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16+ Pics That Show What Happens When You Ask A Photoshop Troll For Help

I've always been impressed by people who can use Photoshop seamlessly. In the brief sessions I've had with it, I was able to deliver something that kind of resembled what people asked for if you squint hard enough, but some people seem to bend reality to their will.

One of these masters of the craft is James Fridman and he's made a name for himself as not only a person with a lot of talent, but as someone who puts it to use in unpredictable ways.

In a way, he's a lot like a genie. If you come to him with a wish, you'll get something that technically fulfills what you asked for, but rarely in the way you wanted it.

However, that didn't seem to stop these folks from sending in their requests anyway.

Someone wanted these three to be the same height, but such a request comes at a price.

The results are a lot sillier than the grandma-approved nice photo that came before it, but it carries its own adorable charm.

Well, this might actually be a case where the guy might find Fridman's edit less embarrassing.

Sure, it may be hard to explain why he has a cow mask on, but at least he doesn't have to reveal anything personal about himself now.

There was definitely no lie to be found in this Photoshop job.

Suddenly, the budget car doesn't seem so bad. It may not be as fancy as he'd like, but at least it does more than weigh him down.

At least this way, these two guys won't have to argue over whose shirt looks better.

Plus, there's something weirdly cute about them trying to fit into the same shirt. I don't know, it guess it shows how close their bond is.

Sometimes, Fridman likes to get a little more ambitious and doesn't just stick to a straight photo.

In this clip, the requester got what she wanted, but the reason her mouth is now closed will be burned into her memory forever.

It's hard to imagine a lot of people complaining about what they ended up with here.

In fact, some would probably prefer magically having a big bucket of wings over two cumbersome ones attached to their shoulders.

How are angels supposed to sleep?

When Fridman says "I tried" to you, it's basically a sign to brace yourself.

Although he was able to remove the fence with the offending mariachi band, it turned out there was a backup patiently waiting to play all along.

Wouldn't you know it?

It's pretty unclear what the photographer was thinking by keeping two random chess players in this engagement photo.

That said, it seems that Fridman understand their vision because those gentlemen were the only part of the photo he was interested in.

Sometimes, Fridman makes his edits to get a message across.

Sure, there's nothing stopping this girl from removing her seat belt, but it can have some unfortunate consequences.

Be safe out there, folks.

Well, what better way to get rid of the black dirt look than to make sure the image is as clean as possible?

Fridman really outdid himself with this one. Note the lock of hair sticking out of the door and the way her nose presses up against the glass.

It is true that for somebody in a group of friends to gain some shoes, another person has to lose them.

She might not have liked how her feet look in this photo, but they definitely look stranger on this guy in the suit.

Uh oh, looks like we have another request for making everyone the same height.

But while the other one looked a little silly, this one turned out perfectly natural.

Yup, I certainly can't see anything frighteningly bizarre about this picture at all.

Every now and then, Fridman straight-up refuses to edit someone's photo, but the reason is always pretty heartwarming.

For those, he just leaves some encouraging words that try to remind people that they're beautiful the way they are.

Fridman is a god of mischief, not of evil.

Just because it seems clear what sign she was referring to, that doesn't mean she can get away with not spelling it out.

Granted, Fridman would've probably found a way to make that wish go awry too, but the results might've turned out a little less embarrassing.

This one definitely belongs in a collection of Fridman's best works.

This would be a hard wish to corrupt on its own, so he had to switch around the whole perspective with a perfectly fitting photo.

Well played, sir.

There, now they'll never notice what was in this guy's pockets.

The guy may not have asked for his wallet to disappear along with it, but whoever came by and ripped his pocket out obviously likes to be thorough.

If someone gives Fridman the impression they don't think they're good enough, he won't change a thing.

However, if someone gives him the impression that they don't think the one they're supposed to love is good enough, that's where he has his real fun.

A warning of what this guy has in store if he doesn't change his attitude.

It seems that this guy's haircut wasn't really doing it for our favorite Photoshop troll.

I don't know how long this took Fridman, but I'll bet the job was still quick enough that this kid is having a mid-life crisis in record time.

Ah, there we go. Now this girl has a perfectly drama-free prom photo with a strong, reliable date.

And if her ex has a problem with this, he'll just have to ask himself one question: Can he photosynthesize?

Yeah, I didn't think so. You just can't compete with a guy like this.

That's a new kind of hair product I haven't seen before.

This girl just wanted her boyfriend's hair a little less wild, and she certainly got that. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to stick to good old fashioned hair gel.

Good as new!

There's nothing more embarrassing than an unsightly stain in an important photograph. James has you covered, and blow-dried.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

I think the reason we say "cheese" to make people smile before a picture is taken is so that they're all happy and thinking of delicious, delicious pizza.

A face only a mother could love.

Sometimes you take a picture, but the angles are just a bit off, and you wish you could make your features a little bit smaller. Once again, James has you very covered.

Sun's out...

I'm here to chew bubblegum and rip the sleeves off all my shirts, and I'm all out of shirts. Wait, that's how that phrase goes, right?

This bride wasn't wild about having this car in the background, but it might not seem so bad now that Fridman has worked his magic.

However, even having Fridman's edited version in your house would probably beat trying to walk in a dress like that.

Bad grandma.

Grandma loves soup, and she's also the inspiration behind Venom. That is one badass grandmother. Not everyone can say that about their family, so this kid should consider himself lucky.

Be careful what you wish for.

This kind of is what it feels like to try to walk along a windy beach. James knows what he's doing.

The next time someone tells me to smile with teeth, they're in for it.

Getting new dentures is a proud time in anyone's life. She should show them off. You go, girl!

Don't skip arm day. Or, um, maybe do skip it...

You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. This is the ideal human body. Maximum strength, maximum reach.