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This Hair Stylist Uses His Talents To Give Women Dramatic Makeovers

Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful , but sometimes that's hard to accomplish. It could be due to lack of knowledge, funds, or opportunity.

But this Belarus-born stylist, Yevgeny Zhuk, has been helping his clients with amazing hair and makeup transformations that have really made a big impact on their lives. He's even become quite the celebrity in Russia.

1. From Simple To Gorgeous

There's nothing wrong with having a simple, everyday look, but with the right hair and makeup, you can really step it up a notch.

2. From Sad To Happy

Sometimes all you need to bring out the smile in you is to feel confident within yourself. This lady looks like she has found it.

3. From Plain To Polished

A well-polished look can really make you look and feel beautiful on the inside and out. It looks like that's what this lady needed.

4. From Older To Younger

Every woman wants to look younger than she actually is. With the right style that includes a hair cut, some color, and some makeup she can really glow.

5. From Boring To Radiant

Wow, this is quite a stunning transformation. Now, this lady looks like she's ready to take on the world. Good for her!

6. It's All In The Eyes

A stunning makeup job can really bring out the natural beauty we all have in ourselves. In this case, those gorgeous blue eyes shine.

7. From Ordinary To Sophisticated

Sometimes all you need is to get a new hairdo, which will add just a touch of much-needed sophistication to your overall look.

8. From Aging To Lovely

Aging can be tough on some people and when wrinkles and sagging skin appear, it can be a real downer. She looks years younger now!

9. From Mousy To Sassy

Even younger ladies can sometimes have a dull look, but with the skillful hands of a professional like Yevgeny, he can bring out their sass.

10. From Basic To Wondeful

It's amazing to see how much people's expressions change when they see the beauty of themselves staring them right in the face.

11. From Damaged Skin To Radiant

Wow, this is quite a difference to see this lady with such freckled skin looking fresh and radiant. Just beautiful.

12. From Modest To Splendid

A great haircut can frame a person's face in a way that it will accentuate their good features, and that's definitely evident here.

13. From Boring To Fun

Sometimes we're afraid to go for something a little different, but it's time to take a chance and have some fun with your look.

14. From Blunt Bangs To Jessica Rabbit Waves

Once we get bangs, we think we have to keep them straight the whole time. But this hairstyle revamp shows that you can switch it up!

15. From Blah To Babe

When life gets busy, it's easy to throw our hair up and go about our business.

But why can't you have a busy life and have bombshell waves? Because you totally can have both!

16. From Funky To Fresh

There's no problem with sporting some edgy Bettie bangs. But, you can also really switch things up by simply moving your part slightly.

17. From Funky To Chic

I am definitely a victim of keeping my hairstyle the same for years.

It's amazing what changing up your hair color after all that time can really do to make your features, like your eyes, pop!

18. From Plain To Waves For Days

I love to watch this stylist work his magic on women from all walks of life. This is such a gorgeous makeover here.

19. From Older To Sassy

This lady was looking a bit sad and plain, but now she looks like she's got confidence for days. Don't you think? So amazing.

20. From Regular To Bombshell

Whoa, talk about taking on a new persona with this makeover. This lady looks like she can be in a new Bond movie.

21. From Drab To Wow

See what a difference a little color change can do for a person? This lady looks like a new woman here. What a bold look.

22. From Tired To Refreshed

Oh my, this is such a beautiful transformation. This haircut suits this lady perfectly. It's all she needed to have a fresh start.

23. From Sad To Radiant

Instagram | @ev.zhuk

Isn't this absolutely amazing? This pretty lady didn't have too much to smile about, and look at her now. Smile and confidence for days.

24. From Unpolished To Glowing

Instagram | @ev.zhuk

It's so special to see Yevgeny transform someone from looking so ordinary to extraordinary in just a short time. The confidence here is palpable.

25. From Forgetful To Unforgettable

Wow, who can forget this lady after this dramatic makeover, huh? I don't think anyone can. She looks absolutely stunning here. And rightfully so.

26. From Washed Out To Gorgeous

Didn't this lady's look seem so washed out? Well, not anymore. A new hairdo and makeup makes her beauty really shine here.

27. From Dreads To A Pixie Cut

Instagram | @ev.zhuk

Wow! I can't believe this is the same person. Her adorable pixie cut really suits her face and looks amazing in pink!

I'm happy to see there are people out there willing to help others look and feel better about themselves.

Seeing these transformations is giving me a good feeling inside.