13+ Funny Pics That Prove The World Is Just Weird, Man

It doesn't take much more than walking outside to get a look at just how weird the world can actually be. Unfortunately, it's way too hot out for that today, so why not stay in and take a look at the world through these pics?!

Some are fails, some are wins, some are...well, they just are. The point is, they're all good for a laugh, so let's check 'em out!

1. The ultimate dilemma.

Instagram | @will_ent

Do you risk going up to the creepy, most likely haunted shack in the middle of nowhere to see this cat? Or, even worse, do you risk not seeing a cat at all? Tough choices, man.

2. It's like having a time capsule built into your home!

Instagram | @kalesalad

If the writing is hard to read, they're basically saying that the bathroom was remodeled in 1995 and now are asking, "What's wrong with the way we did it?!?!" And apparently, that's the next Cadbury bunny.

3. Having a problem with the neighborhood cats in your area? 

Reddit | Scyhh

Come on down to Rufus And Pup's Super Sword Warehouse And Blade Emporium for all your weaponry needs! Guaranteed to cut 8/9 of those lives! *swords are for doggo-defense only*

4. Mama mia! That's a lucky find!

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

As the youngest brother in my family, I've always had a soft spot for Luigi. Maybe it's that I always had to play second player, maybe it's that I'm a lanky weirdo with bad facial hair. Who knows?

5. Not sure how he came up with that unit of measurement, really.

Instagram | @hopleasejesus

If anything, it's a sphere of lettuce, right? Or, like, an orb? Okay, I don't know what, but it's not a wedge!

6. Man, how hard did this dog come in for the landing? 

Reddit | Turnip105

As I'm sure you've guessed, in my mind, all dogs are superheroes. That's just way too casual a pose to not think it's about to bounce up and shoot a fireball out of it's mouth or something.

7. Well, at least someone has their priorities straight.

Instagram | @mememang

You don't just drive by a sign like this and not let the rest of the world see!

8. Sure, there's a new lifehack for us, huh?

Reddit | lostproton

I mean, I don't think that it wouldn't work, I'm just saying I hope it's just a sweat problem he's got.

9. Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think?

Reddit | RipplingSpace

I'm getting a really strong Big Brother vibe from this, ya know? And it is ironic, like going to a car dealership when you already have a vehicle for spaghetti.

10. You gotta capture the moment, seize it and hold it!

Instagram | @kalesalad

That's what Eminem said all those years ago. I'm no rap expert, but I'm sure he was talking about zip-off shorts.

11. Hmmm, I don't really know if that's gonna give me the high resolution I'm looking for. 

We Know Memes | We Know Memes

That being said, I've definitely spent money on electronics that are about as useful as a potato, sooo...

12. Now here's a service I think more places should adopt.

Twitter | @Mich_Cooke

Even at, like, Taco Bell or something — I want a fish friend so I'm not just diving into a six-pack of Doritos Locos by myself for the third time this week.

13. Well, well, well — look how the tables have...um.

Reddit | MauricioPerez

The point is, this is some Loony Tunes-level trickery right here. I wonder what story that bird told the cat.

14. Don't be driven to madness, just accept that the world is weird!

Instagram | @kalesalad

So a few yellow fruit spears got mislabeled, you'll live. And hey, if I could pay a quarter for bananas by the each, I'd say that's a good deal.

15. Speaking of great deals at the store...

Instagram | @will_ent

Here we see E.T. freaking me out almost as much as he did in the movie when I was a kid. Those eyes, man.

16. They didn't have to go all out on that bathroom sign, but they did that. 

Instagram | Instagram

It's definitely bound to turn some heads, I just don't know why it needs to.

17. "Greetings, keeper of gold, I require sustenance this day!" 

Reddit | Victinithetiny101

I know you're bound to see customers from all walks of life, but customers from other dimensions? That's a new one to me.

18. Clearly, they've never seen Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes. 

Instagram | @some_bull_ish

Because if that '70s B-rated movie taught me anything, it's that we've got to watch our step around those bad boys. The carrots seem cool, though.

19. Really? That's the gate you went with, huh? And you feel protected with that?

Reddit | mddtsk

I get that some things are more about form than function, but this just seems out of place no matter how ya look at it.

20. Wait, why is she smiling at me like that?!

Instagram | @kalesalad

Oh, right, I guess that's her whole gimmick, isn't it? You'd think that after all this time, she'd find a new shtick.

21. It's hard not to look at this without immediately feeling a whole lot of sympathy for the driver of this Uber.

Reddit | Nerva756

Whoever was responsible for this intoxication volcano may have had a rough night, but not as rough as the poor soul who cleaned up after them.

22. Well, I suppose we can hardly call whoever put this up a liar.

Reddit | Gingersnap911

It's definitely wood and it's definitely on the wall, but it seems that the message it's conveying is about as memorable as what we usually see written on pieces like these.

You mean I should live, laugh, and love? You don't say!

23. I'm not sure what mishap befell the original case for this beer, but it didn't slow workers down for long.

Reddit | Professional4ev

This isn't even my brand, but I'd definitely feel tempted to buy this after someone made the little horseman look more adorable.

24. I'm not sure what kind of experiment this is, but I figure he wouldn't have broken out the wizard robe if the results weren't truly magical.

Reddit | french_onion_salad

Although it's entirely possible that he's just demonstrating what had to happen for everyone present to take his class.

Too real, man.

25. I kind of wish I could hear this guy's story because his body language alone has me captivated.

Reddit | Sand3rKoLL

Plus, it looks like he might actually be able to answer how this possibly could've happened, which I'm definitely stumped on.

26. I get the feeling that Spider-Man is starting to spend a little too much time around The Punisher.

Reddit | 1_908e

Obviously, whoever made this toy saw a much different version of Spider-Man Homecoming than I did.

Maybe Tony Stark wasn't the best influence on an impressionable high-schooler.

27. I understand the need for drip, clout and all those other words that come out of hypebeasts, but I might rethink this one if I were him.

Reddit | halebein

After all, It would be hard not to feel ripped off if this backpack's makers actively took storage space away from me to make room for an unusable empty cavity.

28. I'm not sure a level of design detail has ever made me so uncomfortable.

Reddit | SamCropper

While I may never stop shuddering at the sight of this, I also have to admit it's kind of genius that it doesn't matter whether our toes actually fit in these spaces.

After all, how often do cowboy boots actually fit our feet comfortably?

29. I'm afraid that I really can't see the logic behind this one.

Reddit | Trafalgaladen

Nobody has to justify an emergency supply of pasta to me, but I might steer more towards a way of keeping it that doesn't involve dirtying both the drawer and the noodles.

I'd love it if Gordon Ramsay stumbled across something like this in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, though. We might actually see a head explosion.

30. The way I see it, there are only two ways that this could've happened.

Reddit | YeYaMemer

Either a group of kids were trying to do this and took the photo to commemorate their totally productive achievement or their efforts to get one ball unstuck spiraled hilariously out of control.

31. It's hard not to imagine that this fish is showing kitty how much it sucks to have this happen to them.

Reddit | buttsaggybob

"Meow, look at me, I'm a cat! I just run up to fish and eat their faces without so much as a 'good morning.' That's you, that's what you sound like."

32. I can't be the only one who really hopes that this is a Photoshop job.

Reddit | yusuf173

Because I really can't think of anyone involved in this situation who wouldn't be absolutely terrified if this was real.

It turns out that living in a thriller isn't as much fun as it sounds.

33. Wow, I think Gollum had less sinister joy on his face when his "precious" was around.

Reddit | Bensa-Tia

There are a lot of good reasons why we're not supposed to feed wildlife, but everything about this monkey's expression tells me he's getting that banana whether anyone wants him to or not.

You don't want to see that face when it's angry.

34. Unfortunately, it seems as though this is signalling the end of yet another era.

Reddit | PR0CR45T184T0R

Although Shrek is eternally a beacon of love and life, it's definitely not encouraging to see one of his temples fall into such disrepair.

Have his flock forsaken him?

35. Another day, another terrifying attempt at a Simpsons costume.

Reddit | Nitrozah

It really is amazing that the Simpsons' trademark art style works at all because it becomes absolutely nightmarish about 99% of the time someone tries to translate it into real life.

I guess secretly being an eldritch horror explains how Homer has survived all the things that should have killed him years ago.

36. What kind of Alice in Wonderland world do you live in?!

Instagram | @kalesalad

Nice to see that the frog is holding down his own place, though. In this economy, that ain't easy.

37. From a frog in a tree house to a horse in a high-rise.

Reddit | ariel11607

Not sure how it got up there, but it definitely has that longing, "when will my husband come back from the war" type look to it, huh?

38. I'll admit, this one took me a while, but this is not going to work out well for him.

Instagram | @hoodclips

I get being distracted by the promise of Chick-fil-A across the way, but you gotta put in the right kind of gas, dude!

39. Step aside, Google. If this is the kind of results you get from DuckDuckGo, then I'm all about it!

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

I've honestly never heard of that before this, but now I can't not waste the rest of my day on it!

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