15+ Surprises That Probably Weren't Unwelcome

Surprises can go either way. A jump scare in a horror movie can be legitimately terrifying, while random good fortune can turn a bad day into a good one.

Let's lean into the pleasant surprises that life sometimes gives us.

Attention to detail.

Reddit | MohartX

20th Century Fox puts its logo on its DVDs, naturally, but the Futurama DVD has a thematically-appropriate 30th Century Fox logo.

Hidden message.

Reddit | zerocool11

I'm not sure how many people understand Morse code in this day and age, but for those who do, this building spells its address out in it.

The whole family's here.

Reddit | Mr_PolarBear15

I don't know why someone would collect Intel's i3 through i9 processors (just go for i9 if you can!) but if you arrange the boxes together, it makes a nice piece of abstract art.


Reddit | Sanetosane

This little guy hidden in the steps of Sainte Foy Abbey in France has been peeking out at people since the abbey was built in the 11th century.

The more you know.

All of these cheeky little notes are on books. Obviously, books don't need batteries or go bad, but I like the humor here.


Reddit | Major_Kolvalyov

Seeing a big water tower with a big smiley face on it isn't going to change anyone's life. But it might lead to a few smiles.

One for the rebels.

Reddit | bitqh

This package kind of sets up the hidden message on the bottom, but that doesn't mean that it isn't fun.

Beautiful hood ornaments.

Hood ornaments aren't really a thing anymore for safety reasons, but that doesn't mean you can't rig up your own — no matter how small.

They've got jokes.

Reddit | hi_imryan

You see, they're salad tomatoes, and they're asking you to "lettuce out!"

I guess it's a bit on the nose.

Stranger encounter.

Reddit | downwarddawg

Imagine rolling up on a random Circle K in the middle of nowhere, and then realizing it's the same location from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

What's inside?

Reddit | Mr_PoodlePants

Someone ripped up the old carpeting in their house and found this floor safe underneath. I'll bet it's full of untold riches.

Well, there it is.

Reddit | fellow_teenager

Speaking as someone who once saw one of these Jurassic Park Jeeps in the wild, I can confirm that it's a transcendental experience.

Turn it around.

Reddit | PanDeviant

The brand name here is Very Lazy, and they've found a way to incorporate into calling out clerks who put their products in backwards.

Big boy.

Reddit | DingDongPuddlez

This is the skull of purussaurus, a prehistoric crocodile. If that's just the skull, I'm glad these things aren't around anymore.

Words to the wise.

Reddit | Sicilian_Defence

If you're having trouble putting this tent together, just scan the QR code. Also, they've given some hints on how to scare away a bear.

Happy trails.

Reddit | JerryLupus

After reading this delightful note, it's hard not to feel happy for Laird the ex-mailman as he embarks on retirement.

True story.

Reddit | BlueSnoopy4

The bottom of this pizza box has a handy hint. It's just too bad that disaster has probably already occurred if someone's in a position to read it.

Is it a treasure map?

Reddit | siggydude

This coffee bag has a map on the inside. It's hard to know what area it shows, but I'm pretty sure I see a Bigfoot in there.


Reddit | roosking

Is there a more appropriate room number for a mammogram room than 800B, or am I just that immature?

The opposite of travel-sized.

Reddit | Yamaha234

I didn't know that I wanted a giant Monopoly board until I saw this picture of a giant Monopoly board.

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