20 Times Airports Were As Chaotic As We All Feel When Traveling

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Luggage carousel 2 with adds that feature large 7s.
reddit | [deleted]

Anyone who's ever traveled by plane knows that airports are somewhat of a lawless land. Huge and sprawling, seemingly endless hallways with scattered seats in every corner, numbered sign after numbered sign, food that's way too expensive — it's a nightmare!

This list highlights the chaos found inside airports, namely in the shockingly poor design choices implemented thinking we, the people, won't notice. Safe travels!

"Just watched a guy go into the wrong bathroom at Toronto Pearson Airport. He was looking at the top sign."

Swapped bathroom signs from the wall sign to the ceiling sign, causing bathroom mixup.
reddit | AdmHornblower

Public bathrooms should not require you to double or triple check the signage before heading on in. That's a place you need to be able to navigate with confidence and swiftness, no time for doubts!

One way or another.

bathroom sink with a slant to rest one's child.
reddit | phyrefoxx

"Lay the baby one way, he plays with the soap and gets wet. Lay him the other, and he plays with an open outlet. And I did have to make this decision, as I was in a rush at the airport with my son."

"Dublin Airport didn't think this through..."

A place to store luggage carts where the railings don't stop them from ramming into the wall.
reddit | TheBampollo

Sure, this isn't ideal for the walls, but airports are stressful places, and I bet some guests were really grateful to have an opportunity to blow off some steam on their way out.

"Guess how many times I changed the channel or turned off the tv during my flight?"

A TV controller in the armrest of an airplane seat.
reddit | safetypants

My guess is lots! Many, many times. Did whoever designed this just forget that people tend to have elbows and actually use armrests? Did they think they were just for decoration?

"This woman looking out the plane is very calm considering she's about to crash into the Hudson."

A poster of a woman looking out of a plane window and being level with the Statue of Liberty.
reddit | bmdelaune

I don't know, to me there seems to be a look of shock on her face. Mild shock, sure, but she's not totally chill about the situation. At most she's having an, "Oh, dang, this is gonna suck," moment.

"On flights you can get a cup of water and a cup to pour that cup of water into."

A small cup of water with a peel off top and another small cup with a small handle next to it.
reddit | jechaney88

What is it about the design of in-flight amenities that are just so...not good? A cup for a cup? Water with a peel lid? That sad excuse for a handle on the cup on the right? These could easily be normal, but they're not.

"Found this while on an airport returning home..."

A 'please wear a mask sign' that has an image of someone wearing a mask crossed out.
reddit | MALEZ143

I don't have the mental fortitude to face these kinds of signs, especially in the midst of traveling. Do you want me to? Do you not want me to? I'm running on the three brain cells I have left and need some clarification.

"The view from my stall in the airport."

A toilet paper holder in a bathroom stall with a clear window into the stall next to it.
reddit | gnarcaster

Who says you can't make friends at the airport? Well, no one really, but still, they put this feature in so you could chat some new people up and maybe find a buddy to wait for your flight with!

"Found at the airport in Spain. [Now] I'm confused."

A sign that says no aerosols, no cannisters, but there's an image of a grenade that's not crossed out.
reddit | badboogyman

Aerosol cans? Not allowed at all. Whatever that is in the middle? Only partially allowed. Grenades? Totally cool. Encouraged, even. Bring 'em aboard, what's the worst that could happen?

"Pie charts are not that hard."

A sign featuring a pie chart that's way off.
reddit | darwinpatrick

You say that as an onlooker, but you're not the one who had to do the math, huh? Could you point out where 75% is on that chart? Oh, you could? Well, um, you make the graphic then!

"Paris airport doesn't know how paint rollers work."

A decal of a white paint roller on a red wall but the white stripe is far smaller than the roller.
reddit | T_va

They've got the right idea though, and isn't that enough sometimes? Must we put the expectation of 100% realism onto everything we see? It's close enough, you don't have to worry about it, let it go.

"Forget cancer. We want to defeat YOU. Spotted at the Houston Airport."

A sign that says, "Cancer, the ultimate prize will be when we defeat you." But 'cancer' is crossed out.
reddit | caylupp

Those who frequent airports know that the energy could rival that of a deathmatch. One wrong step and anyone walking down the same hallway as you could explode with rage and start taking people down.

"This table advert at airport gate. 'Where did I leave my wallet'."

A table with a pattern that's just lots of random things, making it easy to lose sight of your own items.
reddit | Nathanael_

Maybe they're trying to help you have a little fun by introducing a quick game of I Spy. Though, I can understand how it'd be less fun when what you're spying for is your own belongings.

"These casino ads featuring the number 7 on baggage claim carousel 2 (and every other baggage claim carousel) at BWI Airport."

Luggage carousel 2 with adds that feature large 7s.
reddit | [deleted]

Who is this worse for? People looking for baggage claim two, or people looking for baggage claim seven? When all of the carousels are carousel seven, is there a true one among them?

"This recycling sorter in the Toronto International Airport."

A garbage bin divided into 3 sections for recycling, but the sections are reversed on one side.
reddit | cheekycherokee

While traveling, sometimes you just have to let go of your morals for a brief moment in order to avoid mentally overloading yourself. Put the coffee cup in the wrong recycling category, it'll be okay.

"Poor idea for an airport welcome sign."

A sign saying welcome to Fort Wayne, but from behind it looks like a building is being blown up.
reddit | lilquietcuties

Well, if the people are entering Fort Wayne, they won't see the back of the sign anyway, and for those leaving, it looks like they're narrowly avoiding a disaster. Comforting either way!

"Raised power outlet - O'Hare Airport."

A 1x2 electrical outlet that's jutting up out of the middle of the walkway.
reddit | laonious

Not only would that cause a fall, but that could seriously bust a toe or twist an ankle. I'd say put a cone over it, but at least it'll provide some free entertainment for those sitting on the side there.

"Spotted at an airport in Angola. I guess this guy just checked all the boxes so they used him 5 times."

A series of ad posters on a wall where 5/6 of the guys are the same man.
reddit | feelingsupersonic

That, or they successfully learned how to clone people and launched this campaign to see if people would notice. Most don't, but the guy on the far left seems a little suspicious of the whole thing.

"Sign outside elevator at Chicago Midway Airport vs. buttons and sign in the elevator."

A sign that features the floors and what they have, with the buttons in the elevator not matching at all.
reddit | dancethismessaround

At least they added the sign next to the buttons, too. "Yeah, we know, it doesn't match, but just trust us, okay? Hit B to get your bags and get the hell out."

"[Airport] sign in wall."

A walkway sign that goes directly into the wall.
reddit | yoshipunk123456

It's not the airport's fault that the sign glitched in there. The programmers have been looking into it but haven't figured out what's causing it yet, but know that it's in their pipeline.