20 Pictures That Are Cool And Make You Giggle A Little

With all the serious and sometimes boring stuff going on in the world and at work, it's nice to be able to look at some cool and cute stuff from time to time. Stuff like these photos, which are all just so much fun.

You may smile, you may giggle. But one thing's for sure: you definitely won't be bored, at least for a little while.

"This mossy piece of wood I found kinda looks like a scruffy dog."

That mossy rock (or it could be part of a tree or something) really does look like a scruffy dog. So much so, that I'd be more than a little tempted to try and pet it if I saw it in real life. Good thing it's just a picture, then!

"My children left all the purples behind. Feels like the '90s again."

I guess not liking the purple freezies (ice pops? Whatever you call them) is, like, a universal fact. Not that they're really all that bad, it's just that the other flavors are infinitely better. It's funny how kids today do some of the same things we did when we were their age.

Literal eye glasses.

Don't you just love reflections? They can make things look different from how they really should. They can also apparently make sunglasses look like they have eyes on them, despite not even being on a face.

Is it just me, or does the whole thing look like a squid wearing glasses and a beanie?

"Army figures scattered around this restaurant."

It looks like someone was having fun at this restaurant. How would anyone even get those army figures up there? Everything about this is just so bizarre in the most fun way.

And they kind of look like they're having a bit of a showdown, too.

What every driving instructor is probably thinking.

You just know that someone got this custom licence plate done on purpose. There's no way it's any kind of coincidence. Whoever uses this car to teach students how to drive either has an amazing sense of humor, or they're a little afraid of their own job.

Somebody turned the cold air down a little too much in there.

Unless you're really into getting frozen drinks (which would be a horrible idea if there's a lot of soda in there), then this vending machine might just be too cold. I'm thinking an out of order sign might be needed here.

"World’s smallest UNO."

I don't know why I find these cards so entertaining. Travel sized card games are the best, but they always look so funny. Because they're so small.

They make this person's hand look like a giant's. I'm having way too much fun looking at this picture, I think.

"A ant hill formed on the hand of a chalk drawing my son made a few days ago making it look like it's holding it."

The good thing about ant hills? They help complete chalk drawings. The bad thing about them? Literally everything else. Ants are super annoying and difficult to deal with, after all.

If only that chalk drawing was holding the ant hill for real, and could just chuck it away.

What did you just say about my momma!?

Whoever made this sign must be pretty popular. No but seriously, that's actually really funny. Yo momma jokes may not be popular anymore, but this was just so unexpected that it works really well. And no actual mommas were harmed in the making of this joke.

The fact that they had to tell us is kind of concerning....

Someone had way too much fun writing this. You can tell, since they included pretty much everything under the sun in this list. Actually, they didn't include the sun, so maybe that's still fair game? I wouldn't risk it, though.

Santa Claus: the next face of the dollar bill.

It's never too early (or too late!) to think about Christmas. And this dollar bill might not get you in the spirit, but it'll teach you something surprising.

That Santa dollar is legal tender. Or rather, it's a legal tender dollar bill with a Santa sticker on it. There are Easter bunny and Cupid ones, too!

I hear irony is made in China, too.

There are still some products made in the US, but a lot of things are made in China these days. Including... US Embassy keychains. Which is incredibly ironic, because is there anything American about it if it was made in a different country?

Well, somebody is gonna have to change!

What are the odds of wearing something to the dentist that looks exactly like the dentist chair? Even down to the almost identical shade of green between the seat and the person's shorts! On the plus side, it makes for a really funny story.

"Where I went today there was a raised button to cross the road for people on horses."

On one hand, this is a pretty neat idea. Especially in places where people ride horses a lot. It would be hard to reach a regular crossing button when you're up high.

But at the same time, I can't stop laughing at this. I don't know why, but I just find it hilarious.

"My dog’s eyes retro reflect different colors."

Is it heterochromia? Nah. It's just a dog with red eye. And also green eye, I guess.

Even with the almost freaky reflections, this dog is really working it. Being a real good boy that's totally melting hearts and raising spirits all over the place.

For those times when you need "a bit more."

I've seen many toasters in my day, but never one that's had an "a bit more" button on it. This is one part comedy gold, and one part surprisingly genius. I mean, a dial to change the length that it toasts probably would've been better, but this still works.

"My childhood doctors office has a mini door installed for younger patients."

Wow, that's actually kind of cute. It's a bit concerning, though; if that door is light enough that a child can open it to enter, what would stop that child from opening it to leave when you aren't looking?

Okay, maybe I'm thinking about it too much. Let's just enjoy it for what it is.

"The fungus growing on this sculpture looks like a nose."

Do you think the fungus knew exactly where to grow to give this smiling statue a little nose? No way, that's impossible... right?

On the plus side, it kind of completes the statue. The "nose" may be a little off-center, but it really does blend right in.

An interesting choice for this particular spot.

So instead of putting up mulch, dirt, grass, or even just letting it be, someone decided to put in some interlocking stones around this tree? That seems like a choice (and not even a good one).

Seriously, this is way more effort than it needed to be. But still kind of cool.

"Me and my girlfriend got each other the exact same gift for Christmas."

Imagine that. These two are definitely made for each other. They were even on the same page when giving each other Christmas gifts. Opening the presents must've been hilarious, especially for whoever opened theirs first, figuring out that they just got what they'd been given.