12+ Animals Who Proved They Aren't So Different From Humans After All

Every night before he goes to sleep, my dog picks up one toy from his toy bin and brings it to his bed. He then proceeds to position that selected toy at one end of the bed and lay down on it, using the stuffy as a sort of makeshift pillow. He does this without fail every single night.

I tell you this because I'm convinced animals share more human behaviors than we might think. Sure, you won't find humans circling the toilet fifty times before deciding it's a good spot to go to the bathroom, and you also won't find them burrowing their heads into the sand if they sense a predator nearby.

But thanks to the subreddit r/likeus, we can look at thousands of examples of animals acting suspiciously like humans. Here are just a few of those curious creatures.

They can be sneaky to get what they want.

[Twitter | @Kennnaughty via Reddit

Look, I'm not saying what this sweet boy did was right. But can we all agree that faking a cough to get his owner to stay home with him is wholesome and he deserves all the love in the entire world?

Okay, good. Agreed.

They take strolls with their true love.

These cuties were pictured talking a little walk together, hand-in-hand, and if that's not the sweetest thing you've seen all day... Well, I think you're a liar because that's too cute for words.

They watch over their babies.

This proud dog mamma wasn't about to just leave her newborn pups alone unsupervised. Just like a human mother, she made sure she stuck right by their side, keeping a watchful eye and also likely simply admiring the beautiful babies she brought into the world.

You did a good job, mamma. They're perfect.

They offer support when its needed.

Honestly, there are some humans out there who probably wouldn't even do that, but these sweet parrots quickly understood that if you have something in excess that another person has none of, it's only right to share.

They form lifelong bonds.

It doesn't matter how long it's been since these beautiful boys have seen each other. You never forget your own sibling, and they've made it clear that dogs are no exception.

Also, if you were wondering, yes their owners made sure to schedule plenty of playdates to make up for lost time.

They understand common courtesy while traveling on public transit.

This big boy realized that he was probably taking up more room than necessary on a crowded subway. So rather than bother the other folks just trying to have a stress-free commute, he took it upon himself to stand up on his hind legs and make some space.

The very definition of a good boy.

They miss their loved ones.

Alright, I won't lie, this one choked me up a bit. Imagining that sweet dog doing what she thought was necessary to bring her beloved momma home every single day for a week just simultaneously broke and warmed my heart.

I trust that when she finally did come home, that sweet pup's mom showered her with all the affection she deserves, and then some.

They're protective of their younger siblings.

This beautiful boy makes it his duty to check on his baby sister every night. He doesn't do anything when he goes inside her room to disrupt her or wake her up. All he does is walk inside, check her over, and then leave again.

It's safe to say he's one supremely loving and protective big brother.

They know how to peacefully and calmly de-escalate conflict.

[Tumblr | @natrashafierce via Reddit

I could definitely use this kind of a sweet, supportive parrot in my life to talk me down when things get super stressful. Like, for instance, when I'm trying to talk to a relative about politics and they start saying something that really doesn't sit right with me, it'd be nice to hear a soft little "hey" in my ear to help me uncoil.

They make questionable fashion choices.

Sometimes we make terrible decisions, and sometimes we think something is going to look really good when in reality, it doesn't. But, we still have to stand by those questionable choices, especially in front of our friends.

Thankfully, some animals are also ready to offer a helping hand and right their buddy's fashion blunder for them.

They connect with fellow mothers.

This beautiful orangutan sidled right up to a zoo guest who had her baby with her and sat against the glass of her enclosure to admire the bonded pair.

Honestly, this photo speaks for itself. It's just so quietly compelling.

They like to chat with their favorite people, even online.

This sweet kitty knew immediately who she was looking at on that big, mysteriously glowing box. Even though she couldn't explain how her human got inside it, she still made a point of coming right up to it for a little chat.

And probably give some concerned meows in the process.

They hang out with their best friends.

First of all, I can't believe this is a dog and a cat we're dealing with here. But can we also talk about how gosh-darn sweet it is that this cutie waits for her feline buddy every day so they can take a little walk together?

So pure.

They snuggle up with stuffed animals.

This adorable goat has clearly formed quite the cozy bond with its little piggy there. Just look at its face. That's pure love and content, something that only cuddling up with a treasured stuffy can provide you.

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