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16+ Things That Weren't Likely To Happen But Did Anyway

You don't need to be a math whiz to know when probabilities aren't on your side. Anybody walking into a casino knows the odds are not in their favor. As the saying goes, if you could beat the house, there wouldn't be a house.

So it's little wonder folks whipped their phones out to get a pic when these unlikely scenarios came up.

When this school was replacing chalkboards with white boards, workers found a surprise.

Reddit | IncandescentPlaza

Underneath one of the chalkboards was another one, with notes still on it from 1981! That lesson had been buried for almost 40 years!

This man tripped and got trapped between two large rocks out in the Cambodian jungle.

Reddit | Le_Rat_Mort

He stayed like that for almost four days, when his brother found him and alerted authorities so he could be rescued, an effort that took about 10 hours.

Yes, this person is holding something, a piece of glass that's almost impossibly clear.

Reddit | DanRossiDraws

If not for the flatness on the fingers and a black line from the glass's edge, you wouldn't even know it's there.

This person has a couple of interesting things going on with their hands.

Reddit | mpicc

Their right hand is a bit smaller than their left, and they're missing knuckles on their index, forefinger, and ring finger on their right hand.

Those pages displayed in front of this woman represent a Guinness World Record.

Reddit | geogabs

She managed to collect a whopping 887 four-leaf clovers in eight hours. I guess you could say luck was on her side!

Eight years to the day after this eight-ball was placed in this tree, it's still visible.

Reddit | RemediatedToxic

You would think that, in that time, the hole would have closed over completely, but here it is.

After an earthquake struck Taiwan, this building collapsed but didn't fall all the way over.

Reddit | TheNatureLover

How it managed to fall that far, but not all the way is both baffling and kind of miraculous.

This banana plant is bearing fruit for the first time in 14 years!

Reddit | reginavontooshface

That takes some serious dedication to keep the plant going for that long, holding out hope that one day you might actually get some bananas from it.

And this strawberry somehow did not bear fruit.

Reddit | BitcoinCitadel

Instead of growing that tasty red fruit we're all accustomed to, it just grew leaves.

A totally different variety of strawberry also didn't form as planned.

Reddit | Rebekahflowers

Obviously it's a production error that put an orange on the package instead of a strawberry, but you have to wonder how that happens in 2019.

Apparently, these shoes decided to spontaneously dissolve during a funeral.

Reddit | Ifni_deals

"No idea why it happened," the uploader wrote, "they were my formal shoes which I didn't use too often and they just dissolved at the wake. Left a hell of a mess on the floor."

Defrosting this package of meat had a weird effect on the lettering.

Reddit | dovelolo

Rather than disintegrating, or staying where they were printed, the letters just lifted off and ran all over the place.

Is it good fashion or bad fashion when your shirt matches patio furniture?

Reddit | wasponastring

I'm going with good — patio furniture is for happy times in the sun, and that's never bad!

These two ladies are complete strangers.

Reddit | PrincessCharming1991

And yet, somehow, they managed to wear the exact same outfit to the same festival, right down to the shoes and the shades.

And then there's this lady, who very closely resembles the artwork on the wall at this restaurant.

Reddit | nehala

Curly red hair, orange top, glasses, and she's even working on a laptop.

Maybe it's a bit more normal to find artwork that looks like you in a gallery.

Reddit | cuddness

But only a bit, right? Because that's an uncanny resemblance.

This lady is basically wearing camouflage for this neighborhood.

Reddit | Username_Chose_Me

Or at least she's dressed for its theme. And even the car in the background fits in!

Just about the last place you'd expect to find snow is Australia.

But there it is, with kangaroos jumping around on the clean white field. How surreal is that?

If there's any reason this seems more likely than anything else, it's an intimate, highly familiar relationship with Murphy's Law.

Reddit | k-lara159

And you have to think this vending machine rebelled when the person using it only had a few minutes to spare and no other options.

This is quite possibly the saddest excuse for a carrot I've ever seen pulled out of the ground.

Reddit | Ghost_vaginas

Somehow it's still carrot-shaped, and long, but didn't grow any kind of body.

This man somehow managed to get a flight basically all to himself.

It's not unheard of, but still made this guy's day to have the service and leg room all to himself.

That can is absolutely defying gravity.

Reddit | palito479

It should have toppled, right? But, hanging on by the slimmest of hairs, it's still upright.

Talk about an unusual situation, some ducklings have attached themselves to a couple of turtles.

Reddit | BurnsideLoner

The ducks hatched next to the turtles and now think the turtles are their parents.

Well, somebody got a bonus up-close example of a giant swallowtail here.

Reddit | jerkstore421

It's like it wanted to be as helpful as possible and spread word about its beautiful self.

These remarkably wave-shaped clouds were spotted over Portland.

Reddit | Chapman88

Scientifically speaking, these formations are known as Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds, so as much as they seem like artwork, they're a real, if unusual, phenomenon.

Here's a test of your noodle endurance: this bowl only has one noodle in it.

Reddit | thehazardball

It's just a super long noodle that makes it look like there are tons of smaller noodles in there.

Well that's different.

Reddit | Madrid1214

It's not only amazing that a bug got caught up in the tape-making process, but that it did so on a roll of clear tape, creating this weird scene.

Brothers from different mothers? Time travelers?

Reddit | luke-uk

Well, it's probably just a coincidence that these guys dressed so similarly and went to the same cafe, but it's still cool to see.

I didn't even know sweet potatoes could grow in two different colors.

Reddit | yung-malibu

I honestly thought orange was the only inside they came with, but here we go, not only a different color, but a half-and-half deal. Apparently it all tasted the same, at least.

What are the chances you'll ever find an egg that matches your skin so well?

Reddit | Enoriellu

Really, this is kinda crazy, right down to the moles.

Huh, so apparently those fly-eating plants can have some pretty ambitious appetites.

Reddit | nyrant

Have you ever seen one take down a lizard before? I had no idea they could even do that.

A man who had to have surgery woke up to discover that his dentures had gone missing.

Reddit | Al-Andalusia

It took eight days for them to show up — in his throat. This is why you take dentures out before surgery, folks.

Just like cutting a snowflake out of paper.

Reddit | oogmar

A bug ate a hole through this morning glory's petals while it was closed, so when it opened up again, the holes made an interesting pattern.

Someone found one of the corners Forrest Gump ran around in the film.

Reddit | TheFlyin-Hawaiian

It doesn't surprise me that someone would find it — it's that someone would recognize it from a snippet of a flick that's almost 25 years old.

Somebody got an accidental bonus of white bread inside their loaf of whole wheat bread.

Reddit | paranoid_insomniaque

Guess it slipped past Dempter's quality controllers, but I would have thought the production process would prevent such a thing from happening altogether.