13+ Things That Showed Us A Whole New World And Left Us There

We all remember the enchanting magic carpet ride Aladdin took Jasmine on, but a lot of ladies out there know that was only the best-case scenario for how that ride could've gone. Even if the carpet cruise-controls everything so they don't crash, a worse version of Aladdin would've just ghosted Jasmine after he got what he wanted.

But an even worse (and way flakier) person deserving of the term "street rat" would've left Jasmine stranded in a totally random place. And how was Jasmine getting back to Agrabah? Well, that's not his problem.

Fortunately, these jerks don't have flying carpets, but these pictures prove that the world itself has a bad habit of abandoning our brains in the strangest parts of town.

1. The only way this makes any kind of sense is if it's taking place in a live-action Zootopia.

Reddit | sacsayhuaman

And even then, that family of moose is being way too nonchalant about that burning car.

Nick and Judy obviously didn't mend as many social fences as they thought.

2. It's hard to see, but that's a bird that somehow ended up in somebody's headlight.

Reddit | coolguybennyk

Even if it could talk, I think the little critter would have as hard of a time explaining how it got there as I am.

And forget pointers on getting it out.

3. OK, I can already see you rolling your eyes because there's nothing earth-shattering about a fly landing on a banana.

Reddit | Oyster_Stu

But its timing was impeccable because they just opened the peel. That thing where they keep running into windows was just them playing dumb all along.

4. I'm sure there's a reason she wanted her hair in such a specific shape, but I'm lost as to what that would be.

Reddit | xerxes_ivi

I can't help but notice it's about the size of a TV screen. Is she on some bizarre mission to block our screens and make us go outside?

The fiend!

5. I don't like that this exists, but I guess it's the closest thing we have to a theft-proof bike so far.

Reddit | MaccyF

And if it does get stolen, this will probably mark the only time when someone actually preferred to ride one of these with no seat.

6. I know this makes me sound like somebody I swore I'd never become, but I don't think these impressionable youths should be watching this.

Instagram | @realbigmoods

I mean, cats can be destructive enough without getting it into their heads that they can start sword fights.

Think of the children!

7. For real, Charlie's family was gone for a few days, at most, and he's already been through the entire application process?

Reddit | Pinetree218

Is there a feeling between pride in this good boy and shame at the reminder that it took me months to find my current job?

8. I'm definitely picturing people choosing the Pop-Tart option over whatever madness this is supposed to be.

Instagram | Instagram

Besides, we already know that dollar will find a way to get stuck in here, so we're going from paying a buck for nothing to two bucks for nothing.


9. Ah, yes. Who hasn't been stuck in the middle of this totally relatable situation?

Instagram | Instagram

As we all know, tasting random puddles is definitely easier than just lightly tugging your dog away from them. And it's definitely not an idea we could possibly regret.

10. We should feel lucky. It's not often that we have the chance to get so up close and personal to the miracle of childbirth.

Reddit | DuffManSzALotAThings

I wonder, can you buy a car when it's still a power wheels and not pay full price when it reaches adulthood?

11. There's a lot to scream about here, but does that black ball look like those things they use to hide security cameras to you?

Reddit | Patheticflower

If I'm right, this looks like a nanny cam you set up when you want the babysitter to know they're being watched.

12. Well, folks, I guess we're getting a rare glimpse at a world where horses can take selfies.

Reddit | remove_kebab13

I wonder how long it spent practicing just the right pensive face to make it look mysterious and thoughtful. The caption is probably some very insightful shower thought.

13. Oh, good. If you need any serious work done, there's a whole fleet of vehicles that are built old fort tough.

Reddit | Zero7CO

Yeah, that was cheesy, but if you get this many people together, at least one of them is bound to make a pun.

It's science.

14. I can't knock these people for trying to reconcile how inhumane lobster fights are with the need for a little excitement.

Reddit | RockGamingReal

So, that would explain why the bands are still on. I'm not really sure how either of these pinchy buddies is supposed to win, though.

15. Um...I'm gonna have to say "no" to this idea for a food delivery system.

Reddit | NZPMJohnKey

I like the part where I don't have to get up, but I'd prefer it if my food was actually intact by the time I get it.

I guess I'm a picky eater.

16. Gah! Any future that has something like this in it would feel like we got the bad ending in a video game.

Reddit | mahyar1993

Although, I doubt that camera will be all that intimidating when we gum it up with half a roll of wet toilet paper.


17. Well, I guess it was kind of sporting for these...things to wait outside of the bathroom before they freak people out.

Reddit | DerakDerantick

They may be trying to scare the crap out of people, but at least they're not doing it literally. Don't wanna mess up those clothes.

18. So, what we have here is a school bus towing a truck with another car inside of it.

Reddit | JohnRambosDad

I guess this kind of makes sense, depending on what's happening, but if that bus has kids in it, then I don't know where they're trying to go.

19. Ah, yes, what better way to symbolize all the magical destinations waiting for you than a strange duck mannequin?

Reddit | wa-zoo

I like the giant duck head, but trying to combine the atmosphere of a toy store with that of a clothing store is probably gonna lead to some confusion.

20. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to see that the cats are secretly running fight clubs.

Reddit | Random-Barbarian

Not only do they have the right aggression for it, but there's no way they could talk about fight club even if they wanted to.

They're naturals.

21. This is supposed to be the exact moment a lightning bolt hit the water, but I think that's just a cover-up for a Dragonball Z fight.

Reddit | phoenixreborn75

They're just lucky that the attacks are louder than the screams, so they can pretend Vegeta isn't laying a devastating beam down on some fool right now.

Yeah, this is about the right time to tell me, "Shut up, nerd."

22. Hopscotch may not be the most exciting game in the world, but this extreme version still seems like it's going a little too far.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

Unless this is how Indiana Jones trains his kids for big adventures, there's really no good reason for the trap door.

23. This pizza wheel is definitely a promising solution to making the work day a little more bearable.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

Sure, they might have to keep replacing the keyboard after it gets clogged with grease, but this is still doing wonders for morale.

24. As far as I can tell, we're looking at a dog and a lobster fight over a wooden spoon.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

It's hard to tell whether that's because the lobster is trying to avoid the pot or both animals just suddenly decided they want it more than anything right now, but I'm curious to see who will win this tug-o-war.

25. If you've thought you've seen the weirdest thing captured on a trail cam, think again.

Reddit | ApeCommando

We can debate whether the bizarre smudges we've seen in these photos are ghosts all we want, but that's only a distraction from exposing the secret order of midnight cellists.

It's important work, you know.

26. Yes, I'll admit it's pretty unusual to see someone take the bus in a full wetsuit.

Reddit | maxime031

However, I'm more interested in knowing why he looks so glum about it. Did he get swept away to an unfamiliar city and is now facing an exhausting trip back home?

I need to know his story.

27. We thought there was no way we could lose the spider wars now that we have the ultimate weapon.

Reddit | ApeCommando

"Tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good is a can of bug spray if you're too afraid to touch it?"

Don't underestimate the spider-bros, friends. For that matter, maybe don't kill them either.

28. Only the most totally radical engineers would dare accept a job on this line.

Reddit | PanJaszczurka

I can't even imagine how much they would have to perfect their aerial spin to prevent this track from turning into a train graveyard.

And an actual graveyard, for that matter.

29. This is a pretty funny coincidence to us, but it obviously hits a lot different for our furry friends.

Reddit | trants

The experience this dog is having after seeing himself in the wood can only be described as cosmic.

30. I don't know — where this person sees creepiness, I see a peaceful shrine dedicated to celebrating love and life.

Instagram | Instagram

Plus, we can't ignore the fact that the Shrek village is totally cool with letting Quasimodo live among them, and it didn't take a whole movie, either.

31. If it weren't for whatever tragedy befell this sink, that cracked glass aesthetic would actually be pretty cool.

Reddit | QueenAnneBoleynTudor

It's too bad that I would also need this to function as a sink and not just some striking art piece, or it would be perfect.

32. Schrodinger's frisbee.

Reddit | bigboinibba007

This is just a normal shot of someone frolfing — sorry, 'disc golfing' — until you look at the shadow. What in the name of quantum physics is actually going on here?

33. Oops, all mouths.

Reddit | penboiyi

It's the dream of every Venus flytrap to grow a big, strong, mighty mouth to catch flies, right? Well, at least one flytrap dares to be different. Just look at this monstrosity.

34. Big sky country.

Reddit | pietety

The dreary overcast sky of this stretch of roadway blends perfectly with this building that's being painted. Or maybe it's a giant building and we're not looking at sky at all. This is breaking my brain.

35. The hills have eyes.

Reddit | JinxXedOmens

We all know that glass eyes are things that exist in the world, but nothing can adequately prepare you for looking down at the ground, only to see the ground look back up at you.

36. Two paintings for the price of one.

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

I know there's an explanation for this, lenticular blah blah blah, but I don't have a scientific background, so I'll just assume that this portrait is actually a portal into another dimension.

37. M'smoothie.

Reddit | Hyrule_34

What started as a humble effort to protect this smoothie from...dust?...became something magical, as the smoothie seems to have gained sentience. You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a smoothie criminal.

38. What is this, a crossover episode?

Reddit | darthkers

We've all seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit, so the idea of cartoons and reality intermingling isn't exactly unheard of. Then you see a real-life hill with a giant cartoon Kleenex on it and everything changes.

39. He's with us.

Reddit | Blumentritt

Sellers on eBay are constantly hawking toast with Jesus' face on it, Doritos shaped like Jesus, and so on. But I think this is the first time I've ever seen a family portrait that also looks like JC.

40. What have I become?

Reddit | Blumentritt

When you think about it, wood is a living thing, just like sloths are living things. But that doesn't mean a sloth is particularly happy to be reincarnated as a 2x4.

41. T H I C C B R I C C

Reddit | Pirate_Redbeard

Do you ever get so hot and bothered that you see luscious curves everywhere you go? No? Just me? Well, if you were ever curious, this is what it's like.

42. You and me both.

Reddit | Platypushat

Is this a travel mug, or is it me after a night out? Nah, I'm just playing. It's a travel mug. I look way worse than this the morning after.

43. The more you know.

Reddit | Icy9kills

So you think you know what's going on in the world, then you see a sign like this. You can keep going with your fairytale existence, or you can wake up and smell the robotic corruption.

44. 'Scuse me.

Reddit | Starbuck7410

Someone needs to trim this bush, because if you were driving by and saw a leaf man casually stepping out onto the road, you'd probably start to question your sanity.

45. Although I'd like to think that it literally started raining cats and dogs, I think this doggo was just caught by surprise.

Reddit | Krauzuz1

It's too bad because if they had the numbers to take over and start the Planet of the Dogs, I'd be OK with it.

46. People get this reference, right?

Reddit | ik177u69

I know it's been awhile since Mr. T was culturally relevant, but c'mon, he's iconic. Now we know what the 'T' stands for. It's tape. Yep, Mr. Tape. That has a ring to it.

47. Yeah, I was nervous enough about visiting this place when a wedding party wasn't being suspended over it.   

Twitter | @scixpmas

It just seems like having that big of a hole and no railings at all around it is just begging for a disaster.

Y'all have fun, though.

48. Batman, trashman.

Reddit | Temexer

I'd like to think that the ominous shadow of the Dark Knight has kept at least one person from littering. I'd also like to think that the shadow subtly nods in approval when you use the trash can.

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