12+ People Who We'll Just Have To Admit Did The Most

I don't know how many roads there are to enlightenment, but I do know there are a lot of ways to make all of our days brighter. It obviously helps a lot when people do something nice for us, but even those who don't notice us can do it by acting really extra or saying something funny.

For instance, my family heard this one lady say, "Talk to the left 'cause you ain't right!" to her kid, and it hit us at such a perfect time that we all remember it 20 years later.

I can't promise these people will make that impression, but they'll make a good one.

1. My favorite part about this is that I've heard people actually get mad at this girl for whatever reason.

Instagram | @djbewbz

Like, we don't have to sign a contract agreeing to the terms and conditions of using that syrup. Let her get her finesse on, people.

2. If Crocs could handle the Australian outback, I bet Steve Irwin would've worn them all the time.

Instagram | Instagram

And considering how excited he could get about...well, pretty much anything, that long, slow journey of people finally being OK with them would've taken, like, five minutes.

3. Haha, they say a true hustler can sell water to a well, but somebody definitely knows how to make this game fly off the shelves.

Reddit | pomplamousse200

And it's also good to see someone finally being honest. Nobody plays The Sims the way you're supposed to.

4. Loath as I am to leave my precious bed in the morning, I'll admit that this would probably work on me, too.

Reddit | AberrantConductor

Look, I can't resist the one-two punch of snacks and bae's adorable efforts, OK? I'm not made of stone.

5. Man, they gave this guy a costume that all but cemented his third-wheel status, and he's just cool enough to go with it.

Instagram | @will_ent

Having to drop everything whenever you hear, "Phil, come and be the balloon. We're taking another one!" is a tough road to walk.

6. I can't say I've really noticed a difference between these places, but I'll still say, "Shots fired!" all the same.

Reddit | SpectrumDM

Plus, at least I'll know what's going on when I see a big banner at Home Depot that says, "Tell Lowe's they're suckas."

7. Make way, loyal subjects, for we are witnessing the triumphant return of the King of No Pants!

Reddit | Paaskonijn64

Let us raise our belts in victory and declare that after we clock out, we are the masters of the pants and not the other way around.

8. There are some trippy things in this world, but a less-than-impressed face behind giant, excited anime eyes put this girl higher on that list than I thought.

Reddit | hencefox

And after she blows our minds, she'll flip those shades down and tell us to deal with it.

9. Oof, this dude is the real MVP for going through and only looking moderately done with everything.

Instagram | @djbewbz

I'm not sure I'd even make it past hour one before I would start whispering, "Talk faster..." to the lady giving the presentation.

10. Apparently, this is part of somebody's hurricane preparations.

Reddit | Bernie_Sanders_2020

I kinda like the idea, but I'll be honest that I don't have a lot of faith in that tape. If it's any consolation, they'll probably love those shoes three towns over.

11. Haha, I suppose that it's good to see somebody stepping up and taking care of their responsibilities.

Reddit | IronProdigyOfficial

We'll just ignore that the cat is probably trying to duck them because the neighbor put so much effort into this. You're lucky, Mr. Whiskers.

12. This guy already got my nomination for the most intense tattoo, but the fact that he shaved his head to match it deserves special recognition, too.

Reddit | Reddit

Like, why get a tattoo artist to lovingly render those eyes if they don't have eyebrows for the full effect?

13. It's pretty much impossible to register a name like this without a mischievous little smirk on your face.

Reddit | Alaishana

And I don't know, does it make it better or worse if whoever's in charge of this just stares blankly at you and says, "Yeah, that name's available?"

14. Wow, somebody's definitely gonna take their shots seriously if missing one means knocking their whole TV service out.

Reddit | TheRealPyroManiac

Well, either that or they switched over to streaming services and just never bothered to take this down. I can feel that energy.

15. O...K, I'm not exactly sure what they've made here or why, but I can still tell that somebody is doing the most here.

Reddit | Patorico66

Does this person have to roll around with this on their head all day? That's a lot of balancing and explaining.

16. Say what you want about this, but I know nobody sells this costume. So this person had to have made it themselves.

Reddit | Missfreckles337

Whenever I'm deciding whether to be weirded out or impressed, I try to remember that "I can't do that" takes priority over "I don't want to."

17. You know, I'm actually more impressed by the trickery than if he had actually got these superheroes together. 

Reddit | hisdudeness9829

I mean, you'd basically just have to go to a convention with a camera to do that. This actually requires some photography finesse.

18. Haha, the accuracy of that facial expression is really what makes this one pop.

Reddit | Darryl6042

And no, that doesn't mean I've actually seen someone get punched by a statue. But I bet it would look like this mixture of fear and confusion.

19. You need a mobile fortress when you roll through this part of town. You never know what could happen at Chili's.

Reddit | Heimwarts

I hope it has a sunroof, though. Going to all this trouble without popping out and screaming, "I am your king!" seems like a waste.

20. Getting a sweater with your cat on it is nothing new, but it's a different degree of extra to give your cat one with you on it.

Reddit | Grymm101

Whether the cat likes it or notices it in the slightest isn't the point, but it doesn't look angry.

21. Ah, yes. This is a lovely, scenic spot for a photo, and that's exactly what this lady is hoping we'll think.

Reddit | littlepaperstars

Because in reality, she's just covering for this guy so he can pee without anybody staring at him. Pretty sneaky, sis.

22. With that come-hither stare and those tasteful boxers, the ladies are gonna find this pretty hard to resist.

Instagram | @djbewbz

And I like how the car tells you pretty much everything you need to know. His name's Brodie, and he's from Kansas City. Boom, done.

23. I'd like to think that I'm a team player, but there's a difference between willingness and ability.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

I'd gladly do this for my darling, but I'm not sure gravity will let me come out to play. Also, there's no way my photo's turning out this clear.

24. I'm not sure who's the bigger legend here: the one who did this or the ones who made that skateboard.

Reddit | RipARoniMc

After all, I've seen a lot of decks break after dealing with way less pressure than the weight of a whole car.

25. Press F to pay respects.

Reddit | abtbat

This couple is trying hard...so very, very hard. Although they can't see the truck bearing down on them, they probably know what's coming. I'm guessing they got thoroughly soaked, but they did their absolute best.

26. Baff! Splat! Bort!

Reddit | Blassreiter

I don't have any answers here. I can't tell you why someone would lovingly crochet a Batman costume, or why they'd go with the less-popular campy Adam West Batman over the Dark Knight.

But they went there, and you've gotta respect the hustle.

27. Please abide by the honor system.

Reddit | happyaccident7

On one hand, it might seem stingy to limit trick-or-treaters to one grain of rice. On the other hand, assuming the sign is obeyed, this household has enough for about 70,000 kids.

28. It's a ruff election season, but he's got my vote.

Reddit | strychnine28

At first glance I thought this dog was against vaccines, but then I realized he has a much more reasonable anti-vacuum position.

Look, you might not like all of his policies, but at least he's a straight shooter.

29. This guy provides fair warning.


I have a conspiracy theory: This guy is actually super antisocial and hates being talked to, so he's calling everybody's bluff by pretending to be overly social.

If someone does brave his warning, though, he might be in a tough spot.

30. Picture perfect.

Reddit | joene47

Everyone knows that kids are our most reliable source of hilariously inaccurate drawings, so the New Jersey Devils decided to have some fun and let kids draw player mugshots.

I feel bad for Cory Schneider.

31. Functional, yes, but mind those paper cuts.

Reddit | zebdor44

This guy's just adhering to the age-old adage, "If a pharmacy gives you a miles-long receipt every time you buy a pack of gum, turn said receipt into a scarf or something."

32. Maybe it is the size of the dog in the fight after all.

Reddit | jack_thread

Martial arts abides by a number of principles: treat others with respect, and if you're bigger than someone, you absolutely have to go for the kill with a brutal leg sweep.

33. This costume is high art.

Reddit | sammifarnsi

Anyone can stick some white dots on a black shirt and call it a domino costume, but it takes a real hero to festoon himself with pizza boxes to become the human embodiment of Domino's.

34. Some packages just can't be hidden.

Reddit | avalonbowser

The delivery guy means well, but he's not a miracle worker. Until you either get a bigger doormat or order smaller blue tubes, some packages just aren't easily hidden.

35. The road sign got ya good.

Reddit | GiaacomoTheKing

Don't you love it when an electronic highway sign sucks you in with a pop culture reference that you recognize, then harshly scolds you for something you weren't even doing?

36. Pour one out for my fellow plaque enthusiasts.

Reddit | foonsirhc

When these plaques memorialize someone, it can inspire deep thoughts about mortality. But when these plaques are just giving a plaque fan some props, it just leads to thoughts about how rad plaques are.

37. All party on the top, all party on the bottom.

Reddit | Eypc2

These guys didn't know each other until a minute before this picture was taken. But when you find someone whose wardrobe completes you, you're pretty much obligated to become friends.

38. I hope they don't have to spend the winter at Donner Pass.

Reddit | heckkinitup

California has dealt with widespread power outages over the past few weeks. One mischievous pioneer decided that if she was going to live in 19th century conditions, she may as well go all the way.

39. Talk about burying the lede.

Reddit | paul_park

This guy is an impressive contender for entrepreneur/fraud artist of the year. Then again, he's probably been winning these awards since the 1860s, so maybe it's time to pass the torch.

40. Even if they follow through on their threat, they'll still follow their rules.

Reddit | odyne9

Sticklers for the rules will love this sign. The punishment is clearly spelled out. What's more, it abides by the very rules it's laid out. After all, if people aren't made of fabric, you shouldn't use fabric scissors to cut them.

41. Does Dwayne Johnson have a twin?

Reddit | SarahSmilla

Either Kevin Hart is cosplaying as The Rock (circa 1998 or so), or Dwayne Johnson has a twin who shares the same affinity for black turtlenecks and leather fanny packs.

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