Quotes For When Cauliflower Has Overstayed Its Welcome

With new health trends quickly becoming popular, many people are replacing foods that are generally regarded as "unhealthy" with a whole plethora of new, healthy alternatives.

However, there are some of us who want absolutely no part of the cauliflower trend. You know, the one where it's supposed to be like rice, pizza crust or even waffles? Yeah, no thanks!

We've compiled some quotes that embody the cringe-worthiness that any and all veggie food swaps evoke for those of us who are literally sick of this health trend.

Here's one for those that would say *zoodles* only look good on paper.

Zoodles, much like a nice guy husband, look really good on paper and operate wonderfully in theory.

Yet, it's impossible to ignore both of their utter lack of personality and substance. They aren't the worst things but will by no means ever make you feel satisfied.

This one is for those who will never sell their souls to cauliflower.

Most people have heard about all of the cauliflower food swap trends and have also noticed that the people who use these swaps quickly begin eating nothing but cauliflower.

Before long the trend goes from a dietary choice to their entire lives becoming exclusively about cauliflower, and that's just scary.

This quote is for those of us who hate cauliflower with a burning passion.

For some, cauliflower and cauliflower food swaps aren't just a bad idea, they're absolute nightmares.

This is for those who are convinced that cauliflower products are the most diabolical inventions in the history of all food trends and it needs to stop immediately.

Finally, here's one for those who think cauliflower products taste so bad it's a crime.

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We can't help but to agree with the people who are offended by the idea of cauliflower waffle ever claiming to be remotely the same thing as a real waffle. For many, when vegetables try to masquerade as desserts or other actually delicious foods, something very troubling has occurred.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you.

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