28 Pics That At First Look Normal But There's More To Them

There are some pictures that don't make sense because you're not paying attention, and then there are the trickier pictures that make less sense the more you look at them. Did you follow that? I'm (not) sorry to say that this post is only going to get more confusing as you go.

1. Yes this picture is taken at the bar, but nope, those aren't barstools

Reddit | MassiveIndependence

Those are drinks that just happen to be lined up perfectly against the edge of the bar. Between that perfect timing and all the shadows, it totally confuses my eyes.

And no, I didn't clue in at first at all.

I had to consult the comments section and do a lot of squinting — more than I care to admit to, really. Who comes up with such a trick, and why do they torture us so? But also, can I have one of those drinks?

2. This person isn't perched perfectly on the edge of a bench

Reddit | MassiveIndependence

Nope, they just have a pretty strong core and have turned the camera sideways while hanging out at the local swimming pool. A classic illusion really, but one that always gets me.

3. They don't have a handle growing out if their head, they just happen to have the exact same color of hair as the bristles 

Imgur | verguy

Like, an exact match. I'm not entirely convinced that the paint brush isn't made out of her hair.

4. I'm not going to file this one totally under "normal," but it would certainly get a second glance in passing

Facebook | Facebook

Perhaps the most bizarre head tattoo I've ever seen. I'm mostly just curious as to how they decided on all the random curls.

5. These cookies look perfectly normal and pretty delicious

Reddit | Correcc

Until you realize that one is facing the wrong way, and suddenly they don't look yummy, they look infuriating. I'd still eat them though.

6. This woman doesn't seem normal at all, but she really is, trust me

Reddit | mybustersword

And once you realize she's just holding a vase, you can't really unsee that she's holding a vase.

7. This person is perfectly okay

Reddit | Endless_Vanity

Okay, so it's not totally normal to be hanging on for dear life, but they made it look convincing enough. I mostly just questioned why they were so attached to their bike in this scary moment.

8. This is not a scenic landscape photo of a peaceful lake through some trees

Reddit | sean_t17

Nope, it's a fence. A plain old fence that has seriously tricked my tired little eyes.

I've been staring at this picture for quite some time, and I'm confused as to how anyone could think it's anything other than a lake

And I would never have thought it was an illusion until it was pointed out.

9. This formal take at being possessed is thankfully just some makeup skills 

Twitter | @David_reymundo_

It is, admittedly, not the best angle for anyone involved. But crisis averted, this girl does not need any religious intervention.

10. It looks like these two roads just kind of, well, end

Reddit | Kinnis97

Which is strange in itself. But then you look a little closer and the two roads are actually one road that goes underwater, because science? Sure.

11. This wedding party doesn't happen to have exclusively tiny bridesmaids

Reddit | sauce687

Although that would be wonderful. It's actually just the pose this wedding party decided to do. Questionable? Maybe a little.

12. It would be an interesting decorating choice if this was actually lime green concrete

Reddit | Mww14

But this is actually just a very large, and very still, pool of water covered in algae. Quite cool to look at, but I would not want to go near it.

13. I mean, if you didn't know the "before" version existed, then it looks pretty good still? Kinda?

Instagram | @tinassecret

Maybe? I'm just trying to be comforting because this must have sucked, and probably resulted in a lot of tears.

But what can you do?

Besides utter every swear word you know and curse yourself. If it were me, I would totally just say it was on purpose. Because art.

14. This woman isn't actually having a stare-down with you as you try to mind your own business

Twitter | @VINCHY

While that would be incredibly awkward, it's actually just a lifelike magazine ad.

I am very much the person who would aggressively stare right back until I realized

And this is why I should probably start wearing my glasses more while in public.

15. Peaceful nativity scene it is not 

Twitter | @LasagnaEveryDay

Still don't get the hint? He may be my fave of the group, and it takes a thorough scan of the crowd to see why. I mean, Yoda is wise.

16. You're distracted by the cute couple pic going down in a tropical paradise

Instagram | @tinassecret

And then you realize there's a large pig casually swimming on by, enjoying its own little vacay.

17. The cutest little iPhone that you ever did see

Reddit | Rags2Rickius

Oh no, wait. The iPhone isn't actually being dwarfed by those playing cards. It's actually on the floor, not the glass table.

18. It looks like a really yummy sandwich

Reddit | onefastmoo

Until you realize that the yummy sandwich is actually supposed to be a Big Mac. Do you have a lot of questions? Because you bet I do.

19. A quick mid-shopping mirror selfie to show off finding that perfect dress

Me.me | Me.me

We all do this. But then you realize that she's not the only one who's thinking that it's a perfect dress.

20. This girl is just slaying in some cute heels

Instagram | qwerticorn

Until you zoom on in and realize she's dangerously close to getting herself into quite a tricky situation. All in the name of fashion, or something.

21. This poor man picked an unfortunate spot on the beach to take a seat

Reddit | RogueOps

Sitting with your shirt off beside a woman in a bathing suit can make you look naked. Noted.

22. What looks like an adorable embrace is actually just someone trying to catch some Z's

Reddit | ImFlawlessss

Not as adorable, but just as comforting.

23. Never has a bag made me question whether or not it was a living animal 

Reddit | GantMan

Is it a bag posing as a cat or a cat posing as a bag? One will never know.

24. A bus that defies all odds and makes me question if it's truly safe

Reddit | odel555q

It makes me both confused as to where it ends and scared of heights.

25. This bird has mad selfie skills that would make Tyra proud 

Reddit | tallginger89

Just look at that angle! And the smize! This bird knows how to workkkkkk it!

26. How I wish that this was an extra long doggo, because that would surely mean extra long...huggos? Had to say it

Reddit | mjhowie

And there's nothing better than that.

27. Thankfully, this house isn't on fire and everything is completely fine

Reddit | Marvindontpanic

Save for the giant , terrifying-looking storm that's rolling in and is sure to cause some chaos.

28. It looks like a cozy office hug with some very stylish shoe choices

Reddit | ohkevingee_

Honestly, their heads are so tangled up that it's hard for me to even explain what's going on, so I won't.

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