Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska

This Makeup Artist Transforms Women Who Have Survived Hardships

I'm often amazed at people who have a true talent when it comes to makeup application. Somehow they're able to create stunning looks that can really make a huge difference in someone's appearance.

Goar Avetisyan is one of those makeup artists who truly stand out. She has worked with a variety of clients, some of whom have suffered from debilitating diseases like cancer or have had facial burns. Her transformations are really amazing.

Wow, this is an incredible makeup transformation.

I can't even imagine how happy her client must've felt after seeing themselves for the first time after this stunning makeup job.

It's amazing when you can take a client and with the magic of makeup you can hide the imperfections and bring out the hidden beauty inside.

What an awesome job.

I can't even fathom what would it be like to have visible burns on your face.

With the help of people like Goar Avetisyan this lady now has renewed confidence.

As someone who has suffered from acne before I can definitely relate to this video.

How amazing is her reaction to finally seeing herself with a clear face?

It's almost hard to believe this is the same person, isn't it?

This is another case of the power of makeup in the hands of a skilled professional like Goar.

It must feel truly special to be able to give such a precious gift to a client who's waiting to have a renewed sense of self and new found confidence.

Amazing work!

When you're going through tough times, the last thing on your mind is how you look.

But Goar is able to help women get back to their true selves.

Here's another happy client who went through a gorgeous makeup transformation.

So happy to see the smile back on this lady's face. Kudos to Goar for making this happen.

Everyone's skin is different.

So it's amazing to see this talented makeup artist work with women from all walks of life as well as many skin colors and types.

Bringing back someone's lost confidence can be such a satisfying experience.

I'm sure many of Goar's clients are eternally grateful for all the work that went into their transformations.

Going through life when you look different from other people can be very difficult.

Some of us may never understand what it feels like. This transformation must've been life-changing.

Take a peek at makeup artistry at its best.

Knowing how to blend all the colors to achieve the final look is the trick here. The end result is stunning.

Here's another incredible makeup job that Goar performed on one of her burn clients.

This must've been a special moment in her client's life when she finally saw the result.

I don't even have the right words to describe how touched I feel after seeing these unbelievable makeup transformations.

What a gift to have to be able to help people.