14+ Surprising Ways Life Lined Up For People

Call it serendipitous or divine intervention, luck or just really good odds, sometimes the strangest things happen with the slimmest of chances.

To see what I mean and feel a sense of mild awe alongside me, check out this list of 14+ surprising ways life lined up for people!

"The chipped paint in my bathroom looks like a cat riding on the back of a pig."

And they're going on a grand adventure!

Really, though, you could trace this and turn it into a wildly successful children's book.

"The way this dog face pillow lined up with my dog napping on it."

Not sure whether to find this funny or terrifying, but for my own safety I'll do with the latter and back away slowly.

"This pencil sharpener does not remove the very center of the lead."

It's a good way to practice pressure control. Wouldn't want all that lead snapping and going to waste!

"Took a pic of my burger and my dark sleeve makes it look like its floating."

I think it's less your sleeve and more so your hand being entirely hidden in the photo. You are holding it, right?

"This sign at a local nature preserve has the words inverted so you can read it in the water."

Can it still be read in the winter? How is anyone supposed to know it's the pond if it's all frozen?

"I got the corner of the cheese block."

Sort of neat to get the end of the block, not at all neat to be missing out on any amount of cheese.

"These tinted windows make it look like we’re in the ocean."

Looking at this, I can only think of the number of people who woke up from naps and briefly thought they actually were underwater.

"My pizza box’s instructions are removable, so you can throw away the box without digging through the trash 2 minutes later because you immediately forgot how to make it."

Reddit | Zeroghost26

I looked shamefully over towards where my recycling bin is because this did, in fact, happen to me just last night. Good to know there are solutions being made for people like me.

"My gf's chair looks like a duck with hair."

It looks a little concerned. What are you two up to in there?

"The pattern in this marble flooring looks like a seashell smoking a cigarette."

Spiritually, he's also wearing a leather jacket and leaning against the side of a building.

"Opened a pack of fruit snacks that normally contains (5-9) gummies and found 15 this time."

The thought that anyone stops to count these instead of upending them directly into their open mouth is baffling.

"This license plate was stamped upside-down."

A nice feature to make your car unique and also suspicious.

"My wife’s over easy egg yolk slid out of the whites without breaking."

Now here comes the real challenge, getting it back on there without breaking it either.

"The way my pants landed when I dropped them on top of a vent."

Is this how the inventor of the wacky arm inflatable tube men came up with the idea?

"This glove looks like a Sphinx."

It does, but I'm now very interested in your cookie inventory. What's it at, and can you afford a small loss?

"My cat has a perfect heart-shaped spot on his belly."

It's hard to tell with the look in his eyes, but that just means he's full of love for you!

"My neighbors tree fits perfectly in my window."

File this one under small, silly reasons to absolutely fall in love with a house.

"The symbol for 3.14 in the sky on the morning of 3/14."

When the cloud hits your eye like a big sign of pi, that's calculus.

"Instead of breaking in half, my pencil broke straight down the middle."

Still in half then, just the worse way. Technically usable but certainly not worth the trouble.

'Just realized my slot machine cash out ticket and the time my ticket was printed out are the exact same numbers (plus a 1 at the end)."

Those seem to be your lucky numbers, then! Some of them, anyway, once you find the rest it's lottery ticket time.

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