14 People Who Can Make Magic With Their Knitting Needles

There's one art form that has completely escaped me, and that's knitting. I could never get into it. Trust me, I've tried, but I just lack the skill or the patience.

So, when I see awesome knitting projects, I'm always super impressed. It's pretty amazing what people can do with a spool of yarn. Check these out and tell me about your recent project.

1. This Lacy Shawl For Mom

"I made a lacy shawl for my mom, but I had to try it on for myself first."

OMG, ha, ha! Can you believe this guy? It coordinates so well with his beard he might need to make one for himself, lol.

2. This Belfast Cardigan

"I had my family get me yarn for a joint gift for my brother. Everyone loved the idea! It’s the Belfast Cardigan but I made it very extra with lining."

I literally thought this could be store-bought. Wow, just wow!

3. These Ottoman Covers

I'm such a huge fan of ottomans. They are such a clever way to hide away all sorts of stuff. So, when I saw these homemade covers, I literally rejoiced. Aren't they such a fabulous idea?

4. This Cardigan


"I was looking forward to wearing my new cardigan tonight but my date canceled. So I guess I'll just show it off for y'all."

Aww, I feel bad for this Redditor, but her consolation prize is this gorgeous cardigan.

5. This Bed Blanket

Let me ask you a question: If somebody gave you this blanket as a wedding present would you be grateful? I definitely would be. In fact, I think it's so pretty. Isn't this such a sweet gesture?

6. This Sweater

This lady managed to knit this pretty sweater all by herself. I actually thought it looked good enough to be store-bought. It fits her body so perfectly. Don't you think? Kudos to her for finishing this amazing project here.

7. These Socks

This lady made her niece some socks from her leftovers, so they can match. Awe isn't that so nice? I definitely wouldn't be too upset if somebody did that for me. I adore how they came out here.

8. This Colorwork Sweater

I think it's hard enough to knit a whole sweater, period. But to make on with a crazy pattern like this is a work of art. This lady is clearly a genius when it comes to handling her knitting needles.

9. These Matching Outfits

"My boyfriend's grandma knit these super thick sweaters/hats for our trip to Iceland. They kept us warm and cozy!" What an awesome grandma. My grandmother never knitted, but if she did, I wonder if she could outdo this. It's so gorgeous.

10. This Bridal Shawl

If you can believe it, this obviously talented knitter made herself a shawl that she wore on her own wedding day. I think it's so beautiful. What a great idea for a bride with mad knitting skills, huh?

11. This Zebra Sweater

Somebody posted this amazingly ridiculous zebra sweater that they made from a pattern dating from 1987. And, I have to admit I'm in love with it. Isn't it absolutely incredible? I really want one. Do you?

12. This Knitlight

Um, excuse me. What exactly am I looking at here? Do you mean to tell me that this person knitted a nightlight? Well, hello, my mind is totally blown here. How is this even possible, and how can I get one ASAP?

13. This Cat Sweater

"With a face this cute, how could I not put him on a sweater!" said this Redditor extraordinaire. Oh my goodness, if I had crazy knitting skills, I would do this, too. Too bad the cat isn't all that impressed, hee-hee!

14. These Fish Socks

These catch of the day socks look so cute and cozy. They would be perfect to keep your toes warm on your next ice fishing trip! Or, knit a few pairs in different colors to have an entire ocean's worth of fish socks in your drawer.

Wow, words cannot explain how much I adore all these knitted items.

They are the true testament to hard work and perseverance. How did these folks do it? I can't begin to comprehend. Have you ever knitted something as awesome as these?