19 Food Habits That People Find Genuinely Bizarre

Sarah Kester

There are a lot of people in this world — over 7.8 billion to be more exact.

That's a lot of different taste buds. While some are plain jane — they like chicken nuggets and ketchup and mustard with their burgers — others go all-out.

We're talking scrambled eggs with Nutella and mayo and mustard sandwiches.

It's hard to fathom how any of these combinations would be okay and yet, here we are.

Peanut buttered bread with spaghetti.

Imagine asking for this at an Italian restaurant. It's highly likely that they would kick you right out of there.

It's also hard to imagine how someone would pick this over cheesy garlic bread. HOW!?

Ketchup on tacos.

That's it. They're not invited to Taco Tuesday night! It's hard enough hearing people say that they like putting ketchup on mac and cheese.

And now this?! It makes us think that people need a license to buy ketchup.

Mustard and watermelon.

This is a food trend that's recently taken over TikTok.

It's been said that the mustard pairs well with the sweetness of the watermelon. In the end, you get a vinager-y flavor that's not half bad.

Cottage cheese with apple sauce.

Giphy | HULU

Cottage cheese on its own doesn't have many fans.

But mixing it with apple sauce? While the consistency would be relatively the same, it's still a no from me dawg.

Scrambled eggs and Nutella.


Both are delicious and ideal breakfast foods — the comparison stops there.

That's why it's hard to imagine how this combination could ever taste good. The only chocolate we want with our eggs is Mini Eggs during Easter.

Buttering saltines and eating them as a side with chicken noodle soup.

Don't they know that you're supposed to dip the saltine into the soup?

While, yes, this makes it super soggy, that's simply the way we've had it since our moms made it for us as kids.

Pickle-wrapped hot dogs on white bread.

First of all, you're probably curious how this is made.

According to Heather on Facebook, you "wrap a boiled hot dog in pickle slices, stick it on a slice of white bread and top it with spicy mustard." Second of all, WHAT?

Putting milk before cereal.

Unsplash | Nyana Stoica

Oh, the blasphemy!

This Twitter user believes that it's the most logical way to do it. "Because you can keep adding cereal and they stay crunchy. My wife hates it. I think I’m right. Don’t @ me."

Pepperoni slices around pieces of cantaloupe.

I mean, if you think about it, prosciutto and melon are a thing.

The flavors complement each other nicely while remaining light and refreshing. But we think pepperoni belongs on pizza.

Peanut butter and pickle sandwich.


The world's obsession with pickles is getting out of hand. First, that pickle-wrapped hot dog on white bread, and now this?

This Twitter user wrote that they were 24 when they realized that not everyone made this.

Peanut butter toast dipped in orange juice.

"Still do sometimes," this Twitter user wrote.

"Didn't realize it was weird till people commented on it at church camp (in high school). Orange juice with toast flakes in it... yum.

Whole milk and Diet Coke.

Unsplash | Talles Alves

In a way, this does make sense. After all, people pair ice cream (dairy) with different kinds of pops all of the time to make an ice cream float. This is simply the melted version.

Stale popcorn.


Some like buttered popcorn, plain popcorn — this woman likes stale popcorn. That's usually when we throw it away!

"I’ll make a big double batch so I can leave it out and eat it stale the next day," she wrote.

Jell-O with milk.


Why not Jell-O with whipped cream?!

Instead, this bizarre version calls for taking the Jell-O, stabbing it with a spoon a bunch of times to break off smaller pieces, and then mixing milk with it.

Plain butter.

Once we get past how uncomfortable the texture would be, we skip right to how unhealthy this is.

Sure, butter is in a lot of the world's favorite foods —cake, pizza, brownies — but eating it plain is next-level cray.

A bread ball.

It's exactly like it sounds:

"I used to take slices of bread and smash them together until they combine," this person wrote. Sometimes, they would stick a slice of cheese in it for flavor.

Mustard and mayo sandwiches.


As in just mayo and mustard wedged between a sandwich. Oh, the humanity. We can't even imagine the mess, either.

You have to at least throw some meat in there, even if it's the thinnest slice.

Ice cream covered with pizza toppings.

Instead of waiting until after dinner for dessert, some people combine the two!

It's hard to imagine Ben & Jerry's selling a similar ice cream flavor like Pepperoni Pizza with Caramel or Meat Lovers Pizza with Brownie Bits.

Muffins with the wrapper.

Unsplash | Alina Karpenko

LOL. This one's accidental (phew), but it's something that we think everyone has done at least once in their lives.

Again, hopefully by accident. If not, time to re-see that therapist!