Quotes About Husbands That Have Us Saying, 'Yup, That's My Hubby'

There's a very sacred bond between a husband and a wife, and sometimes that means them knowing one another a little too well.

Whether it's knowing exactly how they take their coffee in the morning or being able to predict how they're going to respond to something we say, marriage is all about learning anything and everything about your other half.

We've compiled some quotes that say it all for the wives who know their husbands' behaviors and personalities so very, very well.

This one is for the wives who know all of their hubby's escape strategies.

It's true that most people get a little sick and need some extra time on the can, but most wives are very aware of the difference between a husband with an upset tummy and a husband playing games on his phone to get out of adulting.

Here's one for the wives who know their husbands' sense of humor like the backs of their hands.

It's more than just knowing their favorite jokes or funny movies. This is for the wives who know every humorous thought that runs through their husband's minds, even if they sometimes wish they didn't.

This quote is for all of the husbands who think that they've got everything together.

In theory, marriage is a partnership based on equality but for some wives, it's more like having to explain everything to their husbands while still calling both parties "adults."

Finally, we've got one for married couples who have things practically choreographed.

Good habits, bad habits and pretty much any habits have a way of sticking, and before many couples know it, every day is a curtain call to do everything again.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if any or all of these quotes resonate with you.

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