15 Zero-Waste Ideas That Are Actually So Smart

Being on planet Earth is a responsibility more and more of us are taking seriously.

From looking for sustainable solutions for summer fun to supporting companies who pledge to stop using plastic, becoming an eco-conscious consumer is easier than ever.

If you want to take things even further, why not check out some tips, browse some ideas, and maybe learn a new skill or two right here? Let's do it.

"Zero waste" cutlery is a total scam.

"Don’t buy “zero waste” cutlery sets. Just use cutlery from home or buy some second-hand, and wrap them in a tea towel or cloth napkin. You can even sew your own if you like!"

We need to pressure stores into doing this.

"My local shop just introduced a refillable oat milk station - I’m very pleased."

I would LOVE to not have to buy single-use plastic for my milk or detergent — let me fill my own containers and pay for that, instead!

Get creative with fabric dye!

"Couldn't get rid of this ugly stain right in the middle of the shirt, used some old die to make a cool patchy shirt instead!"

LOVE this idea!

Ditch paper towels.

No paper towel will ever be able to do the job of a good microfiber cloth, and it's time we all admitted that (looking at you, Bounty). Fill your paper towel holder with those and live life paper towel-free!

These benches were saved from the scrapyard.

"This awesome Moroccan school security guard wasted no quarantine time and restored, free of charge, these benches that were supposed to end up in the trash so that they can be reused this school year."

Well this is genius!

It's always a shame to see people dispose of picnic coolers. Those hunks of plastic can be repurposed for so many things — like shelters for stray cats!

Rent your Christmas tree.

Now this is an incredible idea. A company in the UK rents out Christmas trees and then picks them back up after the holiday is over! Once they're fully grown, they're planted in a forest.

Repurpose fun packaging for other stuff around your house.

Sure, that honey bear could have gone in a landfill. But isn't it way better and way cuter for it to have a second life as a soap dispenser? I'm obsessed!

No more money for Kleenex!

"It’s frustrating how many tissues I go through during allergy season, but this year I’m prepared. Made some reusable tissues from an old duvet cover."

I love this, and it's such a great excuse to use cute fabric!

Repurposing scraps is always a good way to save the planet.

This cute sweater was made with leftover scraps of different knitting projects! If you're a knitter, this is a super cool way to reuse yarn you'd otherwise discard.

This bag can be reused!

Now that many of us are back to using paper bags, it has me wondering: what do you guys do with those bags? These ones can be used as wrapping paper, and I am LOVING that.

This restaurant know exactly what to do with their old liquor bottles.

Rather than recycling them (which runs the risk of them still ending up in a landfill), one restaurant decided to clean and reuse their empty bottles as water vessels!

Time to switch glitters.

Unfortunately, this is true. As pretty as glitter is, it's really bad for the environment. Thankfully, biodegradable glitter exists! I've tried it, and you really can't tell the difference. Happy crafting!

Old Spice should do this with all their packaging.

This is limited edition packaging for Old Spice's "Mother Earth" deodorant, but I don't see why they couldn't switch over and do this for all their packaging. It's way more sustainable!

This toothbrush is sustainable!

"Toothbrush with replaceable bristles so you don’t have to keep buying a new handle."

I love this idea. It would be even better if the toothbrush was bamboo, too!

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