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36 Times The World Was Literally A Burning Pile Of Garbage

Trash fire, dumpster blaze, garbage inferno — these phrases all pretty much cover what you're about to see. Now, I'm not saying our world is always a heap of burning refuse — it has some good things going for it — but the next things kinda prove otherwise. Prepare to be at least slightly horrified...

1. What the literal FFfff?!

Meme Center | Meme Center

Who designed these? Please tell me now, so I can put as much distance between them and myself as possible. This looks like something Buffalo Bill would wear to accessorize his "skins."

2. Who does milk first?! |

I'll tell you who: people with no appreciation for the sacred customs and cornerstones that uphold the very fabric of our civilization. Does it feel good to watch the world burn?!

3. Not today, Satan!

Twitter | @Jewel_Emree

Take your backwards ways and your monstrous pepperoni cyclops pizza out of here and never return! Everything about this is unsettling. I wish I'd never seen it.

4. I sincerely hope that this is a joke

Reddit | [deleted]

It has to be a joke, right? Who would tweet this? I've literally had stomach flus that have lasted longer than their relationship.

5. City of Angels? More like burning hellhole with parking enforced by the Angel of Darkness

Instagram | @kalesalad

We're really going with the Satan theme today — and this isn't the last time he's appearing in here, so get used to it.

6. Back, demon! Return from whence you came!

Twitter | @NicCope76

Here we go, Lucifer is back again, and now he's demonstrating the most offensive way to eat a popsicle. Notice how it maximizes the drips that reach your hand.

7. The person who cut these pieces of cake needs to be punished.

Reddit | ccrapz68

If you're like me and need things to be just so, this picture is just painful to look at. There goes this person's invitation to any future gatherings involving cake.

8. What's this now? How dare you?!

Twitter | @itsjojosiwam

YOU KNOW NOTHING! One's an icon, the other is a queen — but they are both unmistakable in their own right. What has the world come to?

9. Is this how the great millennial dynasty falls?

Twitter | @eyeseeanakaren

Our taste for excess — pardon, I mean to say extra — has created a culture so bloated we no longer know our own values! Or how to cut a damn avocado.

10. Okay, people... seriously — who designed this slide?!

Instagram | @thegirlrelatable

Have some shame. Seeing childbirth once is horrifying enough for parents. They don't need to see it re-enacted 25 times at a birthday party!

11. This is what social media exists for, isn't it?

Twitter | @glitterytearz3

I used to eat lipstick too, but it was Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. Oh, and I didn't eat it off someone else's face.

12. Gotta love when your friends get into prank mode |

Don't worry, you'll be able to laugh at this one day. A few decades from now... when the disappointment and bitterness has worn off.

13. What will make your life better?

Instagram | @__lsdj

I don't know, but I'm almost positive it's not turning your mouth into a fishbowl. I can't even draw lip liner on my lips — forget painting goldfish on there.

14. Why did someone feel the need to do this?

Twitter | @tundecogun

More importantly, why did they feel the need to share it with the rest of us? I'm not going to be able to eat soup without thinking about this guy's bathwater.


Reddit | howsyouronion

16. I suppose Tinder is already a trash fire, so this guy's just adding a few tires 

Straight White Boys Texting | Straight White Boys Texting

Just adding a little class into what is our already extremely tasteful Tinder community.

17. Diet or no, this is a garbage thing to do!


18. I hope it gets towed.

Reddit | Isai76

19. Whose idea was this?!

Imgur | Imgur

20. The biggest disappointment of anyone's childhood

We Know Memes | We Know Memes

21. If you ever do this to me, I will cuff you right around the head!

Reddit | hawaiian_lab

22. Get out. Get out while there's still time

Twitter | @Almckayy

23. If you do this, you need to get your life together

Reddit | R_DUBYA_STL

24. You're a terrible human being.

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

25. How dare you desecrate such a sacred object?!

Reddit | oznux

26. Really, bangles? BANGLES???!

Twitter | @MikeBigby

27. Ahh, yes, nails for the narcissist in all of us

Instagram | @hoembres

Ever wanted to scratch your head with five little duplicates of your head? Yeah, me neither, but here we are.

28. This girlfriend of one very "lucky" guy.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Run dude! Run for your life! She said she gave you this shirt as a joke, but this has bad news written all over it. His face is priceless.

29. This disgusting person on your plane ride. Why??

Reddit | albo_underhill

You were all excited to have an empty row of seats all to yourself, and then the plane takes off and you notice the feet of the woman behind you all up in your business.

30. The person who posted the sign on the right must be unstable.

Reddit | SamMee514

While some out there like bringing people together to enjoy wholesome nostalgic activities, others would rather spoil the fun and wreak havoc on the world.

31. Who dares disrespect the internet and its love of cats?

Instagram | @realdingdong

Cats are what fuels the internet! Cats are one of the few pure things left on the internet! Okay, maybe it's kinda funny...

32. Whoever filled this candy machine is not your friend.

Reddit | BridgetteBane

Let's play a game: you put in some change, get a random candy coated ball of sugar and see if your teeth survive the initial bite. This is some Saw level stuff.

33. Who installed these tiles?

Reddit | pelizred

I have every right to think this person did this on purpose to mess with anyone who has to stare at this strange floor pattern. Well, job well done I say, I'm thoroughly peeved.

34. The makers of this ridiculous puzzle are out to get us.

Reddit | abmiram

Really, eh? Who would want to subject themselves to this kind of torture? You know what would be worse? If they didn't state the fact there are five extra pieces.

35. An evil genius made this Lego display.

Reddit | bellomiss

We all the know the joke about stepping on Lego, but this just takes it to a sinister new level. Also, the number of bare feet I imagine crossing it grosses me out.

36. Whoever served this to their guests needs to rethink life.

Reddit | ivanol55

I know there're a lot of people who think putting pineapple on pizza is the best way to ruin it, but I'm definitely a fan of a nice slice of Hawaiin. This, I'll pass on though.

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