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10+ Photoshop Requests That Turned Out Hilariously Unexpected

In the age of Face Tune and Adobe Photoshop, everyone from the Kardashians to the guy who sits beside you in AP Chemistry can change their physical appearance with the right app or computer program.

Graphic designers and Photoshop wizards alike get a lot of requests from people asking to alter their photos.

James Fridman is one such graphic designer, but when you submit a request, prepare to have it taken very, very literally.

Choose your words carefully folks!

Who needs plastic surgery?

Facebook | James Fridman

Remember that children's show Rolly Polly Olie? Where the main character and his family had circular bodies and his neighbors had square heads and bodies? That's what this makes me think of.

A little redecorating to reveal the true center piece for this photograph.

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Unless that room is big enough to turn this into a perspective trick, she got a lot more flamingo than she bargained for.

His pierogies bring all the girls to the yard.

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I gotta say, photo shopping entirely different clothes onto someone takes some skill.

The guy who asked for this photo may not be pleased, but we sure are.

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They probably meant "wearing the same kind of shirt", but alas, miscommunication will be the death of us all. Less loads of laundry to do now!

I'm absolutely terrified...but I can't look away.

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Chin Skin Horn makes me rethink everything I've seen in my entire life. Chin Skin Horn evokes a terrible, wonderful sense of fear that has forever changed me as a human being.

After Chin Skin Horn, I will never be the same.

This brings self love to a whole new level.

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If you're going to be misogynistic, prepare to get a little backlash.

Well done James, well done.

These folks found themselves in some hot water. Literally.

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To be fair, pasta can be dangerous. Ever accidentally made enough pasta for a family of five, and eaten so much of it that you laid on the ground like a sun bathing walrus?

Mr. Fantastic is shook.

Facebook | James Fridman

This girl's got legs for days. And days. And days.

She must be pretty talented to keep her balance like that.

This is the most literally interpretation of my life without glasses that I've ever sort of seen.

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Fildman even changed the perspective of the photo. The straws match. You can't be anything less than impressed with this art.

Subtlety is key.

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Yeah Brad, of course the rip isn't noticeable. You look fine. I promise, I wouldn't even know it's there if you hadn't pointed it out. We're already late for wine at my parents' house. It looks fine.

Not only is James an expert Photoshop artist, but he also has some side gigs.

Facebook | James Fridman

Its 5$ extra for James to physically fly out to where you are and clean your surroundings. 7$ if you want them extra clean.

Move over Jojo Siwa, there's a new bow queen in town.

Facebook | James Fridman

All she needs are some arrows and BAM, ready for Cochella or the Hunger Games.

Turns out that this girl's brother is about to drop the world's hottest mix tape.

Facebook | James Fridman

The album consists of just 120 minutes of straight yawning.

I yawned twice while writing this. Sorry in advance.

Is this a scene from Benjamin Button?

Facebook | James Fridman

An eerie look into this guy's future.

I mean, he got what he asked for. Kind of.

I see nothing wrong with this one.

Facebook | James Fridman

He was obviously asking for the fish. Fish selfies are all their age in 2019.

He looks fin tastic!

Take your vitamins folks.

Facebook | James Fridman

This Iron Man will probably save a lot more people than the Marvel version.

Yeah, I said it.

Just a lovely girl and her ghost boyfriend.

Facebook | James Fridman

After the breakup, his clothes continued to haunt her. She can only break the curse by praying to the Hollister gods and asking them to take their outfit back.

Again, this is literally what they asked for.

Facebook | James Fridman

Inflated ego much? Either way, this photo was going to look weird.

Gimmie that local transit fashion.

Facebook | James Fridman

If you aren't taking the time to have a moody photo shoot on the bus before work, you're wasting your daily commute.

Say Cheese!

Facebook | James Fridman

Could Fridman have simply acknowledged that this was a spelling mistake? Probably. Are we glad that he didn't? Absolutely.

This could be the cover to a horror novel.

Facebook | James Fridman

Sarah Smith: Most likely to end up a very clean sentient severed head.

Is that something you uh, air dry?

Helping people any way that she can.

Facebook | James Fridman

She didn't specify which sign. At least she's not trapped in a washing machine.

The man of our dreams. Specifically, our nightmares.

Facebook | James Fridman

I have so many questions. Does he walk on his arms? Does he eat giant food on giant plates? Does he turn his entire body to look both ways as he's crossing the street?

Thank you James Fridman, for this lovely monstrosity.

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