Quotes About Husbands We Should Stick Directly On Their Foreheads

I'm not one for bashing husbands...but I am one for pointing out their inherent flaws and giving their poor, infinitely patient spouses a chance to realize that the struggle is, indeed, universal — they aren't the only people married to a hopeless lug. We all are.

We might think we're alone in our fight to get our hubbies to do their dishes, put their clothes away, and clean up their beard hair trimmings from the sink (you know, adult things), but we're really not.

So if you find yourself dealing with such a husband in your own marriage and want to feel seen, I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes.

I've never realized this before, but it is so true.

Why do our husbands pick the absolute worst times to try and strike up a conversation with us? He's got nothing to say all day long but as soon as I try to make a smoothie, vacuum, or simply catch up on The Crown, suddenly he's a regular old Chatty Cathy.

Of course, once I've stopped what I'm doing to listen, then he's magically shut up again. Curious.

Are you sure about that? Sounds perfect to me.

Or, if that feels a little too extreme, just go buy more throw pillows for your bed. I've found that the more things my own partner has to throw off the bed before actually getting into it, the more irritated he becomes.

And when we're in a fight, it's just so satisfying to watch him struggle.

An angel...until he opens his stupid mouth.

Nothing ruins a rare, fleeting moment of appreciation like that than when your hubby suddenly goes slack-jawed and snores directly into your face.

That's when you remember he's pretty much the bane of your existence nowadays.

My hero.

This has the same sort of energy as when he finally puts his clean clothes away after you left the basket in front of his dresser...and then on his side of the bed...and then poured the entire basket of clothes right over top of him, screaming about how you're never doing his laundry ever again.

Then he's suddenly on his feet putting those clothes away like magic.

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