30 Times People Found Something By Chance And Went Viral

I seriously love the internet. It may not be perfect, but it's the one place where people can show off the wild and random things they've found by chance.

Apparently, everyone loves seeing these kinds of images, because the weirdest ones tend to go viral. But you know what? It's probably a good thing; as many people as possible should be able to see these things.

"Our cookout in Gatlinburg, TN was interrupted by a bear who sat just like a human at the picnic table while he finished off our food."

Look at that bear, just sitting politely like it was invited to the cookout. It would almost be kind of cute, except for the fact that this bear probably weighs more than the heaviest person at the party.

At least it's distracted enough by the food that it probably won't notice the people.

"Two 666 license plate in a row."

Some see 666 as an unlucky number. Having it on a licence plate may not sit well with everyone. But imagine seeing two out in the wild. What are the odds? Does that mean double bad luck, or do the two 666's cancel each other out? Is it secretly good luck?

"Hit 111,111 miles on my car while it was 111°F."

With a heatwave in some parts, it's pretty hot in America right now. Temperatures climbing over a hundred degrees is going to be common.

What isn't common, though, is reaching exactly 111,111 miles in your car. Especially when it also happens to be exactly 111 degrees outside. That's a lot of 1s.

"A 130 year old crypt found while renovating a church in SC, they put a glass window on it so you could see the face."

Finding old graves in old churches makes sense. What doesn't make sense, though, is the fact that there's a window where the face is.

Did people actually want to see that? If I wasn't looking at it right now, I probably wouldn't believe it.

"I thought the bottle was empty."

Imagine how many vitamin bottles we've probably all thrown out that still had some capsules left in them. All because they just so happen to get wedged into the container like that.

But also, what are the odds? I think you can probably shake the bottle to get them loose, though.

"Bathroom at my dentist has a picture of the bathroom at my dentist hanging on the wall."

But what came first, the bathroom, or the picture of the bathroom?

If you look closely at the picture, it too contains a picture of the same bathroom. And that bathroom probably contains another picture of the bathroom. In fact, it's probably an infinite chain of bathroom photos. This is making my head hurt.

"I bought some suspiciously perfect bananas yesterday."

I'm so weirded out by how smooth those bananas look. They're just too perfect. They almost look like those fake, plastic bananas you can buy for decorations, or even the toy ones for your kids' play kitchens.

Like, something about them just seems really off. I don't know if I'd ever want to try one.

"This group we came across in a forest casually hiking in medieval outfits."

I'm not gonna lie, they look like they're having a lot of fun. And you really can't fault them for that. In fact, it's probably more fun to hike in a costume than in regular clothes.

Hopefully it wasn't too hot that day, though; those outfits don't look like they'd fare well in summer.

"Movie theater tells you if there's a scene near the end of the movie."

This is something every movie theater needs. A spoiler-free breakdown of which movies have post-credit scenes and which don't.

Leaving a theater early only to find out later that you missed a scene is just as bad as waiting for the credits to end only to find out there was no scene in the first place.

"I inherited my grandmas sewing supplies and as I was putting them away realized I bought the exact same buttons that she did over 35 years ago for me."

Like grandmother, like grandchild. What are the odds that two people would end up buying the exact same buttons over 35 years apart? And not even, like, regular round buttons, either; these ones are specifically bunny-shaped.

Sure, the older ones are all faded now, but otherwise, they're the exact same.

"The wiring around this emergency shower makes it look cell shaded."

Oh my gosh, this is so cool! It's like one of those movies where part of it is live action and part of it is cartoon or CGI. But if you look closely enough, you can see that it's just black wire around an orange shower. The contrast really makes it pop.

"A hummingbird chilled on my phone today."

I swear, anytime I even look at a hummingbird, it flies away. So for this guy to not only have one so close, but to also be able to take a picture of it? I have to admit how impressed I am.

And of course, this would be the kind of image that instantly goes viral. Who wouldn't love a hummingbird shot?

"My house got struck by lightning and my wall exploded."

You never really think about how destructive lightning is until it, uhh, destroys something. This wall has definitely seen better days, but it totally could've been worse. At least the structure still looks alright.

And, it's a pretty good cautionary photo to warn people about how dangerous lightning can be.

"Found an edgepiece in my bag of Goldfish."

Most food manufacturing companies are pretty good at not letting any of the edge pieces from the mold get into the packages. But every once in a while, there's a slip up.

At least that part's still edible; think of it as a larger Goldfish cracker that isn't actually fish-shaped.

"Found an arrowhead in a dried up stream!"

Finding arrowheads isn't super uncommon, since so many people lived and hunted pretty much everywhere a long time ago. But it's still a fun surprise to find one in a creek or field. And this one is just really neat, so I can see why it ended up being so popular online.

"This mushroom I found 5 years ago."

I'm glad that, even though it took five years, this person got to share their abnormally large mushroom with the world.

And I'm honestly glad I got to see it. It reminds me of something fairies would live in or something.

"A cast iron cauldron I found buried in my forest."

I'm not really sure why people bury random things in the forest like this, but hey, this person got a free cast iron cauldron. They could probably clean it off and it would be good as new.

And it's obviously the perfect item to use when brewing magic potions, so there's that.

"This near perfect equilateral triangle stone that I found on our farmland..."

Okay, there's no way that this is a coincidence. This can't be naturally occurring. It's way too perfect! Someone had to have carved that at some point. For what purpose, we'll probably never know. But it would at least make a fun addition to a rock collection.

"This rainbow vine started growing in my backyard."

Who would've thought that a random weed growing in someone's yard could be so beautiful? The way that it transitions from a deep green to a bright red is just so pretty. And the fact it has such a gradual gradient? You might have to let this one keep growing.

"My coffee looks like Jupiter."

Either this was one incredible coincidence, or the person who made this cup of coffee is an amazing barista. In any case, you almost can't drink this. You probably aren't likely to ever find a cup of coffee in real life that resembles the surface of a distant planet, so just enjoy this picture of one.

"Bought 2 different sizes of shoes, but the boxes align perfectly with one another."

Okay, I am living for these shoebox designs. The Arizona Iced Tea packaging really can work on literally anything else.

I wonder if the fact that the two different boxes complete each other was intentional, or just a happy coincidence. Either way, you pretty much can't get rid of those boxes, now.

"I broke the nozzle on a can of spray foam and it turned into this vaguely poodle-shaped abstract art."

Sometimes, great art happens completely by accident. I'm not sure if an exploded can of spray foam counts as art, but since it's subjective and all, why not? It's funny how, because the foam is so lumpy when it dries, the dog shape it made specifically looks like a curly-haired poodle.

"My latte macchiato settled in layers."

That's sooo cool! Is there a lot of different stuff in there, or is it just how the milk and coffee combined with one another? I'm no scientist (or barista), so I really have no idea how this would happen. But it looks awesome, and that's really all that matters.

"My boyfriend’s homegrown potato looks like the Reddit icon!"

The fruits and vegetables you may find in your home garden always seem to have funny shapes. This one is no exception. Fitting, then, that it was uploaded to Reddit. It's almost too cool to eat, though.

But at least it's been immortalized on the internet, where it will never go bad.

"This misprinted Patient Consent Form I got from my Eye Doctor."

This is a very fine example of irony. For such a blurry, poorly printed form to be handed out at an optometrist office is actually hilarious. It's probably the last place you'd expect to see such a strange mistake. And that's why it makes for such a popular internet image.

"The sun hit this freshly-paved tarmac just right and made a real-life Rainbow Road through polarized lenses."

So you mean to say Mario Kart is real? This rainbow road looks like it's a lot easier to traverse than the ones in any of the racing games, at least.

If only the road could actually stay like that for a little while, though; it would probably be so much fun to drive along.

"The many colors of Lake Superior."

I wonder how long it took to find each of those colored pebbles? The fact that they can all exist in one place is so fascinating. It makes me want to pack up and go visit Lake Superior right now (but sadly, I won't be doing that).

"Dropped my headphone at the beach and it pulled iron out of the sand."

Well, that's one way to look for bits of iron. Though, it would probably be easier to use an actual magnet instead of a tiny earbud. But at least the effect looks really cool. Still, though, it's probably going to be really hard to clean all that off.

"There was a massive pirate ship driving around my neighborhood."

Sometimes, you just see the most random things on the road. I have to wonder what this pirate ship was being used for. Was it a parade float? Some kind of food truck or mobile restaurant?

Is there someone out there who just really loves pirate ships? We may never know.

"This ad for Dance Therapy I found while out on a date."

This is probably the funniest thing I've seen all day. This poster looks like it was made poorly on purpose, which makes it amazing. The fact that he accepts bitcoin is also a nice touch. I wonder if that QR code actually leads to anything.