Knitters Are Getting Yarn Tattoos To Show Off Their Love Of The Craft

I have to admit I'm not much of a knitter. I've tried perfecting my technique when I was a child to no avail. My sister, however, was always so great at it. Somehow that gene seems to have escaped me.

But I can definitely appreciate others' hard work. And to my pleasant surprise, knitters everywhere are celebrating their love for knitting with amazing tattoos.

So if you're an avid knitter, I bet you're going to really appreciate these creative tattoo designs here.

Let's start with the cutest one of them. How do you like this little birdie here? Oh, my goodness. I'm in love.

Here's a more subtle way to celebrate the art of knitting.

This super sweet black and white tattoo is right up my alley. I adore the simplicity of this design. What do you think of this gem? Do you like it?

Every knitter loves their yarn, and this one here looks so vivid.

It's almost as if it were a real spool, no? I think this is such a cool design. If you're going to do it, go bold like this person.

Say hello to this minimalistic black and white tattoo.

I think the placement of this particular design is absolutely perfect here. This lady can look at her gorgeous tattoo every time she knits. What a great reminder to have, huh?

OMG, look at this knitting cutie here.

Aww, isn't this so sweet? I bet everybody could use an adorable knitting buddy like this one. Don't you wish chipmunks could knit too? Ha, ha! They would make the cutest knitters, for sure.

Celebrate your love of the yarn spool with this cute tattoo.

Sometimes you need a pop of color, and other times you don't. I'm such a fan of well-done black and white tattoos. They're not as bold as their color counterparts but so what?

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

Well, now you can. It's the prettiest tattoo sleeve I've seen in a while. Everything looks so vivid here. I'm so digging this tattoo design. How about you? Are you a fan, too?

Wow, look at this amazing tattoo design here.

Isn't it absolutely spectacular? Oh my! I have to admit I'm super impressed with it. I bet it took some time to conceptualize. What do you think? This is one unique tattoo to boot.

This one pretty much says it all.

Instead of "live fast, die young" this knitting-inspired tattoo says, "knit fast, die warm". Ha, ha! I love this tattoo and its rebellious message.

I hope I've given you a few cool ideas for tattoo designs to showcase your love of knitting.

I should show these to a friend of mine who takes knitting very seriously. I bet she would love all of these. Which one is your favorite?