20 Weird Things That Had Some Secrets To Give Up

There are few things quite like finding a little Easter egg here and there throughout our daily lives, and companies love putting them into their products nowadays.

So, from people who found Mario in weird places to individuals who made bizarre discoveries about how shoes are made, here are 20 weird things that had some secrets to give up.

"Found in our baby name book."

Now I want to go through the rest of this book and find if there are any other names the author's kids made them add in!

PSA: If your name is Gax, I'm really sorry about this.

"Oh Thank Goodness!"

"So if I get mauled by a leopard, I can sue you?"

"Well, the odds of that happening are very unlikely and... Can you please stop sticking steaks to yourself?"

"Bought a new generator and thoroughly reading the instructions..."

Ah, ghost in the generator eh? Now you're talking my language. Just lure it out with a tuna sandwich, ghosts love those.

A Matter Of Perspective.

A large proportion of the people in the comment initially thought that it was simply a sign written in Russian! Can you imagine the face of the person to realize the reflection?

"My juice drink: 'Stop looking at my bottom.'"

You've been told! Serves you right for being a creep and staring at your bottle's bottom!

"Portobello public pencil sharpening project."

Do a lot of people in Portobello need pencils sharpening at last-minute notice? Weirdly specific requirement if so, but I'm not here to judge.

"This little message on my Rollerblades."

I can imagine that a lot of people would come to see this as a sort of incredibly dangerous challenge.

"Found in an alley in downtown Chicago."

"Those aren't the knitwear droids that you are looking for." — A drunken Ben Kenobi, 2021.

"It seems to work much easier..."

"What if I want to open it at this end, eh?!"

"Please, Dave, not again. I've only just cleaned up after the last carton."

"This mural in Massachusetts has a security camera built into the turtle's eye."

Forget about Big Brother watching you, Big Turtle watching you is much more terrifying!

"The way these milk jugs line up!"

I suppose that these adorable cartons must make life a little more interesting for the guy who stacks the shelves, at the very least.

"Sink drains at MSP airport!"

It took me a long time to see the airplane, as I kept seeing an incredibly disgruntled fish-alien. What do you see?

"In an effort to boost tourism the Xinhua village in China built a giant QR code from 130,000 trees so it can be scanned by passing planes."

Nature and technology in perfect harmony! They could have linked those passengers to all sorts of hilarious stuff as well!

"There is so many things wrong, starting with the kid's neck!"

Nothing quite like a good pre-cracked egg. Does away with all of that hard-to-chew shell!

"Router box you have to open to read the 'read before opening' label."

The person who posted this then went on to add, "What if we all just open these boxes, disagree with the terms and conditions, and then return the opened boxes?"

"My left and right shoes (Stan Smith's) were manufactured in different countries. Always assumed shoes were made in pairs."

I guess one factory specializes in the right foot and the other factory specializes in making the left foot?

"Someone In This Museum Has A Sense Of Humor!"

"Dave, the little VW beetle in the insect exhibit was cute, but the full-sized Fiat Panda in the mammal exhibit is too far!"

"My daughter's new doll came with a tiny phone...and the screen is cracked."

Talk about being realistic, not only is the screen smashed but the battery is incredibly low as well! Does anyone have an adaptor that'll fit this phone?

"My uncle's nickel from the '60s that he would bounce on a concrete floor during one of his first jobs to pass time."

Bouncing a nickel during your downtime at work is the most 1960s thing I've ever heard, and I'm not sure why!

"My shoelace broke open to reveal a MUCH more colorful shoelace."

I would just go about peeling my shoelaces if this happened to me! They're miles better!

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