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17+ People Who Have Obsessions That May Be Going A Little Too Far

We've all got our thing, you know? My little brother used to be obsessed with collecting little antique spoons, so much so that we would buy him wooden spoon display cases for Christmas.

Hobbies like these aren't harmful by any means, but sometimes, we can get into a head space in which nothing else matters other than the thing we're obsessed with. From there, it's easy for things to get out of hand.

If you think your obsession with something might be a problem, these folks will ease your worries big time.

A Full 360

Reddit | karroq

This is a teenager's X-Box 360 collection. Yes⁠—he collects versions of the exact same console, often buying copies of the same versions.

That Was Easy!

Reddit | clowns_will_eat_me

"Since the late 80s, my office has been collecting used staples that were removed from documents that needed to be microfilmed/scanned," this man shares. "Here is that collection."

Before He Cheats

Reddit | GeezusManForReal

If you don't have a truck dedicated to Carrie Underwood, are you even a country music fan?

No Direction

Reddit | alastairreed

Ever set up a fake proposal from your favorite celebrity? No? Yeah...yeah me neither. Of course not. That would be wild.

Cup Song

Reddit | 5416

"My friend collects the mugs from famous American business failures," one woman shares. "We're trying to find one from Trump University."

Fish Are Friends

Reddit | DrAbro

I want my boyfriend to look at me the way this fish-obsessed cat looks at shrimp: in confused desire.

Pass Go

Reddit | eoin27

"This is my girlfriend in her Monopoly room," one man writes. "She has every version of the game ever made."

Don't Wine About It

Reddit | CZmikeyG

Just in case this man runs out of alcohol during the apocalypse, he's built a secret bunker just filled with whiskey and wine. Only the essentials I guess!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Reddit | ecost

"My friend's 6-year-old brother is obsessed with making brackets," this person writes. "He now uses them to solve everyday dilemmas, such as what to eat for dinner."

I Dig That

Reddit | jkarnsy

This is a man's collection of dirt vials, featuring dirt from every single place he has ever visited. I'm confused, but also very impressed?

Light It Up

Reddit | reothesnail

This would make some sense if this was a collection of working lighters, but none of these can be used anymore. The man collects broken lighters. To each their own I guess?

Start Young

Reddit | brewinguptrouble

This little girl was so obsessed with the store chain CVS that her mom threw her a CVS themed birthday party.

Look at that facial expression. That's the face of a girl who knows exactly what she wants.

A King Needs A Throne

Reddit | Harroff

"My dad is so obsessed with Powerade that one day we came home from school and this throne was in our living room," one boy shares. "These aren't even the ones for drinking."

A Pug's Life

Reddit | TheREexpert44

"These are my pug dog obsessed niece's life goals," this man writes. "Very pug-oriented that's for sure."

Super-Size Me

Reddit | ilovesuperman

This man went to the comic book store for a book and came home with all of this stuff. Is this how you get your "true fan" card these days?

The End Is Near

Reddit | JohnPatrickMCP

"My friend bought every single remaining VHS tape of the movie Armageddon," this man shares, "All because she doesn't think anyone else should have to bare the weight of having to watch it."

Bust A Move

Reddit | dinonuggetsFTW

When you tell your bros that your girlfriend is pretty busty but you actually mean that she's obsessed with ancient Greek busts of philosophers. Don't you hate when that happens?

Tiny Tim

Reddit | UrbanDryad

"My kid has an unhealthy obsession with who got the 'biggest' present," this man shares. "Gift wrapped 32GB microSD card. Banana for scale."

Shaving These For Later

Imgur | MyDadSaysButanesABastardGas

You have to think that this person's obsession with mustaches started with Magnum PI — they wouldn't be the first, right? But they might be the first to actually mount lip-strainers on their wall.

Feline Good

Reddit | marnibeau

This person has 15 years' worth of her cat's whiskers. "She was my first pet and I honestly didn't know cats shed whiskers so I figured they are precious and I kept them." A truly sweet obsession.

When You Feel The Need

Imgur | ThePostalTilt

...To own every copy of Top Gun, both Nintendo and VHS versions, that you encounter, you definitely haven't lost that loving feeling.

Positively Brimming

Reddit | elundeen

For the record, this guy owns 100,000 hats — he could wear a different hat every day for the next 274 years.

How Pezidential

Reddit | ParanormalPoptart

It's somewhat fitting for a history teacher to have a collection of Pez dispensers that only feature presidents, right?


Reddit | nesfor

"My friend has amassed a collection of over 100 copies of Shrek on VHS," this man shares.

Smash Mouth would be proud.

Measuring Up

Reddit | jezebelspirit

I guess tape measures can be interesting, but it's not like the measurements will change from one version to the next, will they?

Can You Do The Can Can?

Reddit | KymmaLabeija

This man's Pringles collection is truly a sight to behold. My only question is...are the chips still in there???


Reddit | BigGuy Revel

Most people obsessed with peanut butter just eat it rather than building a temple to it.

A Sad Ending

Reddit | Ungodlydemon

"My brother passed this the other day; someone got kicked out because of their obsession with Magic," wrote Reddit user Ungodlydemon.

Touch Of Gratefulness

Reddit | cabernetandchill

You know you've got a true obsession when your collection of Grateful Dead cassettes can double as flooring.


Reddit | octohan

This, apparently, is what every issue of National Geographic dating back to 1955 looks like. I can practically hear the shelves straining under the weight of those mags.


Reddit | iamsumo

Some folks have Carrie Underwood all over their trucks, and some folks put a picture of their truck on their truck. You have to really like your F-150 to do something like that.

Gotta Keep 'Em All

Reddit | DivorcedSunCrane

Cars come and go, but holograms are ultra-rare, right? Shame they aren't mint condition, too.

How Appealing

Reddit | middlegrey

"Brother-in-law has collected produce stickers for years and turned them into a ball bigger than the fruit they came from," wrote the uploader. Okay then.


Reddit | DukeSwanky

"I have the world's largest collection of antique bedpans" is a bold claim, but we're also willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. And hey, this person will be laughing if indoor plumbing ever goes away.

How Specific

Reddit | katymae123

"My uncle collects wine that has animals on the label and has 2,270 unique wines so far." You know you have an obsession when you have an entire room with shelving devoted to your singular pursuit.

Just A Tiny Bit Obsessed With Spoons

Reddit | EsachIsLearning

Sure, lots of people collect spoons. But how many people also have a collection of tinier spoons to go along with their spoon collection?

Losers Only, Please

Reddit | LaFerrari2305

Every failed presidential campaign since 1960 is represented on a single, obsessed person's bumper. That's dedication. I hope when that car dies that the owner keeps that bumper.


Reddit | BigNoze69

Some teacher out there is so obsessed with Barry Manilow that they put up a shrine to him in their classroom. Hey, maybe his soothing voice is just what they need to keep their nerves from fraying.

Just Ducky

Reddit | toast_but_cool

I guess you never know what occasion will call for which rubber duck? Like, what if you're taking a bath before a formal event? Maybe you need a more formal rubber duckie!

When You Haven't Lost Your Marbles

Reddit | Avoideris

But you do have a Looney Tunes marble collection - and just Looney Tunes marbles. And here I didn't even know Looney Tunes marbles even existed!