20 People Who Don't Work Well With Others

You're never going to get along with every last one of your coworkers. That's just a universal truth of sharing a workspace with others.

But sometimes, coworkers really cross the line and reveal themselves as the animals that they truly are.

These pics won't make your awful coworkers any better, but hey, misery loves company.

"I bought a danish for my coworkers. Someone cut out and ate the jelly part, leaving the edges."

Reddit | thegrisleybear

If this anonymous coworker had just given themselves an edge piece, they would have gotten, like, three quarters of the jelly part. Also, more importantly, they wouldn't come off like such a monster.

"All my coworkers do this. Makes me want to quit."

Reddit | Cavetroll771

I thought this was going to devolve into an overhand/underhand TP debate, but nope. It's just someone who can't muster the energy to put the roll where it goes. I guess it was too much effort.

"Someone at work asked if they could have one of my Sudafed."

Reddit | WEIGHED

Everyone knows that Sudafed works better if you take the pills from an unused sheet. That's just how the science works. I'd explain it further, but I'm not a doctor.

"We had donuts at work, and I watched a coworker take two bites out of this donut and put it back in the box."

Reddit | HerrHaakon

Look, it's fine if you don't want to eat a whole donut. Portion control is important. Just don't put a half-eaten donut back in the box.

"We have 300+ employees."

Reddit | corvoapiano

You know, even if they'd provided enough for 300 workers (rather than, what, three or four?), this would be a sad sight to behold. At least order pizza for your employees, not juice and plain tortilla chips.

"My coworker returned the front desk stapler like this. Told me it ran out of staples."

Reddit | Stupid_Genious

This didn't run out of staples at all. It ran out of users who know how to properly load and then use a simple stapler.

"The caveman-like way my co worker has opened his bread."

Reddit | [deleted]

This person either doesn't understand how bread clips work, or they were so jacked up to eat some white bread that they ripped open the loaf like it was the best Christmas present of all time.

"This guy at my work never drinks the whole Coca-Cola."

Reddit | 420minglee

This seems to be a thing, not just in offices but everywhere. Why can't people just finish their drinks? Or, if they can't finish them, why can't they pour the rest down the drain?

"The way my coworker used my tape."

Reddit | chillicheesefrog

Look, we all want to do this when we can't find the end of the roll, but we must resist the urge. After all, we're civilized creatures, and doing this makes us look like savage beasts.

"How one of my coworkers leaves his trash after he is done taking his break."

Reddit | voltagesergal123

One of the perks of being in an office is that there are trash cans everywhere, and you don't even have to empty them yourself. Someone needs to give this guy the memo.

"My hospital coworker rests her lollipop on her phone screen."

Reddit | Icroe

This is downright horrifying. I think sucking on a lollipop at work is kind of gross anyway (seriously, just find a Jolly Rancher or something instead), but putting a lollipop down like this is psychopathic.

"My colleague placed the server up there, alone. They have the network rack there."

Reddit | Tehpava

I would say that at least this person knows what they're doing, but I'm not at all convinced that they actually do. Computer cables aren't supposed to be load-bearing.

"My coworker takes off his smelly shoes and sleeps in the break room while we eat lunch."

Reddit | shredbmc

Yes, it's more cozy and comfortable to kick your shoes off if you're going to take a nap. Just don't do this in a shared space at work.

"I have the laziest coworkers."

To be fair, this coworker might not be lazy. Maybe they're trying to get a TP roll collection going and this is only the beginning. If that's the case, they're off to a great start.

"I have evil coworkers who like to prank me. Fortunately, I don't look when I type anyways."

Reddit | segasaver

As another person who doesn't look while I type, I'm surprised this person even noticed. I don't think I've actually had a good look at my keyboard in years.

"My coworker's desktop."

I know that keeping track of files can be a challenging task, but that's what folders are for. Seriously, there's a problem when you literally don't have enough screen real estate left to organize your stuff anymore.

"Has to use my coworkers office today who is on vacation to make some phone calls. This is what his phone cord looks like."

Reddit | marissakalyn

I don't know what causes phone cords to get like this, but sometimes it happens. This coworker should suck it up and pay two dollars for a new cord.

"My coworker's typhoid mug."

Reddit | scraplog

Does this coworker eat, like, chocolate pudding every day and fail to clean out the mug? This is an utter travesty. I have no idea what that gunk inside is made of, and frankly, I don't want to know.

"The way my coworkers park."

Reddit | Gohjy

This is real life, not Grand Theft Auto. You can't just haphazardly pull your car into the lot and call it a day. Those painted lines on the ground exist for a very good reason, you know.

"My coworker yawned while using my computer and left this for me."

Reddit | butt_funnel

We've saved the best for last. Someone has covered the number pad of this keyboard with...I'm going to call it "yawn spray." What a nice parting gift to leave for someone else.

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