20 People Who Committed Crimes Against Food

Eating a good meal is one of the best experiences possible, and there are some truly amazing chefs out there of all levels. However, there are also some people who relish nothing more than attempting to ruin food for the rest of us.

So, to showcase some of the most strange food-based abominations ever created, here are 20 people who committed crimes against food!

"Caught my roommate making a 'cheese-wrapped pickle.'"

I both want this to never have existed and also want to try one. What a truly stomach-churning invention!

"This thing is going to haunt me..."

I don not know at what point they should have stopped, all I know is that they should never have finished this abomination.

The Newest Innovation!

The brain behind this wrote, "Two years ago I blessed the internet with the Spam Shot Glass. This year I got to go camping again and got the chance to recreate the iconic meat orifice, as well as create a NEW drink container which I humbly dubbed The Spam Flask."

Dinner Is Served!

I do not know what this is more offensive to, literature as a whole or baked beans?!

What A Meal Deal!

I believe that most cultures refer to this combo as, "The Breakfast Of Champions." Refreshing and healthy!

"Sandwich my dad likes to eat, raw ground beef with raw onions and white pepper on hard bread."

I hope that you have good drains in your parent's house, as this looks like a recipe for some spicy digestion.

"Sent to my Italian girlfriend. Might have severed many good relationships with this one."

So...garlic bread with no garlic is just bread, right? I admire the gall of them calling it garlic bread in the first place.

"Found on Facebook..."

I mean, I know what it actually looks like but I don't think that it really needs spelling out, does it?

"Dot hog!"

Who would have thought that such a simple swap would inspire such vehemently negative reactions?!

Oh Dear...

"Honestly, just try them! They're better than you think!"

"Not a chance."

"My attempt at baking a brownie turned out like a before and after picture of meth addiction."

It looks kind of like tiny bees have made blackened honeycomb houses in all of the M&M's.

"TIL if you let your child pour their own syrup they will invent 'Pancake Soup.'"

I would have loved this as a child, but now even the sight of it makes me feel like I need to go for a run.

"Have you ever ordered French Onion Soup at LAX whilst on your layover? I have."

It was pointed out that anyone who has ever ordered this "meal" should be able to sue the airport for psychological damages.

"Subway's 'Extra Crispy' bacon."

I have never thought of frozen things as being "crispy" before. I suppose they sort of are in a way though?

"Chili dogs at my workplace."

Who looks at that and thinks, "Yep, that is edible and delectable enough to feed my employees with!"

"A friend of mine called this a 'Hotdurger.'"

I think that in some ways this may actually be worse than the Dot Hog, and I'm not sure why.

"This is not the way."

Do or do not, there is no try! And yet they really tried their hardest here!

"Jello sushi!"

And if you look extra closely you will see a hair atop it, which is just the icing on the cake!

"Favorite way to eat watermelon."

But, why? There is already a perfectly sound way of eating watermelon, this doesn't make sense!

"Burger With Extra Pickles."

I think that this is what the people at McDonald's think I want whenever I ask for "No pickles please."