30 Brilliant Ideas I'm Surprised We Don't See More Often

There are a lot of ideas that are so amazing, you just know you never would've thought them up yourself. But other ideas are amazing simply because of how obvious they are.

These ideas are all just cool. They represent things that we should probably be doing anyway, but maybe haven't thought of yet. At least they exist somewhere in the world.

"My hotel in Manhattan has bee hives."

Regular people probably wouldn't be able to walk up to these hives and grab honey, but I still think this is a really cool idea. Give the bees somewhere to live, and hopefully get a bit of honey for the hotel guests, too.

"On the wallls [*sic*] of Madrid’s metro system is the entire novel of *Don Quixote*, so you can read while you wait and pick up the next time where you left off!"

Even if you don't like to read, you may be tempted to glance at the pages from Don Quixote while waiting for the subway. It may even encourage you to travel more. We should put them in every subway station.

"This urinal has a tiny soccer goal/ball to aim at while peeing."

I feel like someone out there needs this. At the very least, it'll help keep people from peeing on the floor (hopefully). I'd hate to be the person who has to clean them, though. It seems a lot more challenging (and gross).

"Thought it was a spelling mistake. Realized I’m at the chiropractor."

I wish more places would come up with clever and funny signs like this. See, it makes sense because it's a chiropractor, and "your" back instead of "you're" back. You know. It's funny. And I seriously can't get over how much I love it.

"This Cadillac was towing half a Pontiac as luggage storage."

Is this the new trend? Using just the trunk of a car in order to transport luggage? Because I'd be down, if car trunks were cheap and easy to buy.

As funny as it would be to see this down the highway, it's still a surprisingly clever idea.

"My toilet paper has a small travel-sized roll inside it instead of the cardboard tube."

I personally don't see a huge problem with toilet paper rolls since they're recyclable, but making them more useful wouldn't hurt. The middle is a travel tube, and while I don't know how often you'd need travel-sized toilet paper, it probably doesn't hurt to have.

"Found this while hiking in Germany."

This idea is cool, not because of the library itself, but because of where it is. Having a free library along a hiking trail not only encourages people to read, but it encourages them to get outside and be active. Many birds, one stone.

"My cat playing with DIY toys."

Maybe this one is a no-brainer for pet owners, but I still think it's worth talking about. I mean, why go through all the expenses of buying toys your cat won't play with, when you could just make one yourself with cheap materials? They won't cost much to replace, either.

"Bathroom stalls at my local mall have wall niches for shopping bags."

I need this in every public restroom, ASAP. Carrying any bag while in public is annoying solely because of how inconvenient they are to bring into a restroom stall.

These seem a lot better than those annoying hooks they have on the door.

"My bedsheets tell me what sides are the long sides and what sides are the short sides."

It bothers me so much that the companies that make these sheets don't already do this. It's 2021, how hard can it be to think of something like this? We've been using sheets forever, after all.

But as long as some sheets tell you which side is the long or short side, it's better than nothing.

"My store is doing an inflation sale."

This is, like, an evil genius move. People react to those yellow sales stickers pretty easily (I know I do), and may not pay attention to the price change. This certainly is one way to ease people into higher sales prices. But, like, an evil way.

"This package of pasta has a scale on it to measure a portion."

See, this is something I need, badly. I'm really bad at making the right amount of pasta for however many people I'm cooking for, and I always end up with too much.

Yeah, this right here is going to change the game forever.

"Instead of annuals (flowers), my town planted peppers in the medians."

Even though these peppers are probably ornamental and not necessarily edible, this is still a really cool idea. It gives a bit more life to the traffic medians. Plus, they'll grow back next year, which is a lot better than planting new annuals every season.

"Wheelchair accessible picnic table."

I think the most interesting thing about this table is the fact that we didn't think of it sooner. It would be so easy to manufacture tables like this, and then just add an extra stool if you need it. Wheelchair users deserve a space to eat outdoors, too, after all.

"QR code cookie."

Need a creative way to advertise your business? Put a QR code on a cookie. Assuming no one eats the thing first, it makes for a pretty sweet business card. Not only is this making me curious about the QR code, but it's also making me kind of hungry.

"This grocery store grows some of the mushrooms it sells."

I feel like mushrooms are a really easy thing to grow. It's not like they need much in terms of sunlight and that kind of stuff.

And this way, people can watch as they grow. The mushrooms you're about to eat will have come from that log (if you shop in this store, that is). More of this, please.

"This bread bag clip is made from cardboard instead of plastic."

I don't know if bread bag clips are a huge scourge on the environment, but the less plastic the better, I suppose. Plus, since they always seem to get lost or thrown away before the bread runs out, this'll at least ensure they don't stay in the ground for that long.

"The pet hotel we used makes a journal of your pets stay to give to you when you pick them up."

Wait, that's actually really cute! You'll most likely miss your pet while they're gone, so something like this will make you feel better about leaving them at a pet hotel for a day or two.

I really hope this pup had fun.

"There’s a Golden Caution Wet Floor sign in front of this hotel."

Wet floor signs are important, even if they are kind of ugly. But here's a fun idea: make them less ugly. Give them a solid wood frame and gold plating. That's how you tell people your floors are wet, but still fancy.

"A packet of olive oil shaped like an olive."

There's something about clever packaging that I just can't get enough of. There's no reason for an olive oil bottle to not be shaped like an olive. That's where the oil comes from, after all.

I dunno, it's just really cool. I wish more package designs were like this.

"A nice lady at the grocery store showed me an easy way to hang you bags on your grocery cart so it's easy to put away."

Clearly, whoever thinks to do this is a genius. It makes perfect sense to hang your grocery bags off the little tabs and hooks that most grocery carts have. The fact that we don't see this that often is kind of surprising.

"The pot at my rental house has built in measurements."

This would definitely be a lot easier than dumping a bunch of smaller cups of water/liquid into a pot (or guessing). And it would be such an easy thing to stamp onto the inside of a pot, too. I'm actually surprised that you don't see this on a lot of cookware.

"My fiancé’s 84 year old grandpa’s solution to hitting his head on this corner."

Is this smart? Yeah, it is. Is it also kind of funny? You don't even have to ask.

I'm sure there are more permanent ways to fix design flaws that leave you bumping your head, but if this fix works, then that's good enough.

"O'Hare still has payphones."

Payphones may not be a new idea, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a few around. You never know when you'll need one. Maybe your phone died and you forgot a charger. Maybe you're a top secret agent and you ran out of burners. Who knows?

"Hotel shower has a little hole in the glass to turn the shower on before you get in."

This is honestly kind of perfect. Glass shower doors are awesome, but they leave you having a hard time turning the water on and off (without getting attacked by cold water). This hole just makes that process so much easier. How is this not standard in most glass showers?

"This railing on gazebo in Naples has braille describing the view for blind people."

Just because someone can't see the view doesn't mean they can't experience it. Small things like these are so easy to do, and go such a long way. Accommodation isn't that hard, nor should it be treated like it is.

"A sausage vending machine in a German village."

Now this is the future, right here! Who needs to get candy, chips, or soda cans out of vending machines, when you could get meat instead? It definitely beats going all the way to the grocery store just to get sausages (which is a real problem that people have had, probably).

"This ornamental hand at my local IKEA with the middle finger Zip-tied down."

I'm sure we all know why that finger in particular was locked. Considering the rude gestures people like to make with those hand decorations, I don't blame IKEA. In fact, it makes the most sense to me. And it was a simple solution at that.

"This toilet seat has a handle to make it easier and cleaner to lift and lower."

I kind of wish every toilet seat came with a little handle to help lift it. Especially toilets that are used by people of different genders. It would just make lifting and lowering the toilet so much less of a burden.

"Sudoku puzzle at the bottom of a tissue box."

Well, you're going to throw that empty box out anyway. Might as well have a bit of fun with it first. That is, if you consider Sudoku puzzles fun. Which they are. Even if they're kind of impossible at times. Still, it's a cool idea.