14+ People Who Are Definitely On Their Worst Behavior

Apparently, Marilyn Monroe never said, "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best," but it's still kinda funny to think about what that "worst" really is.

Some people scream horrible things at 13-year-olds when they play games online, others park wherever and however they feel like, while others still make up quotes that celebrities never said.

But no matter how your dark side can come out, you'll probably find something familiar on this list.

1. I've never actually wondered if you can return Amazon stuff before, but I have a feeling that's a burning question for this person.

Instagram | Instagram

Like, did they just randomly buy stuff? Because I'm not sure I could think of enough things I'd want to make this possible.

2. I know the struggles of having more electronics than outlets, but this person desperately needs to change their game plan.

Reddit | dsteel23

I'll look the other way if this is some weird insurance scam, but I don't know any other reason why this is near something so flammable.

3. I'm no city planner, but maybe the person with the burning hatred for cyclists shouldn't be in charge of the bike paths.

Reddit | timtam690

This has to be the only city where the paths come with cryptic warnings like "Stay away" or "This just goes off a cliff."

4. I don't wanna diss how these two express their lovely friendship, but they won't stay friends for long if they keep this up.

Imgur | Imgur

I just know that sooner or later, one's gonna make a sudden move and the other will be in for a rough ride.

5. I'm sorry this had to happen, but at least somebody alerted us about the world's most oddly specific hustle.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

Remember, kids. If someone asks you to wait while they go get the money, hold their clean laundry hostage until you actually see it.

Words to live by.

6. Well, I guess this behavior is more just "kind of weird" than "bad."

Reddit | EMGZ

I checked, it's not like that shoe would affect his visibility. And no, I didn't actually put my shoe in my mouth. Come on, now.

7. Um...so I'm guessing whatever shop made this for her didn't ask a lot of questions.

Reddit | gijoeusa

Because unless they weren't worried about minor details like who these men are and why they're all staring so creepily, that shop — and any others she tries — might be mysteriously "closed."

8. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that was exactly this kid's mission.

Reddit | Throwdemcurves

Undoing his seat belt and hanging off this handle could be dismissed as hyper kid's stuff, but shouldn't he look like he's enjoying it?

Instead, he seems single-mindedly focused on ruining his cousin's day.

9. I do see what happens, but I've got a better view of what happens when somebody gets butt greed.

Instagram | @will_ent

Because unless the Arizona heat warped that door or something, this is Photoshop. As Ice Cube said, "You ain't got to lie to kick it."

10. As if the worried look on that lady's face wasn't a clue, that train is moving.

Reddit | tallginger89

And before you think I'm kicking someone when they're down, this guy definitely did this on purpose.

It's the third time he's tried it...this year. Just hit a theme park, dude.

11. Yeah, I've gotta say that I'm with the mom on this one. No time traveling just to convince Mom you were at church, folks.

Reddit | awkwardlyappropriate

After all, it's all fun and games until you set the machine too far back and suddenly, you're running from dinosaurs.

12. The next time you're hauling something big and you catch yourself thinking, "Eh, it'll be fine," remember this picture.

Reddit | LiLGhettoSmurf

Because whoever drove this probably thought they'd be fine, and now they have a smushed truck, a grounded boat, and a whole lotta regrets.

13. Since these two went out of their way to get in everybody else's, I doubt they're even watching anything on that TV.

Reddit | BMWBeme

I've never had a reason to swear revenge on a specific crosswalk before, but that's the only way this makes any sense.

14. As long as she runs that vacuum and looks busy, the boss will be none the wiser.

Reddit | Tofurkey9000

But I guess it's better to be lazy than evil. Think about it: She could run this game next to a room with a "do not disturb" sign.

15. Haha, there ain't a parking enforcer alive who can outfox somebody with a spare wheel in their trunk. 

Reddit | imbluexephos

Sure, it takes a lot of effort to jack the car up and swap that out, but don't underestimate the motivational power of spite.

16. I'll definitely give them credit for showing restraint here, but I also love the pettiness of leaving the rocks on the windshield.

Reddit | marianep2001

I really hope whoever did this person wrong isn't stupid enough to think they're playing after this. They should know how close this was.

17. Unless this is a bad translation, whoever made this sign necessary really has me worried.

Reddit | cheekyasian

This is definitely the kind of message you put in as many languages as possible. You wanna be as sure as possible that you never have to see that nonsense again.

18. If I were a gambling man, I'd bet this happened because some kid bought a sword with his mom's credit card and was trying to prove it's actually practical.

Reddit | Reddit

But alas, his deadly strike is only getting him grounded and his new treasure resold on Craigslist.

19. Yeah, I hope any kid who sees this knows to look down first, or some wacky uncle won't be babysitting again anytime soon.

Reddit | TDJS95

Even if that leads to a pool and not just a slab of concrete, I still don't think it's working like they hoped.

20. This may seem like a clever use for a busted monitor at first, but an ashtray this big is only gonna make the habit worse.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

I also don't envy anybody who has to share this room because the smell alone is gonna make work difficult.

21. No matter how much fun they're having, it's pretty clear things that things have gotten out of hand.

Reddit | stea_v

From experience, I can tell you that once the party involves a bunch of stuff getting burnt in the middle of the street, it's probably a good time to leave.

It's not long after that happens that people usually start getting arrested.

22. This actually makes me wonder whether Santa has ever put himself on the naughty list.

Reddit | toyota-corolla-owner

I would actually respect him a lot more if he did after this little episode.

After all, where he does get off judging how good we are if he's out here peeing lights on people's lawns?

23. I'd count the reasons why this is a terrible idea, but I don't think this person will be around long enough to hear them.

Reddit | Chronus_ID

And even if they somehow survive this incredibly ill-conceived tiger prank, they'll probably be too busy running away to listen.

24. I feel like we should really hear the backstory behind this one.

Reddit | chofedekarne

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a guy dressed like this has so many drugs on him, but aren't dealers supposed to keep a low profile?

He better not be surprised that he got caught.

25. Whatever Shrek did, it's probably something that he won't be able to talk his way out of if they've got him sitting on the curb like this.

Reddit | Thebatman1104

And unless Lord Farquaad is getting really aggressive about using Shrek's swamp, it seems likely that all those cans surrounding him are a big clue.

26. I'll admit that these guys are taking it really well, but there really aren't many good reasons to literally have your pants on fire.

Reddit | Edgar-boi

In fact, if you're not doing stunt work in a movie or something, I'm not sure there's any good reason for it.

27. This person isn't necessarily at fault for not knowing what a ferret is, but somebody was definitely on their worst behavior.

Reddit | xxrustybananaxx

Namely, whichever pet store employee somehow convinced them that this is a cat.

They've set this poor soul up for total chaos.

28. Uh oh, it looks like some diabolical prankster has found another way to trick people into doing something self-destructive.

Reddit | Loomy121

Considering how many reasons we have to be paranoid, it's not hard to imagine that someone has already ruined their ability to re-inflate their tires.

29. I don't know about y'all, but I think it would pretty much impossible to get comfortable in this hammock.

Reddit | Himetora

Although since the risk of being hit by a train apparently didn't deter this person from setting up the hammock in the first place, maybe they feel perfectly comfortable right now.

30. There's usually only one reason why the flight crew would go to the trouble of actually binding a passenger into their seat like this.

Reddit | Syn_Shadow

Every other instance I've heard of this involved a passenger getting so belligerent whether due to intoxication or other factors that their only option is to strap people in until the flight is over.

After all, it's not exactly like they can kick them off the flight at this point.

31. Even though whoever put these signs up likely didn't last long at this job, they're still a legend in my books.

Reddit | Getzen

It's only a matter of time before fast food employees spread the secrets of the industry on the internet anyway. I guess they might as well get that part out of the way.

32. Well, at least this person is trying to maintain some self-control before they really get on their worst behavior.

Reddit | MemeJJ

All I can advise is to take some deep breaths and repeat "This won't work like it does in Grand Theft Auto" until this truck turns onto another road.

33. Ah yes, nobody will ever suspect that they didn't come up with this design themselves.

Reddit | LineLogicWeb

Unless we're somehow getting a look at the interior of the Shutterstock café, somebody messed up.

34. I don't think anyone can even pretend that this has any part in a complete and balanced breakfast.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

Like, Froot Loops and Lucky Charms are certainly not good for you, but they at least taste better than this and are far less likely to get anyone addicted to tobacco.

35. It'll be kind of miraculous if this car makes it to its destination without becoming a massive road hazard.

Reddit | mercer2003

This kind of thing may be a zany experience in cartoons and video games, but it's a lot more stressful in real life.

36. Yeah, don't ask me how this happened, because any answer I can think of leaves more damage than this.

Reddit | Miethe

If they were horsing around and spinning out, you'd think that would leave a skid mark or an overturned sign or something.

Did the car fall from the sky?

37. To be fair, we're not sure how long into the labor she is. There are probably a lot of people who wish they thought of this.  

Reddit | VictorVaughnGogh

But if she didn't OK this, it's not fair to pull this type of mess while she's stuck in stirrups.

38. Haha, I've never seen somebody clickbait their own vacation photos, but I'm pretty sure that's what just happened here.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Not only is the homie overestimating the guards in this, but he kinda neglected to mention that you have to zoom in three times to see them.

39. Oh good, not only did somebody invent this nonsense, but they gave us photo evidence that it exists.

Instagram | @tinpun

So you're telling me that we can't chill with Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, but we can have this whenever we want? What a crappy deal.

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