35 Geniuses Who Might've Just Gotten It Right

People tend get creative in the face of hardship.

Of course, I don't mean "surviving World War II" kind of hardship. I mean general laziness and lack of money (like, you have an iPhone 6S but you can't afford to eat Chipotle every day).

When confronted with these issues, it's pretty amazing what people come up with.

It's just crazy enough to work.

Twitter | @OverlyLiked

There are definitely shoppers who would take advantage of this deal.

Don't believe me? Look up "Black Friday shopping" on YouTube and then tell me whether or not you think these people mess around.

This is the ONLY situation where I'd agree to FaceTime.

Twitter | @JustinHillister

Whenever someone tries to FaceTime me, I literally chuck my phone across the room.

It just feels like an infringement on my privacy rights.

Wait a minute, people are still tryna hide their movie snacks?

Twitter | @AngelaBrisk

I just walk straight past the ticket collector, bottle of Sprite and Smartfood in hand.

No one working at the movie theater cares that much about their job.

And so he could finally get some peace and quiet.

Twitter | @skyler_nitschke

Looking to escape your children? Of course you are. Look no further.

This is literally how I'm tryna be all next summer.

Priorities = Just Eat > Basic toiletries.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

That's funny, whenever I order pizza, I usually write "Tell me I'm skinny" in the special instructions box, but this is much more practical.

Yeah, that should suffice.

Instagram | @beigecardigan

"Well, Headmaster, he didn't cite any sources, so I believe that falls under plagiarism."

"I see. Anything else?"

"He pasted a photo of Danny Devito instead."

"LOL that's awesome. I'll let this one slide."

When your presentation doesn't require sourcing because it's common knowledge.

Instagram | @moistbuddha

I'm usually sleeping during other people's PowerPoint presentations, but this one hits me on a personal level.

So few words, yet so much truth.

Still doesn't keep you from sleeping on my shoulder.

Instagram | @moistbuddha

People always fall asleep next to me on the subway.

Sometimes, I even let them sleep on my shoulder, just so I can see the embarrassed look on their face when they wake up.

Price inflation, maybe you've heard of it?

Reddit | troy_eggs

Look, the economy is really bad right now (IDK if it actually is, I think that's just an English proverb or something). You have to make a living however you can.

Well, the system was pretty rude in the first place.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

No food in the living room?!

I can't even physically eat unless there's some kind of screen in front of me.

This is how it's done, ladies.


It's a surefire way to wear a hood without causing your hair to get all matted or frizzy.

People like this woman are innovators, forward-thinkers, geniuses.

When you want Cheetos but you don't want Cheetos fingers. 

Reddit | Longpips1000

I'm sorry, but I strongly disagree with this.

Cheetos fingers are essential to the Cheetos experience. You can't just bypass the best part.

When you don't have tongs but you fancy yourself an engineer.

Reddit | Rezifour

I don't know, is this necessary?

Forks can replace tongs in any basic culinary scenario, especially Tupperware zucchini.

I think this guy's just showing off.

When your mom takes away the TV.

Reddit | PrinceOfBabyRage

Or you have a 45-minute layover, which feels like three hours in airport time.

Sooo, what is that, an Xbox? Got any two-player games?

Realizing that sleeping more could actually save you money.

Twitter | @HarrisColten

Wow, what can't sleeping do to improve my overall well-being?

This is great. Just another reason to never get out of bed.

When you know how to sweeten the deal.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

"Well, we love the place, but we just aren't sure about the ghastly howling coming from the attic."

"I'll throw in a pizza."

"We'll take it!"

Take that, standardized testing.

Reddit | Nyctria

Now wait just a minute: Is this what passes for an eye exam these days?

Or is this just what they use on people who don't have insurance?

Too bad they banned Kinder Surprise Eggs in the US.

Twitter | @daniellehaighx

Thanks a lot, every American kid who put these toys directly in their mouths and RUINED IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

Fashion + function = fake nails.

Instagram | @beigecardigan

I don't wear glasses, but this photo has got me thinking that I should.

Plus, how is it even possible to write that tiny? How?!

Wait, did this woman just solve online shoe shopping?

As much as possible, of course. You still can't try those sweet kicks on, but you have to admit, it's not the worst way to see what they'll look like at the end of your legs.

I think Ziploc's stock just went up.

Imgur | ASongOfPissAndFarts

It's one thing to hang your phone in a baggie from the seat in front of you when you're flying, and another entirely to open up a whole new world of shower leisure.

You can't always trust the A/C on public transit.

Reddit | Brownian-Motion

There are DIY solutions, and then there's doing it your dang self. Respect to this guy, as long as I don't trip over anything.

It was there the whole time.

Reddit | DJstaken

It just took a visionary to notice that a stepladder is also a desk/ottoman. He's going to change some lives.

Not going to lie, I do this with restaurant dishes.

Reddit | gdaves_496

"Oh no, this steak comes smothered in mushrooms, guess I'll just have to have the whole thing to myself."

All the convenience of a bowl, none of the washing of a bowl later.

Reddit | bcarter12

A win for laziness is a win for all, especially on movie night.

The best part: it doesn't expire.

Reddit | hknott12

Like, you could just laminate this bad boy and pull it out on the regular, and eventually you wouldn't even have to worry about coming home.

If you're gonna hustle, you've got to have some hustle.

Reddit | diablek

It's the principle of the matter, I'm sure, not the time and effort it takes to change out a wheel versus the expense of just paying the fine.

Did you know you have a rearview mirror in your kitchen drawer? Me neither.

Reddit | xandry123

Credit to the person who realized a bit of polishing could net them more privacy, for whatever they need the privacy for.

Marketing doesn't get much more specific than this.

Reddit | druczhak

If you're a total dumb-dumb and wind up with a DUI, at least you know who to call afterwards.

The Law Office of H. Chase Harbin doesn't have very much faith in this nightclub's clientele.

When you absolutely, positively have to get up in the morning.

Reddit | TheTrueJake

You modify a taser to work off an alarm clock and shock you awake. You know, as one does.

I can't say it doesn't work.

Reddit | neon_soxx

But I can say that, if you can't tell an earthquake is happening by more than a pair of googly eyes, is an earthquake even happening?

And finally, when you just need a little time to muster up some courage.

Twitter | @Advil

If someone did this to me, I'm not sure whether I'd think they were creepy or a genius.

...But I'm leaning toward genius.

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Thank God my mother was never this good with computers.

Reddit | Iwouldlikeadairycow

Pfft, I'd be willing to do a lot more chores than that if it meant free internet.

You could've doubled that list, sucker.

When you're too manly to buy an iron.

Reddit | sarinshards

This is how we used to iron in the pre-electricity age.

And yes, I did make that up. But it feels accurate, doesn't it?

It's called being proactive.

Twitter | @KeiidyyH

Collectively speaking, I think we're all anti-ticket police.

I can't stand it when people say, "They're just doing their jobs," or "They're people, too."

It's like: Are they people, though? Are they really?

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