13+ Brilliant Lifehacks We Can't Believe We Haven't Thought Of Yet

Honestly, when it comes to hacks, I can't believe I wasn't the one to come up with them most of the time. I wish I was the creative genius behind half of these super creative and innovative ways to solve a problem.

And while tons of hacks are pretty ridiculous, these hacks are actually pretty darn brilliant. You're definitely going to wish you came up with them yourself.

1. How are you going to enjoy some peanut butter on toast if you don't have a functioning toaster?!

Reddit | TheDemonHobo

There are tons of kitchen hacks out there that will save you in your time of need. If you're careful, this one is actually really smart!

2. I honestly had no idea that people peeled the registration stickers off license plates to avoid renewing their own stickers.

Reddit | Ransacked

If you want to avoid this from happening to you, then use a razor to make slices in the sticker. It won't do much good to them if it's in pieces!

3. If you don't have long hair, you probably haven't been blessed with knowing how handy having extra hair ties around can be.

Reddit | digirat

I've used hair ties for a lot more than just holding my hair up. They are the perfect replacement for rubber bands if you're in a pinch.

4. Next time you're grocery shopping and run out of space in the cart, don't fret!

Reddit | Loed7052

You can totally hang things off the side of your cart. Honestly, I'm not sure why more people don't do this! It makes a ton of sense.

5. If you love sweet and sugary water as much as I do, then you know that storing them in the freezer isn't an easy task.

Reddit | aranda1123

They're always rolling out of the freezer and onto the floor! This is the perfect solution.

6. Okay, so back to hair ties and how amazing they are.

Reddit | samanthavie

If you put one around the pump of your soap or lotion, you're going to use a lot less of the product. You'll save big bucks here in the long run.

7. You know how the key thing about painter's tape is that it is easily removable and is still sticky afterwards?

Reddit | panzernoob

That's what makes it great for sealing bags of chips or dog food!

8. Does anyone else absolutely hate when the automatic sensor on the toilet goes off while you're still sitting there?!

Reddit | usercricket

No one wants to be surprised with water splashing around while you're doing your business. Use a piece of toilet paper to avoid this!

9. Don't have a table, but still want to kick some butt at beer pong?!

Reddit | TheNicholson

If you've got a laundry drying rack, then you're in luck. I actually think this would lead to less mess (no spilled cups!) and make it a bit more difficult to play!

10. I'm among the many people who didn't know that if you use the "power" button on a microwave, your food heats much more evenly.

Reddit | asanboo

But, it can take longer and use up more energy, too. I guess we have to pick our battles here!

11. Who loves watered-down coffee?!

Reddit | DreadedEntity

Okay, I actually don't mind it at all. But other people are not down for their fave beverage to be diluted. Make coffee cubes in an ice cube tray to avoid this!

12. I only have to walk about 7 minutes from the grocery store to my apartment, but I hate carrying detergent or milk even that distance.

Reddit | hjsdfhogj

If your grocery store uses plastic bags that are pretty durable, then this could be a solution.

13. This one is for anyone who is studying for an exam and is allowed a one-sided cheat sheet.

Reddit | dimplisious

If you use different colored pens, you can see all of your notes even if they overlap. I wish I'd known this in school!

14. And this one is for anyone who's got little kids running around.

Reddit | u/AviatorDesignCo

If they're always playing with the refrigerator, use a clamp to keep the doors closed shut.

15. It also works if your kids are constantly getting into the shower, too.

Reddit | B_Geisler

I used to sit in the bathtub making "potions" with my mom's soaps and shampoos, so I can totally see why this is necessary.

16. As a person who does a lot of crafts, I totally relate to the need for this hack.

Reddit | Reddit

But if you don't use glue very often, you might not understand why you would need to poke a hole in the bottom of a bottle. And that's okay.

(It's to allow the glue to come out from the bottom when the top gets too crusty to open.)

17. No one likes a warm AF bottle of beer, do they?!

Reddit | GrouchyManner

This is an easy hack so that you're not forced into drinking warm beer. You just wrap a bottle in a wet piece of paper towel and stick it in the freezer for a bit!

18. Who wants to sit on a cold toilet? Not me, no thanks!

Reddit | SarcasticSaltine

If you've got a perpetually cold toilet, just add some warm socks to it so your bum stays warm.

19. Raise your hand if you're guilty of going to the grocery store and forgetting what you have in your fridge.

Reddit | NaiveFlamingo

Yes, I know that's what lists are for. BUT, if you just take a pic, you'll never forget!

20. You haven't been eating Oreos properly if you haven't dunked them using a fork.

Reddit | Eredhel

This way your hands stay out of your milk. Have you ever thought of how gross that can be?!

21. If your suitcase looks just like any other black suitcase, then this hack is for you.

Reddit | Appropriate_Buyer

Tie a brightly colored ribbon around it so you can easily spot it when it goes around the luggage carousel.

22. Hate it when you have to fight for the last slice of 'za?

Reddit | FlamingWarPig

You can totally share it with everyone with this hack. You'll just have to fight for who wants the crust piece and who doesn't. (I'm team crust, YUM!)

23. The person who came up with this hack is definitely a saint.

Reddit | anonamouse504

It's the actual worst when you go to the bathroom and there's no toilet paper. So, this beautiful person put the roll on the seat so you know what's up.

24. I've been doing this for so long, it's hard to believe it's a hack.

Reddit | honeydoozy

But, I guess it's new to lots of people! Put two zipper-lock plastic bags inside out and you can zip them together to form a larger bag. Whoa!

25. This coaster hack has never in my days ever occurred to me.

Reddit | hitthegunwales

Instead of buying a whole pack of trendy coasters for an outrageous price, you can go to your local home improvement store and purchase store tiles for a lot cheaper.

26. Maybe some of you have known about this moving hack, but I sure didn't.

Reddit | randomusefulbits

Instead of taking each and every piece of clothing off your hangers to store in boxes when moving, simply wrap your already-hung clothes in garbage bags.

They'll be quickly ready for your new closet!

27. This person is living in 3019!

Reddit | NugBug420

When you need a quick and easy dinner and you're feeling extremely hungry, this is one way to cook a whole package of hot dogs without overcrowding the plate.

28. I don't have a dishwasher, but If I did I would do this immediately!

Reddit | thecatunderthebed

It's so easy for plastic containers to fly everywhere in the dishwasher, but covering them with a drying rack will help keep them organized and tame when the cycle is done.

29. No one would want to open up a folded up diaper, that's for sure!

Reddit | Eri_Cherrii

I mean, it might also be good to invest in a lock or store valuables in a safe place, but if for whatever reason you can't, this might just be the next best thing.