24 People Calling Literally Everyone And Everything Out

Hey, you! Do you like to see people getting called out for stuff? Of course you do! That's why you're here! As toxic as it can be to spend your life just shouting down other people, that doesn't mean it isn't also sinfully fun to see someone get called out so hard their soul collapses into their butt. So let's do it. Let's not pretend we're better than this.

1. If there's anything I like more than a good callout, it's a bad callout that gets called out for being a cry for attention.

Reddit | LeonardoDiCaprivinci

This could really go back and forth for a long time, but I think it would stop getting fun right about here. Well done to the second person for that grade A schooling job though.

2. What in the world? How does this even happen?

Imgur | SolemnlySwearIamUpToNoGood

I mean, I've heard of a head of lettuce before, but this seems a little excessive.

But seriously, was a seagull eating a lettuce wrap over her head and dropped a leaf? That she never noticed? I have questions and this image isn't giving me any answers!

3. Honestly, I'm just glad he was talking about puppies.

eBaum's World

I was worried that he had some kind of Island of Dr. Moreau-style laboratory where he was making hybrids of people and animals and then selling off those children. Does that make me a strange person for going there? Absolutely.

4. All they wanted was to share their love of Frank Ocean, and they ended up getting roasted for their car. 

eBaum's World

Unfortunately, no amount of detergent is going to get the scorch marks out of this reply. Hopefully some Frank Ocean will get them through it.

5. Hmm...I wonder what they did.

The Chive

Most of the time when you call something out, it's just the people around you who see it. Pulling a stunt like this makes sure that the whole dang world knows exactly what you did.

6. There's something about a callout being an official statement from a business that makes it extra saucy.

The Chive

Imagine being the person to move the bench over to the mirror, only to see that sign. That's the kind of shame I can only hope to someday bring upon someone.

7. Wait a second...


Serious misunderstanding? Angry ex-employee? Vegans run amok? Or, perhaps the most unforgivable of them all, somebody photoshopping a picture on the internet? I guess we'll never know.

8. Sometimes all you need to shut down a ridiculous idea is a quick and simple "no."


I am curious about how other people do this though. Do you talk to people in the bathroom? I sometimes start a conversation, not realizing where I am, and then I just kind of go with it like, "Well, we're already here, might as well chat."

9. How to call out roughly 100 billion people in one fell swoop.


I'm not even sure what she's going for here. Does she think that if you're good enough at being a person, you get to live forever? Or is she holding onto some serious salt about a grandma who died and ruined her birthday or something?

10. Calling someone out will land even harder if they never see it coming.


Can anyone please explain to me why the "P" is colored in on this soap? Is this the reason for all the dad loathing? Did he color in this kid's soap with pen?

11. When you call someone out for bad parking, you want to make sure that the lesson really sticks.


Oof. You can see the effort this person tried to put into getting rid of this sticker. It looks like they were trying to scratch out of a coffin after being buried alive. But, alas, the sign remains.

12. As if all these broke students running around didn't feel bad enough, here comes Mr. Billboard, looking to twist the knife.

Twitter | @ChiefCharless

Meanwhile, most of my graduating class is looking at this being like, "Wait a second, where's my $40k job?"

13. Sometimes, when you call someone out, you end up revealing that the real problem is actually you.

Twitter | @chelseajenks_

But hey, I think we're all more than guilty of completely misreading social cues from social media that end up making us look like paranoid maniacs, right? Right? Not just me? Please tell me that's not just me.

14. Even one of the greatest feuds in the history of the internet can put aside its differences to call out and destroy a common enemy.

Twitter | @fatsoburger

First of all, mayo is one of the most overrated things on the planet in pretty much any circumstance. Mayo-based salads? Get out of here. And then peas on pizza is just a joke.

15. Callout level — academia.

Twitter | @elizwsmith

It used to be that the scariest thing a teacher could do would be reading your notes out loud. Now this kind of thing is a possibility. Actually, no, the note thing is still way scarier.

16. They say honesty is the best policy. That's especially true when people who got you sick try to slide back into your DMs.

Instagram | @textsfromyourex

I'm also saying, as a pro tip, that sending the upside-down face emoji is never going to result in your night ending in the way you want.

17. This kid is pretty much callout culture personified.

Twitter | @PurestInNoSense

After all, you can't improve (or develop crippling self-worth issues) if you don't know what's wrong with you in the first place.

That's actually not true. I've got those and I barely think things through at all.

18. The secret to a healthy self-esteem is actually to occasionally come clean about the fact that you're lying about everything and that you have no idea what you're doing.

Instagram | @3.1415926535897932384626433832

No one will tell you this, but this is actually what everyone is doing.

19. Sometimes, the only way to make yourself feel better about things is to tear down everyone around you.

Instagram | @lester

I mean. I don't want to pile onto this poor girl, but I can honestly say I've never seen RiRi rock this particular look.

20. Sometimes people say stuff just to be mean and I don't know why.

Twitter | @MylesAjani

The difference between how I feel about the last picture and this one is that I have glasses and feel personally attacked. Because frankly, I look cuter with them. So shut it.

21. Because nobody can call out your problems better than you can!

Reddit | heckydecky

And if you can bond with someone and break the ice in your relationship by talking about your mutual mental health issues, then all the power to you both.

22. This is a very legitimate question that I want the answer to.

Instagram | @findmypants

Also, kudos to Idris for noticing that kind of detail. I wouldn't be able to find Waldo in this picture if he was standing in the middle of it because I'm just that kind of guy.

23. I sometimes forget that camo actually has practical applications and that it isn't just for bros who wear it to try and look tough.


I'd probably put on camo and somehow lose myself in a bathroom.

24. When you turn the heat down once you get in the car and things get a bit chili.

Instagram | @larnite

I used to think that you were supposed to put CDs or something in there. Apparently I've been doing cars wrong this whole time.

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