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10+ People Who Dramatically Improved Their Makeup Game

As I have said before, makeup application is not one of my strongest suits. Not by a long shot. But over the years I have seen some improvement on my part. That is largely due to learning from my mistakes and perfecting some techniques.

I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in this process. Check out these awesome makeup glow-up transformations and see for yourself.

1. Half-Cut Crease Glow-Up

If you can up your game when it comes to the half-cut crease makeup, you're doing something right. Check out the awesome difference here.

2. 10 Years Challenge

It's always awesome to see how we have changed in 10 years and how our makeup game has taken us from plain to wow!

3. From Just Starting Out To Art

Even though this girl doesn't think she has improved her makeup application as much as she wants, I think this is huge!

4. From Impressive To Stunning

I'm already pretty impressed with the before look of this eye shadow. If only I could do it as well. The after is simply stunning.

5. From Blending To Blending Pro

Wow I'm simply in love with this 2019 look. If only I could accomplish something as gorgeous as this. This looks flawless.

6. From Fresh-Faced To Glowing

This is a perfect example of how makeup can literally make your face glow. Can somebody teach me how to do it?

7. From Day To Night

Everything seems much easier when you're already a stunner with day makeup but then you take it up a notch for the night and voilĂ .

8. Five-Year Glow-Up

Don't worry if it takes you five years to perfect your makeup routine. In the end, it's totally worth it. Practice patience and grow.

9. From Made-Up To Natural

Sometimes, a glow-up doesn't mean applying more makeup. On the contrary, you can appreciate your true beauty in a more natural way instead.

10. Two-Year Glow-Up

What a difference two years can make when it comes to upping your makeup game. This shows such a great progression and improvement in makeup skills.

11. From Zero To Hero

Sometimes makeup can be such a confidence booster and it seems to be the case for Kayleigh who lost weight and grew her makeup chops.

12. From Pitiful To Wow

Here's another case of the cut-crease makeup transformation. I find this technique quite fascinating. When done right this looks so elegant and beautiful.

13. From No Lashes To Lash Queen

What a difference a beautiful set of full lashes can do for your look. Now if only I could perfect the lash application.

Looking at these stunning makeup glow-up looks makes me really want to step up my beauty game.

Now if only I could find a makeup artist to teach me face-to-face.

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