13 People Who Gave Their Backyards The Ultimate Makeover

I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled to now have a backyard. You see, I've lived in apartments all my life. So I was never able to experience having a piece of land all to myself.

And now that I have it, I want to beautify it as much as I can. Here are a few impressive makeovers people did that are making me feel jealous.

1. This Fun Project

Oh my goodness, awe. I love what this person did to their backyard. It's such a fun little place now. This is probably the cutest project I have seen in a while. It must've taken some time to accomplish, huh?

2. This Gorgeous Transformation

Speaking of fun, doesn't this backyard makeover suffice? I think so. The first thing I noticed about it was that egg chair. I really need to get myself one of these to chill in, like, yesterday, hee-hee.

3. This Pretty Makeover

I wonder how long it took for this backyard mess to become the picture of perfection here? What do you think? I would say maybe a week or two. Could it have been longer? Either way, it was worth it.

4. This Nine-Month Journey

Can you believe it took this devoted husband nine months to complete this backyard makeover? He did it with his own hands and got no help from anyone. That's a good husband. Don't you think?

5. This Epic Makeover

When you are stuck in quarantine for who knows how long, what have you got to do? Well, this family embarked on an epic backyard makeover that lasted the entire time. And now, they can enjoy it together at last.

6. This Amazing Bar

Oh my! I'm so impressed by this outdoor bar. I mean, come on. Who wouldn't want to have this in their backyard? Um, sign me up, ha, ha! Now, who's going to build it for me?

7. This Impressive Job

Whoa, I bet this project here took some time to accomplish. But from the looks of it, it's going to be enjoyed for many years to come. I could get used to something like this, that's for sure.

8. This Cool Transformation

If your dad is retired, he, too, might have a lot of time on his hands. So if you're really nice to him, maybe you can convince him to do something like this in your backyard.

9. This Picture Of Perfection

Ahh, isn't there something so magical to sit in your backyard at night? It's especially true when you transform your plain and boring space into something as spectacular as this. I would probably just end up sleeping there, ha, ha!

10. This Nice Transformation

If your backyard is in such disarray as this person's here, you might take a page from their playbook. I think what they ended up doing to it is absolutely fantastic. What do you think of this makeover?

11. This Awesome Garden

Okay, I must confess something to you. I was planning on making a backyard garden this year, but it just didn't happen. I'm so sad about it, especially when I see this incredible feat here. Oh my!

12. This Backyard Oasis

Wow, check this out! This backyard here turned out so great, huh? This is an outdoor oasis right in your own backyard, as I've never seen one. I would love to create something like that one day.

13. This Epic Treehouse

Since I've never had a backyard, I've also never owned a treehouse. I would absolutely love to one day. When I look at what this person did during quarantine, I can't stop marveling at how amazing it looks. Wow, just wow!

Oh my goodness! I'm getting so much amazing inspo here.

One of these days, I absolutely have to transform my backyard into an outdoor oasis. How about you? Have you done it yet, or are you still planning to do so?