17+ People Who Got Mixed Messages

It can be quite common to send out mixed messages from time to time, however unintentional it may be!

And, with this idea in mind, from urinals with very questionable motives to houses that definitely aren't haunted, here are 17+ people who got mixed messages.

"For large bread dogs?"

This is the perfect place to take your dog if you have a doughberman.

*Ruinous booing from the studio audience...

That Isn't Reading How They Wanted It To...

Their intentions were very pure and good, but by Christ they really should have thought this one through!

"This does not bode well..."

It will be a miracle if anyone can find this "Network Room" when they actually need to!

"Mixed messages..."

"Dave, do you really think that putting targets on the urinal we don't want people to use is a good idea?"

"Of course, people aren't idiots...right?!"

This Isn't Your Time To Shine!

Maybe they meant for someone to literally take the stage away, they probably just don't want it anymore.

"How to get a raise!"

This is truly great support from their sister! I cannot imagine having a sibling that is actually helpful...yes, that was a subtle dig.

Up Yours!

Just because you've upped your safety standards doesn't mean you have to be all high and mighty about it, you're no better than the rest of us!

Seems A Little Odd...

I think that the person who installed those doors may have been a trifle confused, but how could anyone be this dense?


Damn, they'll just have to have Cock Zero instead, what a nuisance! Well, either that or whatever the hell "Bang's" is?

"My wife says I need to grow up, but I couldn't stop laughing."

I like to think that I would be too mature to laugh at this if I saw it, but I know that I would break down immediately!

"Found on Craigslist."

I cannot emphasise how much I want this in my life. I would pay any sum of money for this and it would be worth it!

"Need a security monitor?"

This lizard looks cool as hell in that hoodie. It would probably be cheaper alternative as well...well, so long as you keep it fed on insects and mice.

"Close enough."

I mean, I guess that it is semantically sound, it just feels like licking sandpaper trying to read it out loud.

"Avoid repaying debts!"

One cheerful person added their own life hack, writing, "Life pro tip: never lend money you expect to get back."

"The cat really need to lose some weight."

Pfft, that cat doesn't care what you think about it! If it wants to crush the Earth beneath its feet with each step then it will do so with pride!

"Broke up with an ex earlier this year. Her parents gave me a belated Christmas gift and told me to, 'fork off.'"

Well that seems like a remarkably good break up if they thought that they could make a joke like this!

"This guy needs to make up his mind on being seen or not!"

This is clearly some kind of trickery, as all that I can make out here is a floating high-vis jacket.

"Waiting for my car to get fixed. This is not a good sign."

"We won't be long!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yep...but, also, Chapter 4 is where it really starts getting good!"

"I mean that just sounds suspicious."

Someone needs to tell the house behind to calm down, it looks like it is on the verge of a panic attack!

You Sure About That?

Sure, it would be ideal for sharing if they didn't just give you enough for one! They're just dangling the possibility of a great sharing experience in front of your eyes!