20 Times People Had Surprises Thrust Upon Them

No one likes to be blindsided, whether it be by finding out that the hotel you're staying at is actually a giant intestine or by finding out that you've ordered mayonnaise-flavored ice-cream!

And so, with these unsettling ideas in mind, please enjoy the insanity of these 20 times that people had surprises thrust upon them!

"This Belgian Hotel in the shape of a large intestine."

"I tell you what, when I booked it I didn't think it'd be so..."

"If you make the 'full of crap' joke one more time, Dave, I swear to God I'll kill you where you stand."

The Condiment Cow...

I really don't like how happy the "Condiment Cow" is about this arrangement, not that I want to kink shame the Condiment Cow.

"You're welcome kiddo..."

Christ, that little kid looks absolutely furious with them for not obeying the rules as well!

"My wife helped me sunscreen my back at the beach today...TWICE!"

Someone else added some words of wisdom, writing, "You know those 'trust fall' exercises? Yeah, maybe skip those."

"This Venus Flytrap Urinal."

I mean, the "Penis Fly Trap" joke is just low-hanging fruit that I wouldn't stoop to picking, no pun intended there either.

"I thought I was having a bad day, until I drove passed this..."

Nothing quite like seeing someone else have a much worse day than you to put your problems into perspective.

Do You Feel Lucky?

This is not an activity that I like the idea of having an element of luck injected into it!


Some say that there are even smaller pizzas atop those tiny pizzas, and on those minuscule pizzas are microscopic little one knows why though.

Lazy Or Ingenious?

One thing is for sure, the bird who built this nest will be in for one hell of a shock when it comes back home after a long day at the bird office.

"My friend knows I like cake so she baked this for me. We're no longer friends."

This is the perfect cake for someone who is massively terrified of spiders, as you just get to eat it all yourself.

"So. Many. Windows!"

They must have to try and trick window-cleaners into coming round to do this house, as I cannot imagine they get many wanting to come back for another crack at this abomination!

"Yes, it's a real soft-shell crab. No, I'm not happy about it."

I wouldn't actually mind how unsettling the crab staring at me would be, but the fact that someone actually chose to order a Bloody Mary baffles me.

"This toilet at my grandma's brother's house."

It is certainly an odd design choice for anyone, let along a great uncle. There is less taste here than in a Weight Watchers' chicken curry.

"My daughter thought this set of Sherlock Holmes book spines looked like a koala wearing earrings playing maracas."

I wish that I had the ability to look at the world through the eyes of this person's whimsical child if this is the sort of thing they see in everyday items!

"Not fried chicken..."

These actually sound pretty incredible, as one person added, " The exterior is amazingly crunchy and slightly salty. The ice cream inside has a nice hint of vanilla, and the chocolate covered cookie stick inside is a great treat."

"Someone pointed out it looks like Godzilla's butt diving into the pot and now I can't unsee it."

What a strangely specific yet incredibly accurate assessment. Some other people saw some decidedly less innocent things, but the Godzilla assessment is bang on the money!

"Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream."

As far as comical ice-cream goes, these seem far less desirable than the fried-chicken ice-cream!

"Cats + Japanese doors ="

I like how the face of the cat on the right looks like it is saying, "Did you really expect any other outcome Sebastian?"

"Deep-fried tomato ketchup!"

I am quite the fan of tomato ketchup, but even I am baulking at the thought of eating these!

"If only bananas had a protective outer layer..."

This extra, extremely thin, layer of protection is more useless than a pack of condoms that have been stapled together.