is a serious business. I know something about that since I'm in the midst of planning my own. And then, once it's all done, the big day comes.

Most brides want everything to go right, but as we often find out, that's not always the case. However, when that does happen, all you should do is laugh it off, ha, ha!

1. This Funny Reaction

This is what happens when you pick a zoo to be your wedding venue. You never know who will actually witness the "I dos." The look on this bear's face is making me LOL so hard here.

2. This Funny Grandpa

This lady decided to have a medieval-themed wedding, but what happened on the day of was something she definitely didn't expect. Her grandpa showed up dressed up like this. Wow, I wonder if he made this himself?

3. This Epic Surprise

This couple told people to dress up in costume. Nobody had any idea they were actually attending a wedding. That's why all the candid photos turned out pretty epic and hilarious. Would you do something like this for your wedding?

4. This Interesting Look

I think it's a good idea, not to have any drinks before your wedding pictures. Both the bride and the groom look like they would rather be somewhere else, hee-hee. Or maybe it's just the impression I'm getting here. For their sake, I'm hoping for the latter.

5. This Wedding Shower

This is what happens when your planned wedding shower coincides with the coronavirus. I say these two made the best of it, no? And it makes for a pretty funny photo op, too. I love their sense of humor.

6. This Doggy Move

Many people choose to include their beloved pets in their wedding ceremonies. That's exactly what this couple tried doing here while walking down the aisle. Tried is the operative word until the dog decided to steal the show by scooting his butt all the way down the aisle.

7. This Best Man

As a bride, you never know who your husband-to-be will pick as his best man. But you better hope he's not a joker like this guy here. I have to say the bride doesn't seem too impressed, hee-hee.

8. This Star Encounter

This just in, when you get married at a famous beach you may have an unexpected star encounter. In this case, Jason Momoa showed up with his trident. Does he just carry this thing around with him?

9. These Pranksters

Well, what am I looking at here? If you can believe it, this bride and groom swapped clothes mid-way through their wedding. OMG, that's hilarious. It's definitely a first for me, and I think it's pretty brilliant of them.

10. This Animal Encounter

Wow, this is one epic wedding picture. So many people you couldn't possibly fit anyone else there. Oh, wait, as it turns out, this pig didn't really care. And this picture is actually from 1927. Amazing, eh?

11. This Wedding Crasher

A black kitty who apparently likes to wander around the church decided to take a rest on this bride's dress. Oh my goodness, hee-hee. I love animals so I wouldn't have any problem with that. Isn't it adorable or what?

12. This Invitation

People get really creative when it comes to their wedding invitations, although I would say this one is more on the sassy side. There's a clear message in the fine print who don't RSVP on time: "Bring a chair and a sandwich."

13. This Llama Promise

So, get this: A brother promised his sister that he would bring a llama to her wedding. And as you can see, he lived up to that promise. The look on her face is quite priceless. Do you think she's happy or annoyed?

14. This Priceless Moment

If you have done a "first look" at your wedding, you know how it goes. The bride surprises the groom with the first look before the ceremony. However, this groom wasn't expecting his best man to show up instead, ha, ha!

15. And This Switcharoo

You know you're marrying the right woman when she sends your best man instead of her for the "first look." And, of course, he has to show up wearing a Darth Vader mask, too. This is too funny, hee-hee.

Ha, ha, I love how these couples took whatever happened at their wedding in stride.

That's what I hope to do too. If you're too serious on this day, you may as well call it a day. Did anything funny happen during your wedding?