15 Matching BFF Tattoos To Share With Your Bestie

I'm not going to lie, I have always wanted to get a matching tattoo with someone. I think it's such a great way to bond with your loved one.

And for me, it would be a good way to share my love of tattoos with a special friend. So, I thought I should share a few awesome ideas in case you're looking for one too.

1. This Telephone Tag

When was the last time you played telephone tag with your best friend? I bet it's been a while for you too, huh? Don't worry. This way, you can always keep the spirit of this childhood favorite alive and well.

2. These Simple Words

Sometimes you only need a few words to understand your best friend. These two buds here are the perfect example of that. To someone else, these tattoos might be confusing, but to these two, they make perfect sense.

3. These Forever Hearts

When you find that special person to call your best friend, you might as well offer your heart to them. These two besties got the best next thing when they got matching hearts tattooed on them.

4. These Beautiful Flowers

When you have a sister, you also gain a best friend. That's the case for many people. So how wonderful is it to see these two get inked together here? What a fantastic idea for a matching tattoo, huh?

5. These Finger Tattoos

Even though I don't exactly recommend finger tattoos, I do like this idea here. Just make sure you take care of them very well so they can last a long time. It would be a shame to watch them disappear.

6. These Cowboy Hats

Where are all my cowboy fans here? Oh, hello there, hehe. I bet you're totally digging these matching yeehaw caps that these two best girls got together, huh? I admit I would never have come up with this idea.

7. This Fun Pair

I absolutely love the sentiment of these matching best friend tattoos here. The compass will ensure you're always traveling somewhere and staying wild, while the anchor will always keep you safe. Awe, don't you love that?

8. These Birds

It must be hard to find a tattoo you can do with a bunch of your friends, huh? So I'm quite impressed this funky bunch came up with an idea that works for all of them here.

9. This 'LOVE' Tattoo

Best friends are a special bunch, that's for sure. And it's pretty apparent that these friends here are exactly it. I'm in love with their collaborative "LOVE" tattoo idea here. How about you? Would you get this with your besties?

10. This Matching Piece

I absolutely adore tattoos that fit like a matching puzzle piece. I feel the same way when I see these tattoos here. It would be so fun to get a beautifully done set like this with my best friend.

11. This Adorable Idea

Who says tattoos have to be elaborate to be cool? I don't agree with that at all. In fact, a simple line tattoo can mean so much to you. I bet these are a lot of fun for these three.

12. These Pinky Swears

Your best bud is always there for you. How many times have you done a pinky swear when you were a kid? So I find this idea for a tattoo with your best pal totally adorable. Do you?

13. These Sweet Pandas

Oh my goodness, how amazing is this idea here? I don't think I've ever seen something as cute as these two tattoos. If only I could convince my bestie to get something done like this with me.

14. These Unique Dinos

What can I possibly say about these matching dino tattoos here? I absolutely love the style in which they were done. I mean, what a unique piece to have for one person, huh? But to share with your bestie, it is the best.

15. These Best 'Boods'

I'm really into Halloween and all things spooky, and I bet so are these best "boods" here. Get it? Ha, ha. I love their sense of humor too. Something tells me we would get along just fine.

Oh my, who knew there were so many amazing ideas for a matching tattoo you can get with your best bud.

I'm getting so much inspiration from all of these fabulous designs here. Now, I need to convince my bestie to get on board, hehe.

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