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11+ People Who Couldn't Have Made Themselves Any Clearer

Since we conduct a lot of our conversations through text, it's easy to get tripped up by the ambiguity of what we're saying to each other.

After all, we all know that it's hard to convey sarcasm through text and it's not always easy to tell genuinely chill attitude from a passive-aggressive one.

Though many of us won't like to admit, we can often recall conversations we've had where we read way too much into a statement or an extended period of silence only to feel dumb and paranoid when it was all for nothing.

However, there are some people who are guaranteed not to give us that problem because they have a talent for making us understand them perfectly.

1. When conditions start to get dry and arid, park rangers aren't about to take any chances.

Reddit | Clocktapus

And I'd argue it's impossible to find a better way to let the public know that they're about to end up on Smokey the Bear's bad side than this.

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2. Sometimes, we barely have to say anything to make the problem abundantly clear.

Reddit | Khrime

That said, the obvious disappointment of putting these motion sensors way too close together gets even more aggravating when it happens in the one place where people should know better.

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3. You'd think that one sign would be embarrassing enough, but it seems the overpowering stench of this person's handiwork can't be overstated.

Reddit | andrewbandrewcandrew

And apparently, there's quite a consensus here because it definitely looks like these were written by three different people.

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4. This is definitely one of those times we don't have to ask "What's wrong?" when we see a kid crying.

Reddit | BeardedWolvrine

That's especially true since even if people of other ages don't outwardly react this way when pizza falls, they're definitely doing it inside.

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5. We may not have asked, but this person definitely couldn't have answered more clearly.

Reddit | bobmcdoogerton

Still, I guess this is valuable information to obtain whether you're driving or riding while he's in town.

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6. If you were to offer this guy either meat or alcohol, you'd only have yourself to blame.

Reddit | Zippyflaa

Although he's definitely gambling on the possibility that he'll still be into either of these lifestyles as he gets older, he'll never be accused of being hard to read.

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7. This may be a bold claim, but this person definitely makes a compelling case for it.

Reddit | jakedaily

That's an interesting theory, but I think we need to be open to the possibility that Garfield was a documentary all along.

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8. Hopefully, this is a big enough clue to emphasize the importance of hygiene during a big event.

Reddit | LordKallisto

The more people you have who don't follow this advice, the more it adds up in the worst way possible.

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9. Even the most steadfast optimist should be able to see this person's point.

Reddit | ottawa7

It doesn't take a mathematician to realize that a lost drink and a big mess do not add up to the start of a good day.

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10. It certainly seems like this sign would be a big help to everyone involved.

Reddit | zhacker78

For those who aren't aware, narcan is a substance used to counteract opiate overdoses.

It essentially causes a massive hangover, but it's a lifesaving one when it 's not used in a situation like this.

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11. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but this person spelled out what's wrong with this picture in an instant.

Reddit | ottawa7

Maybe a screaming fall from a cliff that leads to being trampled by a herd of wildebeests isn't the right mental image to get people excited about fatherhood.

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12. You won't find too many fans of catfishing out there, but this girl makes no bones about her approval.

Reddit | brotato_chip73

Not only would she have indicated it with her body language even if this wasn't specifically requested, but she's even put it up for other people to use.

Of course, this now teaches us to be instantly suspicious when we see this photo.

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13. Anybody who wondered why this person has two phone chargers on them can now consider the mystery solved.

Reddit | OyeSimpson

Although it's hard to get behind hogging the outlet and creating a tripwire at the same time, I do sort of admire the way they beat the system.

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14. I'd be furious too.

Reddit | bobekyrant

Plants aren't cheap, and it takes time and effort to get them into the ground. this one kind of makes me mad because someone decided to straight up rob this person's garden 29 times.

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15. There will be no happy endings here, you filthy animals.

Reddit | seehispugnosedface

Clearly this had to happen enough times to compel this establishment to have an actual sign printed up telling prospective customers exactly what they can expect during their massage experience.

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16. Not all mothers are made the same.

Reddit | shakiw

This person definitely is harboring some serious resentment for their mom, and judging from the vandalism, it's not difficult to understand why. So clearly they don't appreciate these types of advertisements.

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17. Friendly reminder for any particularly aggressive parents in the stands.

Reddit | mrportal123

It's no secret that some young athletes' parents have a terrible habit of exploding with unwarranted aggression while watching their kid play, and this sign is here to tell them all one basic message: calm down, this isn't the big leagues.

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18. When you care about yourself and absolutely no one else.

Reddit | tmaxb

This woman decided to use fresh bags of bread to cushion her knees while sifting through other bags, making her the worst person in this entire grocery store.

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19. This face just says it all.

Reddit | Sahie

As it so happens, the youngster pictured her is expressing his very obvious upset at the donuts which are now entirely gone without him ever getting to have one. I've never related to a picture so hard.

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20. The only time a costume explanation is warranted.

Reddit | PeculiarPete

This guy could have just wrote "I am dressed up as a Game of Thrones writer" and left it at that. But he wanted to make sure everyone understand exactly how the costume works and understand his very obvious feelings towards the series' fairly unpopular final season.

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21. I'm sorry, but what's so unclear about this?

Reddit | GetInMyJetSki

I don't really see how their communication skills can be improved because the message here is super obvious and I think this person will think twice next time before opting for lite syrup.

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22. Honest advertising at its finest.

Reddit | ebtcrew

Where's the lie? This food truck is letting its customers know exactly what they can expect from their order. I for one appreciate the honesty.

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23. Just in case there was any confusion, dad wrote up a little note.

Reddit | operator141

Now none of his kids have any excuse for drinking his root beer because it says right there on the bottle who this beverage belongs to.

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24. Looking for Ed? Please kindly regard this helpful chart.

Reddit | BubblyProcedure

I wonder just how annoyed this person had to get to print up this little conversation-saver. Obviously pretty darn annoyed.

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25. You thought junior band was going to be a breeze? Think again.

Reddit | 1pancake0

This band director wants everyone to know exactly what they're getting into the minute they walk into the band room. There will be no confusion here.

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26. Now is not the time to lie.

Reddit | mimef*cker

This dentist office does not mess around and gets right to the point because this sort of potential side-effect definitely deserves its own sign.

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27. Same, honestly.

Reddit | aivdrawdeegreog

I feel like this is a mistake that people make about a lot of other people. Society is now at a point where the most scathing insults are seen as hilarious but it's really just people giving their unfiltered, honest, brutal opinions.

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28. When someone goes to a foreign country and expects everyone to accommodate them.

Reddit | marblesmania

This sign shuts those people down right away. Respect the cultures you've chosen to visit.

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29. The most effective texting and driving advertisement possible.

Reddit | Evenball5

The message here is super clear, and while definitely dark, it's hopefully shocking enough to compel others to quit their dangerous road habits.

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30. For people who don't understand the world "borrow".

Reddit | hoodayum

Some people just go and ruin things for everyone else. Why couldn't they just be nice and return the shovel?

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31. "All you can eat" doesn't include "and then some."

Reddit | fateh26

People get way too excited at all-you-can-eat buffets, but this restaurant wants to remind those eager customers that just because they can grab as much food as they want doesn't mean they should.

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32. The only explanation for littering.

Reddit | KuronFury

This park's sign is pretty clear on just what kind of people litter, and they are holding absolutely nothing back.

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33. Normally, this scene would be equal parts confusing and frustrating, but one thing is abundantly clear here.

Reddit | OyeSimpson

Namely, that this passenger really didn't enjoy their chicken. As you can see from the fact that each one has a single bite in it, they remained optimistic and thought the next piece would be better each time, but alas.

They also made it clear that they don't know what a garbage can is.

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34. It's not surprising to hear that this happens often enough to necessitate a sign.

Reddit | allthekos

I'm little more surprised that anybody would claim the shopkeepers would train birds just to drum up business, but I guess you have to nip weird theories like that in the bud.

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