20 Husbands Who Messed Up In Hilarious Ways

Marriage can seem like a long and arduous journey sometimes, especially if the person you have chosen to spend this journey with acts like a bit of a dolt.

So, from husbands who were understated in their love notes to husbands who accidentally destroyed very valuable possessions, here are 16+ husbands who messed up in hilariously bad ways!

"A friend's note to her husband this morning."

This sadly sounds like they are writing from experience. I am sure that HR had a field day with this occurrence!

"Asked my husband to label our leftovers, 'Sure babe' he tells me."

I hope to God that the person who posted this is called "Rachel" otherwise there is something much weirder going on!

"My husband put the candles really close together!"

That kid looks very happy with the massive fire on their cake which is something! I am sure that their parents weren't as happy though!

"I asked my husband to seal an envelope for mailing."

Well, this is actually probably a better option than licking it closed given the current climate and all!

He Didn't Think This Move Through...

The person who posted this explained, "This guy is laying down in the car hatch and holding these two plants as his wife who is driving keeps yelling 'what' as he keeps yelling something about 'pull over for a second'"!

"Wife forgot to replace the TP roll for the 2nd time in a row. This is my attempt at a subtle reminder."

I am actually quite impressed that they actually managed to balance all of these so precariously! It looks like it would be quite unsettling to use the toilet with that looming over you. Also, are furry toilet seats really a thing?!

"Utah Macy's really knows how to cater to their market."

What kind of person would let themselves be sidelined so easily?! Not me, I just sleep on the floor, it's more dignified...sort of.

"Husband said I can't buy anymore plants because there isn't any room. Check and mate."

They should clearly have put parameters in place that were harder to sidestep! One other husband added, "Like my wife with books. No more room on the shelf. Keeps them in the car now."

"I asked my husband how long the kitchen table is. This is what I got."

It looks like this couple only had children to use as a ruler, I thought it was only my parents who did that.

"I found a perfect flower for my wife..."

"Are you trying to say something with this flower?"


"Wife and I bought a car, accidentally took a pic with panorama. Guess I'm an alien."

This poor alien's wife will be heartbroken when she finds out that she has unknowingly committed her life to a two-headed alien. Trust me, I've been there and it's not a nice feeling!

"My husband has been sticking these in places I can't reach to annoy me."

I am going to go right ahead and assume that it is working as well! Nothing quite as annoying as things being out of your reach!

"My wife leaves me notes in the morning. I hope this one's not finished."

If I randomly found an ominous note like this I would be frantically thinking about what I could possibly have done wrong!

It's The Thought That Counts!

Well, this isn't a guy who minces his words it would appear! I like it, it's direct and gets the message across!

"Asked my husband to do a maternity photoshoot. Don't the dogs look great?"

This guy clearly had his priorities sorted out when it came to taking this lovely picture!

"I got my vaccine today! Want to see my vaccination card? Oh husband forgot to take it out of his vest before washing his clothes."

Someone did suggest that they should just throw it in some dry rice and it will be fine. I wonder if that'll work?

"Today has been challenging to say the least... I smashed my pinky on my reciprocating saw and it REALLY hurts. Please send prayers my way."

Wow, that looks like one hell of a sore pinky finger! It's a bit insensitive of his wife to be lying in bed instead of helping him as well!

The Ice Cream "Sandwich"

But look at his face, he looks so happy with his monstrous creation, like a simpleton Frankenstein.

"My husband bought memory foam for 'his side of the bed.'"

Dear God, this is one of the pettiest things that I have ever seen. I can sense a foam war brewing in this bedroom.