20 Times People Had A Message To Get Across

Communication is key in this world of ours — however, some people's messages can be a little more unexpectedly surprising than intended.

So, from messages apparently sent by bloodthirsty toddlers to warnings that no one wants to read in a bathroom, here are 20 times people had a message to get across.

"Baby must feed..."

I don't think that they intended for this to sound so much like a threat, and yet here we are.

"What a confusing sign."

The staff at York's Museum Gardens really need to get their priorities sorted out!

"My brother-in-law wrote my 3-year-old son this note with the Pokemon cards he sent him."

I love the "and Jill I guess" at the end. Something tells me that Jill wasn't also as hungover as this guy was at the time.

"There's a town in Massachusetts called Sandwich and their cop cars read 'Sandwich Police.'"

"There is a real lack of mayo on that sandwich, you're going down for a long time!"

"You can't be serious?"

"The Sandwich Police are always serious!"

Not Exactly Sending Out The Right Message...

The person who posted this explained, "A lesson in context. This text is not photoshopped. A pic from my phone snapped in Tennessee. Message said: 'Drive Drunk' then a few seconds later 'Face Consequences.'"

"One of the most cryptic warning labels I've seen, still not sure exactly what it means."

I mean, it's pretty clear that they want everyone who uses this product to have a constant sense of existential dread.

"A love note from granddaughter to grandfather."

The person who posted this did go on to point out that it was the grandfather who got this framed as well, not the grandmother!

"Our office candy guy left us a note."

There are few things like free candy to make anyone and everyone lose all sense of portion control.

"Please don't break my window, the dogs already dead!"

I cannot work out whether this is quite sweet or really unsettling. It's a fine line!

"I saw this majesty today while visiting the airport."

Fortunately this actually turned out to be a father picking his daughter up from medical school!

"A friend's note to her husband this morning."

Ah, the voice of experience rings through this note! Must have really livened up the morning meeting!

"I have good news and bad news."

Well, here's hoping that the price of the towing is not more than $50!

"My wife leaves me notes in the morning. I hope this one's not finished."

"I don't think that you finished that message you left for me this morning."

"If you want to talk to me from now on go through my lawyer."


"I'm getting mixed signals."

"So, what you're saying is that I should set myself on fire?"

"No I think that it's actually making a point about how..."

*Incandescent Screaming...

"My daughter made me this bracelet today."

Someone in a similar situation added, "My 13-year old daughter once told me I was a slightly better than adequate father. I consider it one of the best compliments ever."

"Hidden message..."

Why else would you be buying a coffee if this wasn't the case? I also spotted "Meh" which is a pretty good way to sum up most mornings.

"Someone left this note on the toilet in my local pub."

I don't think that I would even take the risk of checking, just head somewhere else!

"Bought my 7-year-old daughter a bracelet making kit. Found this on the table the next day."

As far as inspirational messages written on pieces of jewellery go, this is one of the best that I've ever seen!

"The most important EMT bracelet."

Good to see that this person has their priorities straight! That would be one hell of a dedicated paramedic to see this job through though.

"Something to pray for..."

I don't think that anyone could ever live up to such high expectations, even with the help of divine intervention!

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