15+ Everyday Things That Looked Nothing Like We're Used To

After a few trips around the sun, most humans get a pretty good idea of what stuff looks like.

But that doesn't mean that the world doesn't throw us the odd curveball from time to time.

When life gives you lemons...

Reddit | SSJGoKeN

I don't know if there's such thing as a 'biggest lemon' contest the way there is with pumpkins, but I think this lemon could be a contender.

Final wish.

Reddit | Fluid-Daydreamer

Sadly, a ten-year-old boy passed away. One of his last wishes was to be buried in a coffin made of Lego. Here it is, made out of more than 26,000 bricks.

Galactic eyes.

Reddit | ViVilma

This cat can see just fine, but has a rare genetic mutation that cause its eyes to look like they're made of broken glass.

Sock up.

Reddit | HelliciousRyan

This is a rock, but it looks so much like a foot wearing an ankle sock that it's hard to adjust my brain.

Good as gold.

Reddit | knifestick

Mice have a way of triggering phobias in lots of people, but this gold mouse — with wavy fur to boot — is almost too cute to freak anyone out.


Reddit | meat_slug

Have you ever wished that public washroom stalls didn't have huge gaps in the walls? Finally, someone has answered your prayers.

The '60s were a mood.

Reddit | sundancerco

This is an old stove dating back to the 1960s. You can see that it has all the normal stove stuff, just in a highly unusual design.

She'll grow up to be a sasquatch.

Reddit | eyeswideblue

This baby girl is only two months old. I've never seen that much hair on a baby — I wonder if she's part wolf.


Reddit | Dutch_Midget

We know bees as those stripey yellow and black flying insects, but this is really throwing that perception for a loop.

A unique gate.

Reddit | Blencathra

This looks like a normal gate has been squished down, but there's a purpose behind its design: it allows horses to pass, but not cars.

Looking down.

Reddit | Nintendeion

This guy's pupil is just a little bit off-center. He can see normally and all that, but his pupil will always look like this.

Calico squirrel.

Reddit | tamedreckless

Squirrels come in a few different colors, but I don't think I've ever seen one as multicolored as this one in Alberta, Canada.

Dark as night.

Reddit | tookiebeckenheim

Corn's another thing that can come in various colors. This purple corn from Peru is so dark it's almost black.

Found a unicorn!

Reddit | coffeeandasunset

Well, it isn't a unicorn, just a goat with a horn that's unusually centered on its forehead. Still a fun find.

Secret tabby.

Reddit | bruizerrrrr

Black cats often have interesting coat patterns if you look at them under a bright light. Here's a black cat that's actually a melanistic tabby.