30 Heinous Food Scams That Made Fools Out Of People

Buying food can always be a bit of a gamble, as there are a lot of food companies out there who don't like to give people their money's worth.

So, from people who nearly bought incredibly hideous Skittles to individuals who witnessed crimes against pickles, here are 30 heinous food scams that made fools out of people.

The Abomination

I do not know who is responsible for this creation, but they ought to be ashamed of themselves!

"My school's $7 take on avocado toast."

You would have thought that they could have stretched to a whole egg for the $7 price tag!

"Subway's new 'extra crispy' bacon."

"Oh, you wanted your bacon cooked, not frozen?"

"Kind of, yeah."

"Well you should have said that!"

"Ah, breakfast!"

Actually, in Finland they have a similar breakfast dish called "Blörö" which consists of a coffee, a vodka shot, and a cigarette.

"Was looking forward to having some nice bread from a local bakery."

"I mean, it looked great before you cut into it and tried to eat it!"

"That kind of defeats the point of it being edible though, Dave."

"This was way cuter when I pictured it in my head."

This is still kind of cute in a, "let the cold hands of death take me to my merciful grave," kind of way.

"The size of our donuts from the same order."

Maybe someone was trying to fit them inside of each other like Russian dolls?

"Total came to $6.66 and I was charged a 1¢ Satan Avoidance Fee."

If you are going to include this sort of thing then you should take the cent off, not add it on!

"I tried using a coupon at McDonald's and it just made the order more expensive."

Someone did point out that this coupon may have been for McDonald's, not for the person using it.

"I got an empty hot pocket."

So does this mean that it is just a pocket? It looks like an awfully dry thing to eat!

"Buying a solid milk chocolate Stanley Cup? Surely you only expected half of one."

I guess that they want you to buy two and then stick them together, which sounds messy.

"I mean... technically right, but maximum assholery."

That text on the front does heavily imply that there is no added sugar, they're playing a devious game here!

"I present to you with, my croissant..."

Maybe this is a croissant that you are meant to provide your own filling? Just fill it with jam and butter.

"This excuse of a pickle on my chicken sandwich."

I love that someone looked at that pickle and thought, "Yeah, that is good enough!"

"Is it 8? Is it 10?? Or more than 10?!"

I don't know why anyone would ever need to work this out, as who would want to drink Budweiser anyway?

"Meanwhile, in Malaysia..."

Someone with local knowledge even added, "Yo, Malaysian here. I had one of these before and these taste like [expletive]. I don't even know how to explain how this tastes like, it's almost like sand with a weird flavour. The bread sucks too," which really sells me on it!

"Come on!"

One very dramatic person added, "I like to think somewhere out there your long lost twin is opening one of these at the same time, to find a bunch of what looks like date filling with no bread whatsoever."

"My hamburger with extra onion."

They should clearly have asked for extra "onions" not just extra "onion."

"My steak sandwich I ordered from Guhub from Panera. I normally hate Panera but my friends wanted Panera."

Wow, that is one sorry excuse for a steak sandwich. I think the "Where's the beef?" lady from those '80s ads for Wendy's needs to be re-cast for some new commercials, because yikes.

"Waited almost an hour to get served this."

They say patience is a virtue, but there's such a thing as too much patience, like that exhibited by whoever cooked this alleged pizza. Or the lack of patience exhibited by whoever cut this allege pizza, for that matter.

"Notice anything about the Big 5"

You know, I'm no mathemagician, but even I can tell that the Big 5 is lacking a certain something — that being five ingredients, of course. Unless there's a mystery fifth fruit going in there, which you have to think they'd note on the menu, too.

"A Zoo charging $3 for a CAN of soda. So few people buy them that the logos are sun faded and they are probably expired."

The only people looking like fools here are the folks trying to sell these sodas. I mean, you'd think they would take the hint when the vending machine never needs to be re-stocked.

"Got this variety pack because I love peanut butter snickers. I feel so let down right now."

Of course the solution is to just buy peanut butter Snickers bars if you want a peanut butter Snickers bars, but still, when you buy a variety pack, it's not unreasonable to expect a little bit more variety than this, right?

"Found this at my local pharmacy..."

I did not even know that Skittles could go off...I just thought that they would live forever!

"If I wanted a small I woulda ordered a small."

You could argue that the good folks at McDonald's are trying to help you watch your waistline and cholesterol, but come on, that's not their job. And that's not why you order a large fries at McDonald's, either.

"M&M ice cream let down"

There's food scams, and then there's an M&M ice cream sandwich that can't even meet the bare minimum of its name. One single, lonely M. That's gotta be the definition of disappointment.

"I ordered a side of bacon ($6 on the menu)"

You ordered a side of bacon, but what you got was a declaration of war. Seriously, what an insult. I mean, it's cooked a lot more than that Subway bacon, but come on, where's the rest?

"Pregnant wife ordered cheese fries, this isn’t going to end well..."

Really, Buffalo Wild Wings, what did that pregnant lady do to you to deserve this? I mean, sure, chicken wings are your specialty, but are cheesy fries seriously so hard to deliver?

"When you specifically order a sugar free frozen coke from McDonald's because you're type 1 diabetic."

I didn't even know that there were McDonald's where you could get sugar free frozen Coke. Although, one person did say, as this picture suggests, "it's a real gamble whether the person at the counter is interested in checking it's the right button."

"I got a Doritos bag full of only seasoning and crumbs."

Some might say that the seasoning is the best part of the Dorito, but those who do haven't eaten just a chunk of the seasoning on its own. Doritos really need the chip part, too.