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12+ People Who Just Need To Just Give Up And Call It A Day

Mental fumbles happen. We can't all be Einsteins all the time, so there will inevitably be moments where we realize we've said or done something that seriously brings into question just how exactly we manage to function in daily life.

But maybe we can rest a little easier knowing we're not alone.

"Smarty Mart: where smart shoppers shop smart."

Reddit | kieranMark

I have two theories: either she couldn't get that basket out of the cage and just said "screw it", or she really thought the store was offering these brand new over-the-shoulder-basket-holders.

Wood you look at that.

Reddit | 461oceanblvd

The caption for this one really says it all: "I have discovered the longest length of board I can fit in my car...apparently a hair shy of 10 feet!"

Measuring tape not required.


Reddit | brdraper

The best part about this is that it took her several steps to actually notice what she was walking in and stop to think about the situation she's just put herself in.

The latest and greatest in tech innovation.

Reddit | giraffaholic

You can't say she didn't try. I'll bet mom stood there for a solid five minutes getting her nifty charging set up all ready to go. A for effort.

"Small car only!"

Reddit | Aaron_Purr

"Small" is just a state of mind, really. And this sign is just a suggestion. So really, who's in the wrong here?

(Hint: it's still the tool behind the wheel of this monster.)

Smells like disappointment.

Reddit | KieranRiley123

I'm sure this guy wasn't even all that upset about the massive cleanup job he had ahead of him. The real devastation probably came from realizing his delicious dinner was no longer edible.

When it's wine o'clock, anything goes.

Reddit | the_one_less_banned

I'm just going to go out on a huge limb here and say this wasn't the first bottle that was cracked open that evening.

"Almost done!"

Reddit | power-cube

I just feel bad about this one. I'd hate to see that woman's face when she stands up to admire her work, only realizing what she's done. If it's any consolation, the floor looks great. And now you can stand there and watch it dry!

Knock knock.

Reddit | Dsquared77

I've seen my own dad do this on occasion, and I've also seen him take a step back, stare at his backwards door, and question every life choice he's ever made.

Sunscreen in a hurry.

Reddit | Dfro123

This is what happens when you use spray sunscreen without rubbing it in and think that means you'll get an even coat. Not even close.

Well his logic is definitely airtight.

Reddit | AhmanIT

But he definitely lost us on the execution. I personally just love how genuinely angry he is about being so misled by the cereal bar companies.

"My bike was stolen today. I don't know who the bigger idiot was."

Reddit | chenchilades

Honestly, with all the information this person has given, I still feel pretty confident saying that they were the bigger idiot.

I's not wrong.

Reddit | Explesis

I think perhaps that's a bit more of a given than the date on which the smoke alarm was installed. But I'm no expert.

Fool-proof plan.

Reddit | IllIDANIllI

Well, I can definitely see what the thought process was here. But you'd think at some point someone would have stopped and realized, "Wait...this might not work the way we want it to."

How to get out a traffic jam 101.

Reddit | Zanzibear

Man, this sucks. Really makes you wish were was something to prevent cars from getting into areas of the road where they shouldn't be. Maybe in the color orange, too. Those would really help prevent these kinds of incidents.

Parking lot's a little full today.

Reddit | Mrbluebob1

And that's why you never park your car on the ice. Can't believe it has to be said, but here we are.

"So my girlfriend didn't want to lose the keys to her lock."


Well, I'd say she definitely succeeded then. Those keys aren't going anywhere.

How mom found out this isn't the way a rice cooker works.

Reddit | Uedn

That's going to be one tough mess to clean after one tough lesson she had to learn.

Close enough.

Reddit | haqba

The best part about this is she probably left the house that morning thinking she'd done a good job. And the cluster of barrettes at the back really complete this stylin' 'do.

This is actually kind of impressive.

Reddit | trobsmonkey

Any fans of Bob's Burgers out there will appreciate this picture because it's basically exactly what happened when Tina learned how to drive a car in an empty parking lot.

This person thought the best way to clean their keyboard keys was with boiling water.

Reddit | IHateSheild

Hot water would have done the trick just fine, so I'm not exactly sure why they went the extra mile with boiling water. Probably to get those keys extra disinfected.

Mistakes were definitely made.

Reddit | ThavinceGene

I can just imagine this person's frustration and subsequent rage at realizing what they just did.

I bet it was a really great presentation, though.

Reddit | johnnnn_d

Is it just me, or wouldn't you give anything to have been at that presentation and see these two at the very moment they were told they were actually supposed to be talking about euthanasia?

These are supposed to be Pillsbury crescent rolls.

Reddit | Papaspartan05

The genius baker was under the impression they would roll themselves up while they baked. While that would be super cool, that's just not how these pastries work unfortunately.

"Throwback to when the car insurance lady asked my mom for front, back, and side views."

Reddit | BourgeoisBanana

Hey, what can she say? Mom knows a good photo opportunity when she sees one.

What could go wrong?

Reddit | skeptoid79

Everything. It could all go wrong. Please stop what you're doing at once, sir.

Dad thought a microwave would dry his shirt even faster.

Reddit | skeptoid79

Look, if you're in that much of a rush that you need to zap-fry your laundry, you may want to plan ahead a little better.

Gordon Ramsay is quaking right now.

Reddit | nvernon123

This guy said he walked in on his wife trying to cook a roast like this. And sure, she could just be browning it. But judging from his need to snap a pic and post it to Reddit, I'd say she full intended on pan-frying that monster.


Reddit | Kwasbeb

I guess the camera man didn't feel like speaking up sooner.

Soapy situation.

Reddit | iBleeedorange

I've always wondered if this is something that can actually happen outside of movies and TV shows. Apparently yes, yes it can.

This was supposed to be a world map.

Reddit | iBleeedorange

Maybe I missed the announcement, but I don't remember hearing about the new Republic of Westeros.

Just keep pushing.

Reddit | Cacanot

I really admire this guy's determination. That thing clearly isn't going in there, but in the words of every airplane passenger with an obscenely large carry-on they're attempting to shove into the overhead compartment, "It's gonna fit."

Why is this taking so long?

Reddit | friedasylum

I'm not too proud to admit that I've been in this exact situation many a time, and am always hit with the same deep shame and disappointment.

I'm concerned for you.

Reddit | jdmurphy521

"And while we're at it, the wheel keeps making this funny noise whenever I hit it, and the tires keep stopping when I put my foot on the left pedal."

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