30 Things People Wouldn't Have Noticed If They Didn't Keep An Eye Out

We don't all pay attention to detail. Sometimes, we end up missing some pretty neat things, just because we're rushing around, doing other stuff.

These people didn't miss a thing, though, and captured some pretty neat sights that probably wouldn't be seen otherwise. I can't help but applaud their ability to stop and smell the roses.

"This shop in Sellwood, Oregon is occasionally open... sometimes, usually, but not always."

Sometimes I wonder if people actually pay attention to signs like this. But if they didn't, then we wouldn't get to read them too. I wonder if opening and closing your store whenever you feel like it is a sound business model...I almost feel like this kind of exclusivity would make people want to go there.

"My chicken matches my book cover."

I mean, in order to make a post like this, you'd have to have a chicken. I don't think there are too many people that have any kind of chicken available, let alone one with such gorgeous plumage. But at least we got to see this wild coincidence first hand.

Bonus points for a great book pick!

"Came across an apartment with an upvote on it."

One thing that people love doing on Reddit is posting pictures of things that look like the iconic upvote button. I seriously want to know who designed this building, because it really does look like the real deal.

"This truck looks like it's got a mini trailer."

A Reddit user commented on this, saying, "I had to stare at this for a solid 20 seconds before I understood that the trailer extended back and the truck is jackknifed."

Basically, the cab of the truck and the trailer are twisted at an angle, making it look like the truck has a short trailer, when in reality, it's just turned around.

"These clouds that are completely different colors."

I only just recently started noticing that clouds come in layers, and those layers catch light differently. This person found some shadowy clouds, plus a bright white one behind them. If it's going to rain, that white cloud isn't to blame.

"Somebody left a number two in the corner."

Ah, what a great visual pun. Because number two is...well, I don't think I need to spell it out for you.

Funny, if this person hadn't stopped and noticed the random 2 on the ground, we never would've gotten to see it online.

"Stuck in traffic when I saw this under the number plate of the car in front."

I can't be the only one who remembers that song! It makes sense for a blue car to sport such an accurate lyric like that. And to think, if this person hadn't been stuck in traffic, we would've never seen it.

I also really wanna know where they got that sign from.

"This rock that looks like a chameleon."

You have to kind of squint, but that rock that kind of sticks out at the top of the outcropping does look like a chameleon. To the point where it even looks like it has a face! How cool is that?

"My front door guard Frog."

That little guy is doing such a good job. I think we all deserve tiny guard frogs. I'm not sure they'll do anything other than hop away if there's any actual danger, but that's fine. The point of a guard frog is more because frogs are kind of cute, anyway.

"My onion ring looks like the & symbol."

This onion ring, or should I say onion ampersand, is probably too impressive to eat. Then again, it's an onion ring, and just staring at it through a screen is enough to give me cravings. At least we have photographic evidence that the onion ring '&' once existed.

"A drawing found underneath tile from a house built in 1980."

Sometimes when renovating, you find creepy things, like rat skeletons. Other times, you find random drawings that people covered up over the years. It would almost be a shame to remove this flooring, now that this drawing has been uncovered. But at least it'll live on, forever immortalized on the internet.

"My donut this morning was still whole."

See, I wouldn't notice that because I'd be too busy shoveling the donut down my face. But it's nice that some people out there have enough self-control when it comes to baked goods to notice things that have gone wrong. But hey, a donut with a donut hole still in there is just a bonus.

"The way this fitting is unhappy not to be holding anything anymore."

This is something that you'd probably never see unless you were rearranging the things you have hanging on your walls. And even still, what are the odds of the screws making a face? I feel kind of bad for it.

"This awesome STOP sign a few blocks from my house."

I'm not going to lie, I thought the draw of this picture was the sign above the stop sign, the one that says, "We buy horses." It's gotten me a little curious. But of course, the stop sign itself is also interesting.

"How this bottle managed to make it out of my neighborhood without falling."

I've seen that trope plenty of times. The one where the main character forgets something like a coffee cup on the top of their car and then it flies away when they drive. But this is on the ledge near the trunk door, and hasn't fallen off. How cool!

"This rattlesnake was found bathing in the puddle created from a cow hoofprint."

I guess it's better to notice the snake and take a picture of it, than to not notice the snake, step on it, and get bit. It's just chilling, too, not hurting anyone. Best to leave it be, and find a new path to walk on. One without snakes, preferably.

"Found out today that jalapeños turn red when left to fully ripen!"

This is something that I actually did know. If you leave them on the plant, they just keep changing until they're red. The redder they get, the sweeter they tend to be. But don't let that fool you; red jalapenos can still be really spicy.

"I was pushing a cart and thought it was hard to turn. Then I looked down."

Ah, I hate when this happens. Some stores need to pay better attention to their shopping carts, because something like this can be unsafe. It's funny, even when a cart is hard to push, you may not notice the fact that it's missing a wheel right away.

"I just noticed that stop signs are in English here (I’m in Spain)."

The Stop sign is pretty universal at this point, but I guess I always just assumed that it would be localized to the language of a given country.

Somehow, this one seems to have a friendlier font than the classic I'm used to seeing here.

"Accidentally found a tissue box with the same pattern as Nintendo Switch case."

I suppose it's not that surprising that these two patterns are so similar.

It's a style that's been popular for a while and probably has tons of similar versions in whatever database of pattern prints products like tissue boxes and game cases license from.

"The £1 coin contains micro lettering that not many people have noticed. The coin is also technically not a circle."

Sometimes it's just incredible to see the amount of detail a single coin has hidden in its engraving.

It's possible that this text helps people with impaired vision tell the coins apart too.

"I just noticed the squiggles on my new shoes are actually a topographical map design."

That's a pretty cool detail for the shoes to have.

I wonder if the map points to a specific place or if the designer just liked how the pattern looked with the design of the shoes.

"I was tapping on the back window of my dads car and he noticed that the window was creating this pattern on my arm."

Speaking of cool patterns, if you've ever been chilling in the backseat of a car with a patterned back window, then you've probably enjoyed playing with the shadows.

As a kid, I used to pretend I was wearing "cool" fishnets.

"Took a picture of some rainbow buildings while in a taxi, didn't notice the perfectly timed rainbow bus driving next to us until after!"

First, those rainbow buildings are pretty darned cool, and second, the perfect timing is icing on this rainbow cake.

I wish more buildings would try to have a bit of fun with their otherwise boring facades.

"This natural heart shape engraving I found while I was out on a walk."

I mean, the view in general is just great. The fact that there's a little puddle that's shaped like a near-perfect heart makes the whole thing a lot prettier. It feels like a really romantic spot to go on a date, like for a picnic or sightseeing.

"I noticed that butterflies appear on my bathroom mirror when it gets steamy. Then they dissapear. [*sic*]"

Presumably, the previous tenant had butterfly stickers on the mirror and this is simply some leftover residue repelling the condensation.

It could be solved with some Goo Gone, but personally, I'd keep them.

"We noticed a tree seeming to float above the road."

If you look closely, the core trunk of the tree appears to be angling out from the side of the road, so this tree isn't actually floating.

But the way the branches have settled into a classic shape really makes the illusion believable.

"Noticed cardboard hangers instead of plastic hangers while working on my shift."

This is pretty cool. Sure, some people reuse the hangers their clothes come on, but a lot of us just toss them away. This would allow customers to put them in the recycling instead of the trash.

"I accidentally ripped my leggings and the hole perfectly exposes a freckle on my thigh."

Ripping your leggings really sucks, because that means having to replace them. But what are the odds that someone would rip a hole exactly where their leg freckle is? I almost feel like you can't throw those out anymore.

"I was leaving work and noticed that a squirrel had fallen on my car at some point."

I'm going to assume the squirrel is okay, since it clearly got up and left.

Which is why I feel no guilt at imagining the Looney Toons-style sound effect that this incident should have had.