11+ Matching Tattoo Designs For When You Don't Want To Get Inked Alone

If you ever wanted to get a matching tattoo with someone, you're in for a treat. Matching tattoos aren't just for couples. They're perfect for anyone who wants to solidify the bond they share with another person.

Why not get it with your sibling, parent, or even a best friend? Take a look at these tattoo designs to get some inspiration.

1. This Husband And Wife Tat

This couple got matching Sandlot tattoos. He got Wendy Peffercorn, and she got Squints. Oh my! I can't get over how realistic these look here. These two must be such a fun couple, huh?

2. This Koi Fish Design

Wow, isn't this such a beautiful tattoo? I love that the artist made it black and white. There is no need for color when a tattoo is so amazing. I adore this design. Both koi fish complement each other perfectly.

3. Bee Mine Forever

Aww, look at these sweet bees here. Aren't they so cute? Now, these two are doomed to "bee" with each other forever. LOL, just kidding, of course. What a nice gesture this tattoo makes. What do you think?

4. This 'Pulp Fiction' Favorite

If Pulp Fiction is your favorite movie, you'll get a kick out of these matching tattoos. I've always wanted a tattoo depicting a beloved movie scene, and this totally inspires me to do it, hee-hee.

5. These Pokémon Tattoos

If you're a fan of Pokemon you're going to go ga-ga over these matching ones. I think they're so fun. This is definitely a very visual tattoo. I love the use of all the color here.

6. This Brother And Sister Tat

Oh my goodness, how cute is this design here, huh? I bet these two siblings loved growing up together. In a sense, they're probably like Tom and Jerry, so this is very fitting indeed.

7. This Matching Arrow

I really love it when a tattoo design matches with someone else. This one does that and more. I bet these two have a grand time showing it off to everyone. It's what I would do.

8. These Matching Fruits

Oh my, this is by far the coolest tattoo technique I've seen in a while. It looks like a watercolor painting. Isn't it such a great idea or what? I'm totally in love with this painted style here.

9. These Sunflower Tattoos

Did you know that when sunflowers cannot face the sun, they turn toward each other? Oh wow! I definitely didn't know that. It's so cool. And what a great idea for a matching set here, no?

10. This Sun And Moon Design

Celestial tattoos are one of my favorites. For the longest time, I wanted to get a sun and moon tattoo. But I don't like to get the typical design. Hmm, this one is definitely very different.

11. This Phone Tag

I don't know about you, but I loved playing telephone tag when I was a kid. So this tattoo brings back so many fond memories from my childhood. I wish I could've gotten a design like this with my best friend.

12. This Lion Tattoo

So I'm a Leo, and therefore I will forever love lion tattoos. This matching idea here is giving me all the right feels. Not only is it truly unique, but it's also impeccably done. I absolutely adore it.

13. This Friendship Tattoo

Best friends would go arm to arm to help each other out. And in this case, the meaning is pretty literal. I love how they switched up the design based on each of their liking. It's so cool, right?

14. This Sci-Fi Piece

It's so fun coming up with ideas for matching tattoo pieces. There are many cool interactive designs. I have to count this one among them. I think this is such a fabulous concept for a tattoo to share with somebody special.

15. These Tiny Avocados

Who says you have to "go bold or go home"? Nobody, that's who. You can still get a cool matching tattoo without taking up too much space. How fun are these matching avocados here? I absolutely love them, ha, ha!

16. This 'Beetlejuice' Tribute

I think I might've mentioned that Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies, so I have a special affinity for this rad piece here. I love how the artist captured these characters with just black and white ink.

17. These Fun Bros

If you and your brothers are a funky bunch, you may want to take inspiration from these awesome tattoos here. These three sure look like they enjoy each other's company. How fun are these tattoos, huh?

18. These Butterflies

I've always wanted to get a matching tattoo with someone. I would love to convince my mom to get one with me. This is such a cute idea. Who knows, she may even go for it. What do you think?

19. These Eyes

Oh my goodness. I feel like all three eyes are watching me. Do you get that impression too? I know it's a little creepy — that's for sure. But other than that, such a cool matching tattoo concept, no?

20. This 'Beauty And The Beast' Couple

Wow, such a romantic idea for a matching tattoo design that a couple can share. I bet these two really enjoyed getting inked by each other's side. What do you think of a gesture like this?

21. This Mother-Daughter Tattoo

This simple design really packs a punch thanks to its creative placement and the fact that it is shared between a mom and her daughter. I think all the mama birds out there can relate to this tattoo.

22. These Sister Tattoos

If I were to get a matching tattoo with my sister, this would be something I would consider. I think it's a lovely idea. Everything about these adorable tattoos makes me smile. How do you feel about it?

23. This Mother-Daughter Tat

Here's another great idea for a matching mother-daughter tattoo. This lady, who's 26, got her seventh tattoo. Her mom, who's 60, got her first. Wow. Awe, what a sweet story that is. I totally love that.

See, I told you matching tattoos are for everyone.

I'm totally blown away by all these designs here. Now, if only I could convince someone to get a matching tattoo with me, ha, ha! Have you gotten one to match someone else?

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