22 Families Who Know That Home Is Where The Prank Is

Pranking comes with the territory of having a rambunctious family.

Some families save all their shenanigans for April Fools' Day...but some of these families are not like the others. In these homes, anything goes. Which is exciting and also incredibly terrifying.

Here are some families who know that home is where the prank is.

1. Who is this literal demon?

Bored Panda | Bored Panda

No offense, but why do you not respect your father or anything this world has offered you? You could have at least made it beer or something people actually want to drink.

2. Why does this family like to play in the devil's butthole?

Pinterest | Pinterest

If you asked me what my biggest fear is, it'd be things exploding at unpredictable times. To inflict this pain on purpose, for pleasure? That is insane.

Actual footage of me playing this game.

Imagine falling in love with someone and then being expected to play this demon game at their next family BBQ. Yeah, that's a no for me.

3. This mom, who thinks her son is a weenie.

Imgur | Imgur

Literally, tho. I can't imagine what would smell worse. The smell of the dirty laundry or the smell of dank, room temperature hotdogs.

4. Well, this is just...unsanitary.

Bored Panda | Bored Panda

At least this is just Jell-O? Why would you do this to someone first thing in the morning? Those glasses are gonna have a red tint. That's nasty.

5. Why am I crying?

Imgur | DarthTurducken

Why am I weeping? This sweet angel baby is dressed in what seems to be the world's largest suit and tie. Also, this is so something I would do. Take it to that literal level.

6. Run, Alec. Run.

Imgur | drfunkdawg

As if bringing someone home to meet the fam wasn't awkward and vomit-inducing enough. The quotation marks send shivers down my spine. No cake — not even red velvet — could make this okay.

In fact, Alec's "special friend," you better run, too.

Any family who thinks this kind of display is appropriate is guaranteed to try to upstage you for the rest of your life. No one needs that drama.

7. MUM! 

collegehumor | collegehumor

This poor mother literally thinks the end is near. I mean, these filters are weirdly realistic, and yet they also make us all look like old Rose from Titanic.

It's been 84 years...

8. This mom keeps it together a li'l better.

Twitter | @brownblndefacts

"You look awful." If my mom ever spoke these words to me, I'd weep.

"Not much sleep lately?" Yes, a lack of sleep caused me to age literally 100 years.

9. These parents, who clearly believe in favorites.

Reddit | clarkcb

I hope to achieve to this level of love in my family. I mean, I already KNOW I'm the favorite, but still. I'd like it in writing.

10. This is insanity and 8-year-old me would have died.

Design Dazzle | Design Dazzle

There is nothing funny about parents forcing their children to get along when in reality their pre-pubescent anger is rising from the angsty ashes.

11. Hahahahaha, no. Nope. No. Not funny.

LifeBuzz | LifeBuzz

As someone who needs to live at home, this cake would send shivers down my spine. And not just because it's ice cream cake, amiright?

Like, this joke was, like, so funny. Omg, so funny, Mom and Dad.

But who really lost here? Your money is wasted in a soggy mess when this is all said and done.

12. If this isn't relationship goals, idk what is.

Imgur | spikeypeach

I love their zest for life. And truly, who wouldn't wanna go to the museum of ass? Sounds pretty cheeky to me.

13. This is...tough.

Reddit | Reddit

We all know the only "i" that matters is the Apple "i." Who even needs the other kind of "eye"? No one ever means they want actual eye pads unless their eye literally is falling out of its socket. What even are those?

14. So, I'd go running.

Reddit | Reddit

Can you imagine? You're asked to grab the salsa (because you're having a wholesome fiesta like the good person you are) and all of a sudden 4 million eyes are staring back at you.

15. Hey, meatloaf cupcakes, ya'll can gtfo, tyvm.

Reddit | julia-he

Look, I love mashed potato. But you know what I don't love? LIES. I don't like imitators. Posers. I have no time for this monstrosity.

Imagine the disappointment one would feel, thinking they're about to bite into sweet heaven when instead it's a savory slap in the face.

Was it worth it, Mom? Was it worth it to look a straight fool?

16. Me as a mom, though.

LifeBuzz | LifeBuzz

In the words of Lady Gaga, "I'll fix you with my love." Now, idk if that applies to hunger but, it feels like it could.

This is the definition of my personal Pringle nightmare.

Reddit | jdoyle87

We've all tried this on our own chips, I'm sure... Yes? No? Maybe? But someone else's licks? No. I'll go die now.

Can you literally imagine all the thoughts that'd be running through your head?

What did the sister do to deserve this barbaric, double-dipping torture? Idk. Is anything worth this?

17. I love this and support this.

Non-Stop Mom | Non-Stop Mom

I am all about manipulation. Blackmailing, trickery, witchcraft — the whole lot. But this is prankster genius because it combines free labor and fairy tale.

18. Who is the BEAST?

Bored Panda | Bored Panda

I love mayo just as much as the next guy, but this is a big fat nope. A mouthful of room temperature mayo sounds like literal hell on Earth.

19. Mother's little helper, huh?

Twitter | @CollegeHumor

I haven't done a shortcut prank, but this is truly inspiring. Would you not feel like you were literally dying if the words you typed were not the words you saw?

I'd prepare the will. Text my goodbyes.

And hope they weren't filled with acid. If someone really wanted to screw me over, autocorrect "betch" and "lmao." I'd have to retire from life.

20. But why tho, no offense. 

Twitter | Twitter

This is a massive waste of paper and also of time on this Earth. Do they think she's not gonna remember what her own car looks like?

21. This poor kid who just wanted cold, hard cash. 

Turn This Page | Turn This Page

These parents should have supported his hustle, but instead, they have isolated his funds and also his chance at ever feeling joy again. Look how dead his eyes are.

22. If my family doesn't do this for me, I'll be pissed.

Instagram | @_theblessedone

Please, fam, make me look like a badass, even if just for a moment. Even if you tell people it was only a white collar crime.

But at the end of the day, family has gotta stick together.

'Cause you know what they say: a family that pranks together stays together. That's some intense ish that bonds y'all for life. Never turn your back on your blood.

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