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16+ People Whose Fails Deserve A Facepalm

We've all felt like an idiot at some point. If we're lucky, it's a tiny brain fart and we can fix the mistake before anyone notices.

But in the age of social media, some of those brain farts can happen instantly and publicly, archived for the world to see, share, and laugh at.

Because you need to... remove it?

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My favorite part of this is how many people found this review helpful.

I'm sure some of them were just enjoying the dumb, but I wonder if there were people who actually didn't buy the case because of this "flaw."

Maybe someone should tell her...

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According to the person who shared this photo, it took the woman a full five minutes to realize why the checkout line just wasn't moving. Hint: it wasn't a price check.

They must have thought it was a visionary work.

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Seriously, though, this is why people don't take the modern art community seriously. Plus, the glasses clearly don't have a little tag nearby to name the artist.

Security questions are barely secure, but at least answer them honestly.

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Otherwise, you'll be stuck staring at this password hint and hating your former self so very, very much. I hope that when this guy eventually just reset it, he used a better hint.

At least it only took 15 minutes for someone to tell them.

Reddit | siouxsie_siouxv2

I imagine the poor professor sitting in the empty lecture hall for 34 minutes, slowly realizing that no, not a single student was going to show up.

At least they're pretty sheepish in the apology email.

What's the point?

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I'd have that defeated look in my eyes too. This is less his fault than that of the people who are so rigid about the "all employees must wear a hairnet" rule.

A clipboard has one job.

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It's a flat surface on which paper can be clipped. But someone thought that posting this sign required tape. I'm sure everyone was snickering at that meeting.

This guy might want to check his browser history...

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PSA: Most websites don't actually control what ads are shown on their pages, but rather subscribe to an ad service that provides ads to users based on their previous interests.

That's why when you buy a blender from Amazon, suddenly every website is trying to sell you blenders.

"Blind drivers."

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How would they see the other drivers to alert them in the first place? The raised bumps aren't Braille, but they are meant to allow drivers to find the horn without needing to look.

Not technically incorrect.

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I mean, still wrong, since you're supposed to write the date the device was installed on so that you know when it needs to be replaced, but it is also on the ceiling.

What's funny is that this isn't the first time I've heard of someone doing this.

Twitter | @mirandaasantos

For the record, if your car insurance company asks for pics of the "front, rear, and side" they mean the car. You know, the thing they're insuring.

Kids these days are really into the Z3d.

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I feel like the fact that Google didn't find anything should have been a tipoff that she had something wrong.

Plus, what person in the last 90 years hasn't heard of Pez?

Pro tip: Don't post pics with discount codes on them.

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Because all it takes is for one person to type the code into their own account and it's used up.

This also goes for credit cards or anything else of this nature.

Mostly, this seems like simple laziness.

Twitter | @marcirobin

It's like corporate made everyone switch to a digital form, but this dealer liked thing the old fashioned way and just printed the form out.

This is a news story about missing aboriginal women with a very unfortunate photo.

Reddit | Wildfire1993

Yes, that's a white girl at Coachella in the image and yes, it is a very bad mistake to make when covering the fact that the abduction and murder of aboriginal women is too often ignored.

His heart was in the right place.

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"I wanted to cook my wife a fancy meal for her birthday, so I started with a slow-cooked home made chicken stock. After simmering for hours, the recipe said to pour it through a strainer. God damnit." —moby323

This may just look like from pears past their prime, but it's worse than that.

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Those are fake pears in a rental property with a seriously concerning number of teeth marks in them. A lot of people have tried to eat that fruit.

Yes, Grandma's "coat rack."

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Okay, so who wants to volunteer to tell this person that Grandma was into some seriously kinky stuff? Anyone? Bueller?

That seems totally secure.

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If you're having trouble making out what's happening here — it took me a minute — the bike lock is attached to the helmet strap. The other helmet strap is then pulled over the bike handle.

From which it can then be slid right off by anyone.

Great customer service.

Reddit | john_rockefeller

It's bad enough that AliExpress orders can take months to arrive and don't include tracking, but when you are certain that it never arrived, how does a picture prove that there's no package?

This is unacceptable!

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Clearly, more public funding is needed, since our police departments are facing a shortage of necromancers.

A 4-year-old was really proud of themselves.

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They thought they'd hit the jackpot when they found the bowl of chocolate chips. The dog was less impressed with the kid stealing its food.

You had one job, dude.

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Just put the correct icons beside the name of the service they belong to. Sure, everything seems to have a blue logo these days, but they don't actually look the same.

Congrats on the milestone, but we need to talk about your math.

Reddit | Citruzz

Or really, just your basic knowledge and ability to check your facts before saying something this incredibly dumb.

Dude, don't deface money.

Reddit | raelaj

And if you are going to deface money, don't be so dumb about it. Don't go through all the trouble of making a custom stamp and manually stamping dozens of bills, only to be so very wrong.

This little bit of dumb, though, is kind of adorable.

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For the record, if you are a woman, you are an aunt. If you're a man, you're an uncle. The gender of the baby is irrelevant.

Apparently, this is a thing some people don't know.


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Now, it looks like this particular piece of idiocy may have been faked for the re-tweets, but it doesn't hurt to remind people that ice is just frozen water.

I hope whoever packaged these got paid in advance.

Reddit | SpyroFan123

Because when some of these turn out to be broken, I'd hate to have the argument over who didn't read the instructions.

Um...this isn't possible.

Reddit | doelo

You see, gluten is part of wheat and as such, if that meal is "whole wheat" then it can't be "gluten free."

Buzzwords gonna buzz.

Reddit | yeeght

There's no great way to transport something that long without a special vehicle, but this is quite possibly the absolute worst way to do it.

I wonder how much this "repair" cost?

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The notes almost read like a haiku, even though the syllables are wrong. Sadly, this is probably more common than anyone would want to admit.

This probably has happened to every AAA employee at least once.

Reddit | iam_nobody

Not that it makes this pic any less funny. In fact, it might make it funnier. I bet the first guy got totally roasted by his coworkers afterward.

Eventually, you need to just stop arguing with the idiots.

Reddit | shirogasai12

Just because paper is thin, doesn't mean that it's two-dimensional.

Though if I wanted to be pedantic, I could note that rather than width, the thickness of paper is actually measured by weight in either pounds or grams per square meter.

Still 3D though.

Login: admin. Password: admin.

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Putting your spare key under the mat is already too obvious to be secure, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Like, it has to be a joke, right? If you try to use that key to break in, does it set off an alarm?