30 Pictures Of Things That Opened My Eyes To A New Truth

I swear, nothing is what it seems to be anymore. Times change, people come up with new ideas, and all of a sudden what you thought you knew is an outdated concept. Or something like that.

These pictures all represent things we've all either never seen before, or didn't know could exist in the first place. And you know what? They're all at least kind of cool.

"I’m a seamstress and i got a 2” ruler tattooed on my finger so i never lose it."

I can't get over what a good idea this is. If you do something that requires a lot of measuring (like sewing), then having a ruler you can't lose is going to help you out immensely.

Hopefully the tattoo doesn't fade too much or too quickly.

"My cat loves filling his bowl with stolen hair bands."

At this point I feel like cat owners need to lock everything they own up. And with locks that cats can't figure out how to break into. Because everything is fair game, and nothing is safe.

Not even boring old hair ties, which some cats love to steal, apparently.

"After a year we found out that a single rubber plant leaf will root but never grow anything new."

Well, that's one way to learn how much plant you can get out of a leaf. Some plants can take root and grow anew, but others can't apparently. This is something I'm definitely learning for the first time today, and who knows? Maybe you are, too.

"A 5 Pound bag of Gummy Bears melted together in the heat."

Gotta love that summer heat, huh? It does the strangest things. Like making pavement hot enough to cook eggs on. Or melting a bag of gummy bears together so that they're indistinguishable from one another.

I probably would't eat those if I were that person, especially if the bag melted too.

"These Handrail Sanitizers."

You ever think about how gross pretty much every public surface is? People go to the restroom and don't wash their hands, and then touch everything. Even worse, they sneeze directly into their hands and touch everything. That's just nasty.

I wish these had been a thing years ago, frankly. They would've done us all a world of good.

"Mud wasps turned this Ken doll into a horror."

I really don't want to know how wasps and a Ken doll ended up being in close proximity to one another. This shouldn't be a thing, and yet here it is. Wasps really don't care when it comes to building their nests, do they?

I almost feel bad for the doll. Almost.

"My fresh tube of toothpaste."

There's nothing new or special about opening a new tube of toothpaste. But this angle is everything. The toothpaste is so mesmerizing, like a really neat painting. It's also kind of incredibly satisfying. Toothpaste tubes are always pretty messy, but the brand new ones are still so pristine. It's the calm before the storm.

"It's not cotton candy: my wife forgot about bread in the breadbox for three weeks."

There were a few options in my mind before I'd consider this to be a loaf of bread. Some kind of sweater, a sleeping cat. And yes, even cotton candy. But bread? Say it ain't so!

No loaf of bread should have to endure this much mold. It's a crime against humanity!

"This 22lb cabbage that my neighbor grew!"

...That's a big cabbage. Like, a seriously big cabbage. Who even knew they could grow to be 22 pounds? That doesn't seem natural.

I guess some places have been getting unusual amounts of rainfall this summer, so maybe this cabbage was just watered really well? I honestly don't even know.

"There are no plants in this photo."

I shouldn't be surprised by this, since bugs are pretty good at camouflage in general. But come on! Those are just leaves and sticks. How many millions of years of evolution does it take to make yourself look like a part of a real plant?

"This tiny Bible is really the entire thing printed onto tiny pages. I found it at my mother's house."

I've seen small, pocket-sized Shakespeare books in the past, but I've never seen any kind of book as small as this one before. The pages are barely the size of a thumb! Can you even read all that tiny text? Probably not unless you have a magnifying glass, or a really strong pair of prescription glasses.

"Multi coloured corn looks like candy."

Why did we as a society stop growing different colored corn? Who decided that the yellow variety had to be the only one we got to eat? Because there are other colors of corn kernels out there that I think deserve their fair shot at being the dominant kind.

I also just like the way this cob looks.

"A horse and buggy and a Tesla at the same stop."

It's like our past and future have met up. And both of these methods of transportation are at least a bit better on the environment than a traditional gas-powered vehicle. I don't think we'll be going back to horses anytime soon, but it's nice to see that some people out there still use 'em.

"Somehow ended up behind these 2 cars at the same location a couple days apart."

Was there a laughing car convention in town or something? What are the odds of finding not one, but two different cars, different makes and models, with such similar licence plates? That can't be a coincidence.

"Pillars at Sacramento Airport."

If I didn't know this was just a statue, I'd just think it was a large pile of forgotten luggage. That's really wild and unique. Imagine, though, if your suitcase looked exactly like one of the pieces in the pillar. You'd probably get quite the shock when waiting to leave the airport.

"My local mall has a store that only sells statues."

I didn't realize there was enough of a market out there to warrant an entire store that specialized in statues. I guess there's a niche in the market for everything.

I can't imagine this place gets a whole lot of business. And if they did, those customers would probably be spending a lot of money.

"Don’t really know what’s what here, but here’s a cat sitting on a football field, that’s also a car."

Cars covered in turf are kind of a thing now I guess? But turf cars with football fields drawn on them? Definitely not something you see everyday. Seems like that cat agrees, too.

"This lemon has every shade of yellow."

Okay, maybe not every shade of yellow out there, but it still has a bunch. At least 6, if you look at the individual sections inside of the lemon, plus the rind and skin. It really makes you wonder how something like this can end up happening.

"I got 3 Pop Tarts in 1 packet!"

You know what? Even with my grown up, adult palate, I still think Pop Tarts are really good. And I would absolutely be the person who would be ecstatic to find three pastries inside a package that's only supposed to have two. Better than only finding one.

"Froze a water bottle and cut the plastic off and made a bottle made of ice."

I... it never occurred to me that this is something you could do. It would probably be a lot harder to drink from a bottle-less water bottle, but that big chunk of ice is probably useful for something.

"Our power momentarily went out at exactly noon so I didn’t have to reset my stove clock."

I hate power outages, but if one has to happen, I always hope it comes back at noon or midnight. Why? Because when that happens, the time on the stove is always right. You don't have to go through the whole annoying process of resetting the stove time.

"The bar I went to last night has a Bob Wall."

The Bob Wall is revolutionary. It's what we all need. There are a lot of famous Bobs out there, and most of them deserve to be celebrated. SpongeBob, Bob Barker, Bob Ross. So many.

There are Bobs in the world who aren't even on the wall. It isn't perfect, but it's a start.

"Penny stuck in my washing machine for years."

If you wash a penny once, it won't get too damaged. But if you somehow leave it in a washing machine for hundreds of cycles, it starts to wear down, I guess. Huh. So that's what a penny looks like when it's all washed up.

"This town in Iceland with heart-shaped stoplights!"

Iceland is such an interesting country. It has some of the world's most amazing scenery. It also has heart-shaped stoplights, apparently.

Well, since they're still the same colors, I guess it wouldn't hurt. Actually, it's pretty cute. Just another reason to visit the country.

"These painted buildings at Calella."

Oh, what a cool building with such cute balconies! Or, they'd be cute balconies if they weren't painted on the side of the building like that.

Still, the illusion of balconies makes the building look cute!

"Found a bathroom sign with nice jazz hands."

Wet floor signs are important, but that doesn't mean they can't also have a little bit of fun. The good thing about jazz hands is that you don't have to wait until you've slipped on a wet floor to bust them out. The bad thing is that people will stare at you.

"The size of a fiber optic wire capable of supplying a home with high speed internet."

There was a time when you could only get internet through a giant cable, and couldn't use the phone when you were trying to connect. Now, you have a wire as thin as a strand of hair, and it connects to a box that lets you access the internet wirelessly. Amazing!

"My discount grocery store sells bulk M&Ms separated by color."

Some people don't like certain M&M colors for some reason. I don't have a preference, so I can't relate.

But for some people, this is bound to be a game changer. You don't have to fish through the bowl to pick out all the red ones anymore.

"We found a Pill Bug that looks like an actual pill capsule."

You know, I've never known why they were called pill bugs before. I'm not sure this is the reason why, but it makes a lot of sense, you know? They are kind of pill-shaped, and the coloration on this one is just like one of those pills you'd get in a prescription.

"Manhole cover in Osaka, Japan."

If only all manhole covers could look this nice. Who cares if they're covering up sewage (which smells bad). That doesn't mean they can't look good while doing it.

Seriously, this is amazing. At this point, it's basically art. I can't get over how cool it looks!