20 Times People Chose Chaos

A lot of us will do anything we can to have a simple life. Although, those who choose the crazy options do help to spice the world up a little.

So, from people who made taxidermy rats that look like Gary Oldman to individuals who committed heinous crimes to pizzas, here are 20 people who chose chaos.

"This rat taxidermied as Gary Oldman's Dracula."

Look, it is a little morbid I'll admit that, but the work that they have done on this is outstanding. You can't fault the craftsmanship.

"How my kid views me and my wife..."

I guess that this is what happens when your father is Slimer's EDM-obsessed cousin.

"My dog is 16, so I figured it's time for some driving lessons."

My God that poor thing looks even more terrified than I was when I had my driving test.


I really want to meet the person who designed this sign, just to see what the hell is going on in their head!

"The placement of this baby's head wasn't quite thought through..."

Good God, that is the fuel of nightmares. It looks like it is begging for the sweet release of death.

"Some guy's 'In loving memory' plaque was almost in the way of these pipes."

"We're here to install pipes, not to move plaques!"

"But can't we just..."


"Freedom hair..."

This is a bold look to say the very least. I hope that he is happy with it...can't say I'd be thrilled by it.

"Local news lists the top of the humidity scale as 'ridiculous.'"

It is a pretty damn accurate way of describing how people feel about humidity levels that are that high, in fairness.

"Found in my 7-year-old's notebook."

I would absolutely read the rest of this book. I can imagine Hollywood executives contacting this kid for the film rights already.

"Honey, don't forget your Jandals."

The only way that this aesthetic could be made worse is if they were denim Crocs.

"PacMan's Anatomy..."

I absolutely adore PacMan, but there is no way that I would be hanging this up in my house.

"This limo at a greyhound race track."

If you're going to take a limo to a greyhound track and you really want to make an entrance, then you need look no further than this vehicle!

"When you want a water bottle close by on your ride."

I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this photograph, but I admire this man for living his dream!

"Practical bathroom."

I guess that this is good for people who are worried that they're going to get broken into while they're in the shower.

"Ordered 4 toppings and got it on 4 different quarters."

Never in a million years would it have crossed my mind to assemble a pizza like this if someone asked for four toppings on a pizza.

"I can see into the main hallway of the building standing at the urinal."

"So what, did you want privacy when you're using the toilet?"


"Ah, well you never specified that."

"Legoland must really hate Ohio."

I wonder what Ohio did to Lego for Legoland to have such strong feelings about it?!

"Human teeth rings."

What better way to remember someone you love than by wearing their teeth on your hands?!

"Some soap to wash your hands? NOPE, this hand lotion."

It is quite impressive that no one in their design department saw the possibility for confusion in this.

"Extractor hood installed low over the hob."

I hope that they only like cooking with very shallow pans! What a truly ghastly design choice.

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